Karma manifests

Karma manifests  

Manoj Kumar
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H indu philosophy, which believes in life after death, holds the doctrine that if the Karma of an individual is good enough, the next birth will be rewarding and if not the person may actually devolve and degenerate into a lower life form. In order to achieve good karma it is important to live life according to Dharma or what is right. However, if a person stoops to bad karma, it manifests either in present existence or in the future births in the form of agony, distress, humiliation or something otherwise. When we take birth, our date and time of birth are the outcome of our good or bad deeds performed in our past lives and have great bearing on the present life either in the form of happiness or grief. Balance of negative karmas of previous existences result in Karmic Numbers in the present birth i.e. when we take birth these Karmic numbers manifest in our date of birth and name as Karmic Talent Number or Destiny Number or in the form of other Major and Minor Numbers.

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Basically these Karmic Numbers are meant to teach a lesson and rectify our mistakes committed during previous births. If we take it as it wishes to, in a benign manner and shape our attitude and deeds accordingly to work for a greater cause of humanity, it is rewarding as we see in the case of Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi. If we challenge the authority of these Karmic numbers and indulge in worldly pursuits or unscrupulous activities, it punishes us to the optimum as we fi nd in the case of Manisha Makhija, the culprit of infamous Jyoti murder case of Kanpur. Let us study both these cases of ultimate contradiction where both these natives got Karmic Numbers in their birth dates but one of them got the prestigious Nobel Prize for his noble and philanthropic deeds for the greater cause of humanity and the other had to pay the karmic retribution in the worst possible manner being the prime accused of Jyoti Murder case and facing humiliation from every nook and corner.

Manisha Makhija (Prime accused of Jyoti Murder case, Kanpur) Entire globe remained awestruck after hearing the brutal murder of Jyoti, wife of a business tycoon of Kanpur. Jyoti was murdered brutally on the behest of her husband Piyush in which his girlfriend Manisha Makhija, the daughter of other business tycoon of Kanpur was also involved. This was the outcome of illicit love affair between Manisha and Piyush in which innocent Jyoti lost her life. It would have been better if we had the birth details of these three. But, we could only get the correct birth details of Manisha, so analysis is just confi ned to her. If we glance at the chart of Manisha Makhija, we fi nd that at every prime position, the numbers are either Karmic or contradictory/revolutionary. Her Talent Number is 13/4 which is a highly Karmic Number.

The people having 13/4 as Talent Number have to work very hard to accomplish any task but with poor results. Obstacles stand in their way and they often feel burdened and frustrated We have discussed similar cases earlier that of Aarushi Talwar, Princess Diana, Sunanda Pushkar and several others where Karmic Numbers attributed to pay heavily. by seeming futility of their efforts. These people adopt short cuts for quick success and result which generally end in transcendent failure. Manisha also tried very hard to succeed in her love affair with Piyush and did not even hesitate to take resort to short cut methods to eliminate Jyoti with the help of Piyush.

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Her Destiny Number is 19/1 which is also a Karmic Number. Number 19 is the combination of selfi shness and proud of 1 and misuse of ability and much ambition. Her running pinnacle is 16/7 till 2018 which is again a highly Karmic Number. Number 16/7 is the manifestation of negative 1 and 6 compounding in 7 to propel illicit love affair leading sometimes to adultery and humiliation in society. Her Heart Number is 22/4 made up of 11+11=22. Both 11 and 22 are highly emotional, sensitive, vulnerable and extreme Karmic Numbers. Their manifestation as Heart Number most often result in failure of love affairs and in the process some wrong doing resulting in humiliation in family and society on one hand and if channelized properly to work for others, society and downtrodden to ameliorate the living condition of different strata of society, they give honour and recognition. It means that if a person strives to take up selfl ess service of mankind then these numbers are rewarding otherwise thse numbers are meant to punish the individuals in the worst possible manner. Besides, her Name Number 11/2, Ultimate Number, Birth Number 5, Birth force period 5,

Habit Number 14/5 all are negative numbers which poisoned Manisha's mind and she did not even hesitate to stoop to commit even such a heinous act like getting herself involved in brutal murder of an innocent girl. Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi As discussed earlier, Karmic Numbers are the promise of struggle, obstacle, agony and ecstasy throughout the life. No one having the Karmic Numbers as Major Numbers in the chart can lead normal and happy material life. He undoubtedly has to witness and undergo ups and downs throughout his life. However, Karmic Numbers give an opportunity to learn certain lessons in this life time.

If a person corresponds to the call of the Karmic Numbers and engage himself in philanthropic pursuits and work for the down trodden, destitute and greater cause of humanity, he is bound to get recognition and reward in the form of name and fame at a certain point in his life. We saw it in the case of Arvind Kejriwal as well. He earned all name, fame and recognition and got even prestigious Raymon Magsaysay award for his philanthropic work and charitable dispositions. When he got involved in material pursuits and entered into politics, his name and fame began to sink and reached from zenith to nadir. Kailash Satyarthi, an able engineer also chose the path of struggle and strife abandoning material comforts of life and tirelessly worked for the emancipation of the child labour.

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For his abundant struggle, he has been conferred the most prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Let us study his charts from the perspective of Numerology to assess how the Karmic Numbers turn into boon if selfl ess work is done for the humanity. Almost every Major number in Kailash Satyarthi's chart is a Karmic Number be it Talent Number (13/4), Destiny Number (11/2), Heart Number (22/4) which are ably supported by the subtle forces of Birth Number (11/2), Habit Number (16/7) and Event Numbers. He channelized the Karmic forces present in his chart and due to the impact of these numbers left his engineering career and chose the path of struggle for the cause of humanity. Like Manisha Makhija his Heart Number is also 22/4 made up of 11+11=22.

But contrary to Manisha Makhija, he never thought of himself and his family but worked for the humanity and ameliorating the lot of society and ultimately got the reward. Both these cases are extreme in its own way interpreting the power of Karmic Numbers. In 2014, when he was conferred the Nobel Peace Prize, his Pinnacle 2 & Event No. 9 alongwith Personal Year 1, Current Year 7 & Birth Force Period 1 were running. Event Number 9 is a spiritual and philanthropic number.

If Event number is favourable and is ably supported by other numbers, it gives success in endeavours. Here, in the case of Kailash Satyarthi all the numbers are extremely favourable, so he got the most prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. However, from late 2015, his Event Numbers are troublesome so he must be aware of that and continue his philanthropic work otherwise he may land into trouble if he also becomes over ambitious like Arvind Kejriwal.

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