Marriage Compatibility Through Numerology

Marriage Compatibility Through Numerology  

Manoj Kumar
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In this system, it is very easy to check and determine the compatibility. It can be done in just three steps:

  1. Check whether the chart constructed from each one’s date of birth are similar. See whether each partner is giving the other a number that he or she does not already have or not.
  2. Check their Talent Numbers to find how compatible they are.
  3. Look at their personal years to see if the two people are in step with each other as they go through life Similar charts of both the persons are ideal, but each should contain a number that the other does not have.

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In figures we have taken a good example of this. Arun, the husband was born on January 29, 1983 and his wife Kavita was born on January 6, 1985. They both have numbers 1, 9 & 8 in common. For compatibility, we don’t take into account of the number of times a particular number appears. Here, the important factor is that both the partners are able to give the energy of any number or some numbers to each other. Here, in case of Kavita, she does not have numbers 2 & 3 in her chart which Arun has, similarly in Arun’s chart numbers 5 & 6 don’t appear which are present in Kavita’s chart. So, both of them are able to give something to each other.

This helps to keep the relationship vibrant and exciting. In second step, we find the Talent Number of both the partners. Calculation of Arun’s Talent Number: January 29, 1983 1 + 11/2 + 21/3 =6 Talent Number Kavita’s Talent Number: January 6, 1985 1 + 6 + 23/5 = 12/3 Talent Number On the following chart, this combination rates as A. This is the best possible combination and will work for the happiness and joy of the couple. “In the chart ‘A’ indicates the most compatible while ‘D’ indicates the least compatible.” In the third and final step, we have to look at the personal years. In 2010, Arun will be in 6 personal years. It means that after some rest and enjoyment in personal year 5, he is back to work again with new zeal and vigour.

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At this time Kavita is in her 1 personal year. She will be starting on a whole new cycle of experience and will be making new starts with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. This certainly sounds highly compatible. Both will provide ideas and enthusiasm to each other. Now, look at the same couple in 2013. Arun will be in 9 personal years, ready to reap the fruits what he had sown in 1 personal year and nurtured for next 8 years, means he is not very serious about the work and not going to start any new venture. On the other hand, Kavita is entering into 4 personal years, so she will want to work hard to achieve something worthwhile. So, this may seem contradictory and question will arise whether this is compatible or not. Answer will be yes, because they have good, compatible charts and compatible talent numbers.

So, they will have to make some adjustments for each other in the year 2013. Most couples are in step some years and out of step other years. The best combination is when both partners have the same Personal Years. This means that if one of them wants to make merry and go to the excursion (in a 5 personal year) the other will support with great enthusiasm. The most difficult combination is when both the partners are one year apart. When one of them is in 4 personal years and wants to work hard to achieve the fixed goal, the other will be in a 5 personal year and wants to have fun and enjoyment. Difficult Combinations If numbers of both the partners in the chart are identical, it may prove difficult, because they don’t have to offer any number to each other. But they have great deal in common.

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Sometimes, the relationship may appear stale and boring. That’s why it is important for each partner to offer any number to other to keep the relationship active and joyous. But it does not mean that such relationship is bound to break. Other factors are also important. The compatibility of Talent Number and Personal Years should also be taken into account.

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