Tuberculosis: A Killer Disease

Tuberculosis: A Killer Disease  

G.B. Rawat
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Tuberculosis is killer disease. Medically this is a common and infections disease caused by 'Mycobacteria'. It mainly attacks the Lungs but it can also affect central nervous system, lym phatic, circulatory and genitourinary systems, bones, joints and even the skin. T.B. can be active in any part of the body. However when the disease gets active 75% of the cases are related to pulmonary T.B. The patient feels chest pain, coughing up of blood and prolonged cough for more than three months. Other symptoms include fever, night sweats, loss of appetite/ weight and tendency to get tired easily & loss of blood in body. Burning sensation in hands and feet, difficult to walk for a person.

It creates, indigestion, whiteness in eyes and nails & irritation. It gets transmitted from T.B. patients by way of cough sneeze, speaking kissing or spit. Medically it is proven that a single sneeze of active T.B. patient can release up to 40,000 (Approx.) droplets and each one of these droplets can transmit the disease to other coming in contact. Even if a T.B. patient is travelling in the public Bus/Train/ or any other public transport it can get transmitted to others. Datas of Patients with T.B. infections. Every year approximately 9-10 million new cases of T.B. are coming. Rate of Death in India : Every 3 minute two people die of T.B. i.e. approx. more than 1000 persons per day and approx. 4 lacs per year. There are given standard combinations for T.B. in Gadavali ch-3, shlok 19 & 20, Jatak Parijat Ch. 6 Shlok- 9,5, Sarvartha chintamani ch. 6 shlok -39, Jatak Tatva chapter 6, shlok 48-50, etc. 1.

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Placement of lagna lord and Venus in Trik houses i.e. 6th 8th or 12th. 2. Aspect of Saturn and Mars on lagna. 3. Mercury posited in Cancer sign. 4. Placement of malefic in 8th house, Saturn in 5th house and Sun in 11th house. 5. Placement of Mercury and Mars in 6th house in kruransha and getting aspect of Moon and Venus ie.e Moon and Venus placed in 12th house. 7. From Karakamsha lagna i.e. the sign or Rasi where Atma karak is placed in Navamsa or D-9 chart and placement of Mars in 4th and Rahu in 12th from there (or the sign /Rasi of Atmakarak in D-9 chart's Rasi). 8. Placement of Moon and Mars in 6th or 8th house and lagna lord aspecting such Mars & Moon. 9. Placement of weak Moon in 6th house in watery sign and malefics posited in lagna. 10.

Placement of Gulika and Saturn in 6th house and these being aspected by Sun, Mars or Rahu and beself of aspect from benefics. 11. Exchange of Rasi's between Sun and Moon or such exchange may be in Navamsa chart. 12. Combination of Sun and Moon either in Cancer or Leo sign. 13. Conjunction of Moon and Saturn and such Moon getting aspect of Mars. In addition to above following combinations may also indicate T.B. 14. Placement of Jupiter Rahu either in 6th house from lagna or Moon which ever chart is powerful. 15. Placement of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu along with a malefic or marak in 8th house. 16.

Placement of Sun, or Jupiter or Venus in watery sign in 8th house along with aspect or conjunction from malefic planet. 17. Venus is afflicted by Mars and Rahu and also the affliction of the 4th house, 4th lord or Moon. 18. Placement of Mars and Mercury or Mars and Saturn in 6th house and getting the aspect of Sun and Venus or Sun and Rahu. 19. Placement of combination of Saturn, Mars and Sun along with Rahu and lord of Ascendant in 6th, weak Moon in 8th house. 20. Moon in papa kartari yoga and such Moon and lagna being aspected by Saturn. 21.

Placement of Rahu with debilited Mars in Cancer or in Ascendant in a watery sign and Saturn aspecting them. Example Horoscope No. -1 Date of Birth 22.7.1917, 18.30, Hyderabad Balance period Venus 19.04.08 at birth In this horoscope there is mutual exchange between 7th and 8th lord. lagna is afflicted by aspect of Mars who is afflicted by Ketu and also badak lord, 8th lord Sun is afflicting lagna lord Saturn. Moon is afflicted by Rahu. Tuber culosis of Bones Bones are ruled by Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn rasis also 2nd 10th and 6th houses rule the bones. these houses their lords all account for bone T.B.

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Example Horoscope No.-2 Bone T.B. in legs D.O.B. 21.1.1985 T.O.B. 7.30, P.O.B. Delhi See the Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn rasi in lagna lord of 12th and 8th in lagna with 7th lord creating bandhan lagna, 2nd lord and lagna lord Saturn significator of legs and lord of Capricorn Rasi is in enemy sign and badly afflicted by Ketu with approximately within one degree.

Lord of 5th and 7th Venus and lord of Taurus sign Venus is again afflicted by Mars who is Badhakas within approx 2°. Lord of 6th house Mercury placed in 12th house is in papakartari. Jupiter 12th lord is malefic for Makar lagna and Sun is 8th lord. The native suffered from the T.B. of bone marrow /Bone and was operated in June this year. The diesase was in right leg as 12th lord Jupiter is debilitated and is in combustion. Dispositor Saturn afflicted by Ketu again. Jupiter is again debilitated in D-9 chart as well. Example Horoscope No. 3 T.B. of Ribs in right side operation done and affected bones were removed Rahu in 12th is afflicting Mercury and Venus.

Lord of 2nd house and 6th is being aspected by Saturn, Ketu and Mars 10th lord Mars is being aspected by Ketu and dispositor of Mars is afflicted by Ketu and Saturn (R) Rahu is in Capricorn Rasi and lord of Taurus Rasi and virgo Rasi Venus and Mercury are afflicted by Rahu. Example Horoscope No. 4 T.B. of Lungs Saturn is afflicted by Ketu in 4th house and lord of 4th house Moon is afflicted by Rahu. Lord of Taurus sign 2nd house is debilitated in 6th house. Lord of 6th house Mercury in in 7th with debilitated Sun clearly indicating the combination for T.B. in chest.

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