Jupiter in Vedic Horoscope

Jupiter in Vedic Horoscope  

Raju Gupta
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As we know that Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and in vedic system it is considered as Guru of Devas . Guru means one who enlightened you and shows the path of growth . This enlightened may be in any field and direction dependent upon the placement and ownership of houses in vedic chart of a person.

Every person who goes to an astrologer is curious to know the result of his Jupiter besides Saturn and Rahu-Ketu.

In this kaliyuga era material wealth is considered the most important thing . So in this context Jupiter is considered good only if placed in 4th and 10th house. Result of Rashi it is placed will show the area of result.

Before judging the bad or good placement of Jupiter, we should consider the following points :-

  1. Jupiter Expands the house where it sits ;
  2. Jupiter enhances the results where it aspects viz…5th , 7th and 9th from its placement.
  3. Jupiter is karaka of 2nd , 5th , 7th , 9th and 11th houses and karaka destroys the result if placed in its karaka house .
  4. Jupiter owns two houses Pisces and Sagittarius , and the houses where these signs are placed in horoscope grows over the period.
  5. Jupiter is in Marana Karaka Sthana in 3rd from any house. Marana Karaka Sthana means Death Signifying House for a planet.

In respect of wealth the 2nd house is house of family wealth , 8th is house of ancestral wealth , and 11th is house of regular income.

So Jupiter if placed in 1st house will be 12th from 2nd house so it will spend or destroy your family wealth , being placed from 8th house it will destroy chances of you getting your ancestral wealth , being placed 3rd from 11th a MKS place for Jupiter it will destroy your regular income .

So you are only left will sudden gains that is 5th house . Shares and other type of income is certain for this placement.

Such persons with Jupiter placed in 1st are tired of getting regular income and family wealth.

Rider being lord of 2nd , 8th and 11th being strong or planets placed in these houses are benefic planets for your lagna .

Similarly if Jupiter is placed in 2nd house then being karaka of 2nd house it will destroy your family wealth , its aspect on 6th will enhance your enemies , debt and diseases , its aspect on 8th and 10th will be good for the native .

If placed in 3rd house then it will be a MKS house so Jupiter is totally de functioned for taking any initiative , where as its aspect on 7th house , 9th house and 11th house will be good.

Now Jupiter placed in 4th house , the best position for him. The house of early education , mother , and home. It enhances all the attributes of 4th house , where as 8th house , 10th house and 12th houses are also enhanced . Although for family wealth the native has to make massive efforts .

If Jupiter is placed in 5th house the house , the house is destroyed due to Jupiter being its karaka , but good for 9th , 11th and 1st house.

Native having Jupiter in 6th will have big debts , enemies and everlasting diseases. This is good for 10th , 12th and 2nd house.

Jupiter in 7th will destroy is as being its karaka but good for 11th , and 1st .

Jupiter in 8th will expand the house of occult which is not good but will give good results for 12th , 2nd and 4th house.

Jupiter in 9th will again destroy 9th house but good for 1st , 5th house .

Jupiter in 10th is again good position as it will also enhance 2nd , 4th but some how bad in 6th house related matters .

Jupiter in 11th will again destroy you elder brothers , friends and regular income but good for 5th house and 7th house.

Jupiter in 12th house is not good for wealth and family matters.

So friends open your horoscope and see it and please provide feed back on it .

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