Astrology and You

Astrology and You  

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Image expectations

People tend to have a preconceived notion about the "image" a legitimate astrologer should have, and they automatically reject opinions coming from sources that don't correspond to this image. The truth is that Astrology has been practiced even in the past by vastly different people. Brahmin sages, untouchable barbers, Christian monks, Gipsy women, European aristocrats, Protestant clergymen, and the list just goes on and on. Similarly, today's great and insightful Astrologers come in many styles and shapes (not to mention ethnic and cultural backgrounds). Don't disregard Astrologers because they seem "too spiritual", or "not spiritual enough" or "too traditional", or "not traditional enough".

(Kapiel Raaj at Joni Patry at and Kenneth Bowser at couldn't be more "different" if they tried, in looks, approach and presentation, and yet all three of them are Fantastic Astrologers!)

Speed Dating Syndrome

(Astrological Predictions are NOT based on personal preferences!)

So many people keep asking for different opinions and ordering more and more Astrological Charts in the hope of finally getting the one that pleases them. Even though there are many perfectly legitimate approaches to astrological interpretation, don't go to an Astrologer if you won't accept an opinion you "don't like", because Astrology is, after all, based on facts. You can't (or at least shouldn't) expect an Astrologer to give you a Chart showing long life, good marriage, perfect health and millions of dollars in earning just to make you happy! Also, chances are that if you finally (after several reports by different Astrologers) receive an interpretation to your liking, by that time subconsciously you will disbelieve that one too.

Blaming the Stars

(You need to Man Up! Stop pointing fingers and blaming badly placed Planets!)

Astrology's goal is to deepen our understanding of the Universe and ourselves. Blaming Retrograde Saturn in the Birth Chart for everything, from bad manners, poor grades, failure to pay child support, and unpaid credit card bills to having a bad haircut and for generally being a dead beat is not conducive to positive change! Some people manage to find relatively weak malefic planetary influences to blame for pretty much everything they do wrong in their life. These people often feel absolutely wonderful after receiving their Chart, as in their mind it excuses them and further enables them to continue living without any improvement!

Unreasonable Fear

(No, Planets are NOT Monsters!)

Sometimes it would seem safer to "forget" to mark certain Planets in the Astrological Chart. Mentioning Saturn, but to a lesser extent also Rahu and Ketu often sends clients in an absolute panic. All the Nine Planets figure in everybody's Chart. The popular misconception about Shani (Saturn) as a positively evil planet literally out there to get you is so pervasive, that no amount of scholarly explanation to the contrary seem to have any effect on it. Astrology is a complex matter, placements, houses, signs, aspects and Planetary Periods have to be calculated properly BEFORE one can establish whether Saturn is indeed going to cause all the horrible things the poor planet has been accused of, or not. Similarly, just having Rahu in the Birth Chart doesn't automatically make one a degenerate alcoholic mass murderer with a gambling addiction. Rahu is in everybody's Chart, and most of us still manage to escape a life of degradation and crime, so don't panic!

Poor understanding of Planetary Gems

Natural gems and crystals are very powerful tools for channeling energies, including Planetary Energies, but they don't work if they are not completely untreated, not set properly (there is a barrier between the stone and the skin) and most importantly if the gems are not selected after very thorough calculations. Simply put, people tend to run into two problems. First is buying a gem because it is sold as the "birthstone" of a certain month. Most of these pieces of jewelry are heavily treated, often improperly set and not calculated for body weight. The result is absolutely zero improvement. The second problem can be a lot worse. Buying a good quality gem that was chosen before a proper analysis of the Birth Chart can be very dangerous, as increasing the influence of a badly placed (Functional Malefic) planet is clearly a pretty bad idea.

Addiction and Codependency

(No, you DON'T need to consult an Astrologer every day!)

Astrological terms and concepts can be sometimes intimidating for the layperson. As Astrology is an ancient, international and very complex field, the confusion is quite natural. But don't let it turn you into an obsessive addict. Once you have your Chart and Analysis from a reputable Astrologer, the ball is in YOUR court. Thanks to the internet, there are numerous resources available to everyone. If you don't want to calculate the Auspicious Times (Hora Calendar) for your location by yourself, or the times of Rahukalam, you are only a click away from finding this information for free online. For example

People often become so codependent on Astrologers, that they require almost daily contact and advice just to make the simplest everyday decisions. Obviously, this is not a recipe for success!

Lack of Taking Action and Follow up

Astrology's aim is to help people understand the Universe, and this understanding gives the potential to an incredible improvement in every areas of life. It is in a way like a weather report. Just knowing that there is a chance of rain means nothing if we don't either change our schedule or at the very least bring along an umbrella. Astrological Charts are absolutely useless if the information given is not followed by thought and action. The stars don't decide whether we can achieve something or not, they inform us How and When to Achieve them. Going to an Astrologer in itself will do nothing for your life. You need to consciously use this information to maximize your chances to succeed!

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