Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology  

S.C. Kursija
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It is the principle in Vedic astrology that everything in the Universe move with the consent of the planets even a leaf, and also events in financial markets. The use of Astrology, in financial markets is not consistent with standard economic or financial theory. Whatever name you may give it is the efforts of an astrologer to advise the native whether he will gain or lose in investment or sell his stock through astrology.

Due to planetary forces, certain companies prosper while others fail miserably. In order to implement measures to ensure the company’s prosperity, the future prosperity, the future prospects of the company have to be studied in detail. For this purpose, the date of incorporation or commencement of business, the birth details of the Managing Director and one other key person – probably the executive director are essential. It is not possible to discuss in detail about all the corporate astrological principles. The various commodities and companies governed by the various planets and Nakshatras have been mentioned in this article.

We will discuss only to know the trend in the market. The scripture of our sages and eminent astrologers have carried out work on the old and traditional items such as metal, gold, silver or iron and grocery such as oil, ghee or pulses and items in daily use, as there was village economy, while there is world of change in the present commercial activities. It is metro economy in the present days. The much work is to be done in the field of sign, house, planets and nakshatras before one can reach on firm ground and say something with an element of certainty. The financial astrology, therefore is the most useful branch of astrology. The in-depth knowledge of natal astrology is essential to predict financial astrology.

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Therefore the speculator trade is handled professionally and resources are applied diligently , there is other trade which enable you to earn money so easily. The supply and demand is basic economic phenomenon which brings the price of a commodity up or down. The abundance of an item cause the price of the item down and shortage bring the price of the item up. The political scenario, domestic and international, have direct bearing on the prices of the market. It is called psychology of the market. At times, even though there is plenty of the items, but the prices sore high due to artificial scarcity created by speculators or monopolistic conditions.

But in effect such conditions are created due to planetary configurations or influence put forth by combinations of Yoga though the commodity is available in abundance, In general there are three trends in the market: 1. Bullish market (Upward Trend) 2. Bearish market (Downward Trend) 3. Fluctuating market, upward and downward within certain parameters. It is the difficult period in which it is difficult to make any decision and earn profit. It is the testing time for the knowledge of the astrologers. It would be sufficient to say that the investor should not go beyond the available resources of his finance, one should avoid the temptation for quick gains. The loss and gain is the part of the gain.

The following rules should be kept in mind :

• Do not buy in haste; If everyone is buying, give yourself a break and watch the trend carefully. Only those who enter in the fray in haste have lost their money.

• When market is showing steady bullish trend, buy when the market reacts. This is to buy on the declines. Whenever there is correction, afte quick rise, buy at the lowest level.

• Do not follow the rumours.

• Buy only those stocks which has established good trends in the past. One should keep profit and loss under check as per his capacity of financial resources and should avoid mental tensions.

There is no substitute for hard work and experience. If the whole play is seen from the angle of Astrology, one should examine his own horoscope for promising sudden gain or loss in spite of making best efforts. Planets and Commodity Sun: Sun rules over the persons in authority, government, influential leaders, places of entertainment, cinema, gambling, sudden gain or loss; Bankers, bank and banking activities. Stock market, stock brokers, stock exchanges. Commodity: rice, honey, aromatic herbs, almond, currency, Ruby, gold, (the price of gold become bullish when Sun enters in Leo, pearl,) Silk, Arms, leather, grain, Tree, medicinal planets, sour things, weapon, poison, seeds, red colored things, juicy articles etc.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Sun signify metal-Gold, yellow metal, turmeric. Moon: Moon rules over all things which fluctuate, e.g. water; all matters related with common public particularly women; distribution system of public; business pertaining to essential commodity retail outlets; department, store, industry and commercial undertakings, catering services such as hotels, restaurants; public places.

All kinds of liquids and dealer in liquids, petroleum and petroleum products and stock share of petroleum industry, crop, crops growers; dairy and milk, milk products, navigation, fishery and other marine products; Glass and glass industry; silver, pears, and raw cotton; exhibition and photography, real state real state agents; honey, fruits, flowers, things which grow in water such as rice, pearls, fish, sugarcane, white cloth, salt, liguid, things coming out of eggs; Moon signify metal Silver, coarse grain, living beings. Mars: aggression, invasion, attack, accident, surgery, defence forces, armed forces, police and security forces; weapons, ammunitions, explosions, bomb, missiles etc; surgeon, surgical instruments, dentist, butchers, metal industries, chemical and fertilizers, bricks, kilns, furnace, foundries, distilleries; hardware, mechanics, steel machineries; gold, copper, radiators, wielding machines, iron, detergents, plastic processing, tea, coffee, rice, oil seeds, coarse grain, tobacco, cigarette. Property and building material, building industries, stone, marbles, tiles, carpenters, petrochemicals, petroleum, gas, petroleum products, Mars rules over red colour, fruits and flowers; juggery, wine,strong tasting food, pulses, copper, arms, weapon, He goat; etc.

Mars specially signify-Automobile, iron, steel, wheat, rice, chillies, fuel oil, black pepper. Mercury: Communication-mental and physical, all types of print and electronic media; intelligence, literary pursuits, accountancy and publishing, news papers, magazines, general trade, all matters related to business; computer software, internet, other communication media; Learned personality, authors, writers, editors, reporters; Universities, colleges, educational institutes; Lawyers, investigating agencies; both government and private; treaties, agreements, contracts, settlements, documentation Ambassadors, high commissions, foreign Mercury rule over Moong pulse, barley, the grain divisible into two, vegetable, green things, oily seed; scent, birds, emerald, green colour precious stone, almond; wheat, grain, silver, copper and emerald. Mercury signify specially- all earthy products, rawcotton, edible oil, coconuts, jute.

Jupiter: Jupiter is planet of plenty and expansion; It influences religion, philosophy, finance and capital. Hospitals, educational institutes; banks, bankers brokers, bullion merchants, stock shares and bonds, Foreign countries, foreign affairs and foreign trade; Industrialists, exporters, business, house, cloth mills, luxury trade, judge, lawyers and legal affairs; trusts, charitable institutes; cooperative societies, news paper, stationary, printing books, bookshop; Seat of power of a company, (chairmen, CEO, MD). Jupiter rules over yellow precious stone, yellow sapphire, wax, rock salt, turmeric, fruits and vegetable, thing which grow on creepers; mustard oil, wheat, barley, sugarcane, cow, horses, camphor; tin, rubber, etc.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Jupiter specially signify rubber, zinc, tobacco camphor, formulation of medicines, sugar, cotton seeds. Venus: Venus in general signifies the armony and peaceful conditions. If afflicted and weak in strength indicates opposite conditions such as civil conflicts, quarrels and discord. It signifies the expansion, textile industries; clothing in general, dealer in ladies items, garments, fassion, modelling, decoration items, ornaments, perfumery, cosmetics, costly clothes, toilet and luxury items, stock shares, investment, and interest rates. Vehicles, conveyance, surface transport and communications, department, chemical, distilleries, glass industries; Fancy goods shops, beauty parlours; foods and hotels; real and imitative jewelleries; Film and photography , music, dance drama, musical instruments, treaties with other countries. Venus rule over diamond, shining precious stone, silk, cloth, decorative items, perfumes, jewellery, thing of grocery; spices, dry fruits, cotton; Venus specifically signify Cotton, textile, textile share, silver, sugar, silken clothes, vegetables. Saturn: Saturn is planet of democracy and all forms of democratic institutions; It has main influence on elderly persons, land owners, farmers; He represents labourers; He is main stay in business because he requires patience and hard work.

Saturn rules over farm products, mines, coal, minerals; marbles, lead, copper, cement, oilseeds, groundnuts, wool, iron, jute, barley, Saturn rules over real estate, metallurgy, shoe factory, warehouse, public buildings, skin, animal hides, leather etc. He signifies famine, scarce conditions. Automobile accessories and hardware items; comressors, pumpsets, timber machines., steel plants and coal mines. Saturn rules over blue coloured precious stones; Blue sapphire; bad taste things, such as wine alcohol; buffalo, donkey, labour class; til, urad, wool, wind, skin, leather, black salt, oil, iron, petrol, goods made of iron, Saturn specially signifycoal and mine shares, iron and steel shares, pig iron, mustard oil and black coloured things.

Rahu: Rahu rules over radio, telephone and aerial navigation, It governs heavy industry, inflammable gases, pumps, goldsmith,stones, reptile, scientist, researcher, inventors, lecturers, psychologists, travelers; Rahu rules overwireless, and electrical goods; It brings bullish trend in the market; specialy when malefic aspect; Gomed, precious stone coloured as urine of cow.

Ketu: Ketu rules over fiery and windy products; Salvation, philosophy, stupidity, corruption; non-observation of traditional rituals; trouble to the enemy or from enemy; science and medical service; foreign language; symbol or royalty, blockade; co-ruler of Rahu, electrical goods and equipments; It indicate multicolored goods, cat’s eye, blankets.

Uranus: Rules over rebellious, , revolutions, sudden change, explosions, disasters, mass killing, when aspected by a malefic planet. It indicates automobile, industry, wireless, rail, road, public transport; all type of medical treatment; Uranus governs over the imagination of the native and native wants change, It rule over surgical good, aluminum good; Aerated water; filter industry. Neptune It rules over tea, raw cotton, medicines, anaesthetics, chemicals, perfume; bogus companies, illegal undertakings; It has mysterious and destructive qualities. Sign and Commodity The signs has been divided into

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• As per their element-Fiery, Earthy, Airy and Watery signs.

• According to quality—movable, fixed and dual

• According to productivity-fertile and barren. The market prices are guided by the aspect or association in sign. If the sign is productive, it will create bullish conditions; On the other hand if the sign is infertile, there will be bearish trend in the market; Fertile sign Aries, Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Sagittarius sign are productive or fertile sign. Aries and Leo are the most dependable sign as productive. Infertile sign – Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces .

They are bearish sign, Cancer and Pisces are the most bearing sign. Moderate sign Virgo and Capricorn are the moderate sign. Virgo is bearish and Capricorn is bullish sign. Aries Iron steel, wheat, rice oil, value of currency, rails, linseed. Taurus wheat fields, grass sugar, medicine; preparations. Gemini cotton fields, groundnuts, jute coconuts, nes agency shares. Cancer Tea medicinal plants, herbs, milk, and milk products, coarse grains, root vegetables like potatoes. Leo Gold, diamonds, precious stones, metal, yello colored metals, wheat prices. Virgo clothing, corn products, labor problems.

Libra Textile shares, silver, tea jute, and cotton prices. Scorpio fuel oil, chemicals, share of chemical industries; oil mills. Sagittarius Rubber, tobacco, tine shares; wheat, caster seeds. Capricorn mining products; shares, coal, lead, black color. Aquarius marine products, fishery, silk products, artificial jewelries; electrical shares. Pisces wine, narcotics, substance used for the medicines; medical iols such as cod liver oil, sandal wood oils, sugar,share of medicines. Nakshatra Ruled by Sun Kritika : Sesame, oil seeds, barley dry fruits etc.

Uttaraphalguni : Garlic, sunflower, green/red gram and also black gram (some attribute to Saturn,) and urad. Uttarashadha : Lamps, bulbs, furnances, petro-chemicals, swords, blades and also electronics. Nakshatra ruled by Moon Rohini : Banana, Lemon, sour fruits, food grains. Hasta : Perfume, camphor, scents, sandal, rubber handgloves. Shravana : Curd, buttermilk, milk, holy water (say, of river anges), betelnuts, chemicals, medicines, cast iron, lead etc. Nakshatra ruled by Mars Mrigshira : Teeth, horny animals, stag skins arms for hunting, bow and arrows, guns, spears.

Chitra : precious and semi-precious metals, luxury articles, auto accessories, vehicles, shops/cinemas, textile industries, safe vaults. Dhanishtha : Wheat, metal, jewels, gold, [earls, iron, steel, plant products, distilleries, leather, skin, hides, foundaries, Nakshtra ruled by Mercury Ashlesha : pure silver, mercury (quick silver), sugar candy, green grass, juicy vegetables, water animals i.e. water snakes, crabs. Jyeshta : inflammable oils, chemicals, googal. Revathi : coconuts, betel, dispensary, films and film actors, books, library, schools.

Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter Punarvasu : gold, silver, jowar, grains and juices. Vishakha : gold, silk, velvet cloth, books, pens stationery, TV’s dancers. Poorvabhandrapada : gold, skin of trees, medicines. Sweets, ghee, coins, wine, inns, hotels etc. Nakshtra ruled by Venus Bharani : Chillies, Medicine, Hair oil. Poorvaphalguni : Wood, shining silks, jowar, silver, gold, royal clothes. Poorvashada : Sandal, gold diamonds, rose water, perfumes, ice, ghee etc. Nakshatra ruled by Saturn Pushya : ghee, gold, turmeric, rice, salt, butter, banana.

Anuradha : Food, rice, grains, jowar, coconut, groundnuts, chemicals especially those connected with earth. Uttarabhadra : Drugs, strong wines. Vicious drinks, tobacco, stones, boots, leather, sugarcane etc. Nakshatra ruled by Rahu Ardra : Edible oil, Ghee, salt and saltish articles, sandal wood, perfumeries, inflammable oil, cooking wares, wooden articles, communication, transport, post and telegraph department, air port and air force.

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Swati : Mustard oil, cakes, chillies, betal nuts, jewelry, leather goods, artificial silk, cosmetics, women’s garments, X-ray machines, air conditioner, refregrations, automobiles, transport, cinema, stock-brokers, Shatbhisha : Coarse grain, silver, drugs, narcotics, inflammable and explosive material, petroleum, stainless steel, electrical goods, wine and beverage, stock exchange, Nakshatra ruled by Ketu Ashwini : Rice, wool, Ghee, horse, iron, copper, mining industries, medical, surgery, factory workers, railway, Magha : Edible oil, ghee, butter, sesame, linseed, jaggery (raw sugar) electrical appliances, thorny vegetables, coral, chemical and plastic industries, mining, surgical anddrugs manufacturer, defence department, merchants Moola : Wheat, salt, juicy articles, raw cotton, turmeric, gold, silver, import trade, foreign exchange, corporations,

After understanding the commodities of Planets, sign and nakshatras we have to judge whether the market will go up or down. It is the main object of an astrologer. One should remember that every individual desires to make money from stock market. There should be “Dhan Yoga” in the birth chart of the individual to make money through stock market. It is not the object of the article. Suppose the individual has Dhana Yoga to make money through stock market or to say sudden gain, then only we advise the individual to enter the stock market.

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