Agony of Karmic Number: Distress in Marital & Professional life

Agony of Karmic Number: Distress in Marital & Professional life  

Manoj Kumar
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It has always been conceived by the Numerologists that the numbers play an important and pivotal role in shaping up our fortune. A particular group of numbers make their presence felt from cradle to grave either in negative or positive way. There are various systems of Numerology prevalent in different regions of the world. Every system in its own way is unique and important and has its significance. It is not important to discuss which system is better than the other but the importance lies in deep knowledge. Whichever may be the system, perfect and good knowledge will enable a Numerologist to guide the people in better way and help them in shaping up their life and fortune.

Like the other forms of Astrology, Numerology is also being practised from the very inception of civilization in different regions of the world in different forms. Numerology also reveals the secrets of not only the future but also the past and present. Since beginning Numerology has marked its presence and the Numerologists have always utilized their knowledge and divine wisdom to guide the people to ameliorate their condition. Here, a case study is being presented of a Tunisian lady who has been in constant touch of the author since long time.

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So, all the events undertaken here are absolutely true and has been taken as example to demonstrate the beauty and perfection of Numerology. She has to struggle throughout her life in professional as well as marital front. She was divorced twice and looking for her third partner. In professional arena, she faced lots of hiccups and ups and downs and has to change her job frequently. Let's see how the numbers play different roles whenever a particular set of numbers manifest during the different phases of life sometimes giving pleasure and the other times sour taste. She got married on Oct. 9, 1998.

After marriage her name changed a bit due to the addition of surname of her husband. So, her name became Hayet Kassab Bouzid after that. So, we will prepare here two charts. One for the period 1995 to 2000 and the other with her new name from 1999 to 2012. 6 18/9 = 15/6 Heart 1 5 6 3 9 Hayet Bouzid =(1+9)-6 = 4 Personality 81752 263894 23/5 32/5 = 10/1 Destiny Frequency 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 121111121 Pinnacles 6 16/7 7 9 Feb. 23, 1966 2 5 22/4 = 11/2 Talent 3 1 Challenges 2 2 I Pinnacle=36-Talent Number =36-2=34 years Personal Year in 1995 = Feb. 23, 1995 = 2+5+24/6 = 13/4 Age in 1995 = 1995 – 1966 = 29 years Current Year in 1995 = 1+9+9+5 = 24/6 Ultimate Number = 3 Birth Number = 5 Name Number = 5 Habit Number = 11/2 First Letter of the name (H) = 8 First Vowel of the Name (A) = 1 See her chart (before marriage).

The most outstanding feature of her chart is her Talent Number 11, the Master Karmic Number and a highly intuitive, shy and sensitive number. If we glance at her Planes of Expression, we find that the highest score is on Emotional Plane and not only this but the other planes have only Emotional Numbers. Besides that her outstanding challenges are also Emotional Numbers except the Second Challenge Number. It means that she is extremely sensitive, emotional and gets easily hurt for no cause or little cause. Her heart felt desire is to get married and lead a settled family life (Heart Number 6, Talent Number 11/2, Habit Number 11/2). But due to her nature of high sensivity and emotional vulnerability, it seems difficult for her to make her relationship long lived, even if she gets married. It has been reiterated in earlier articles that Talent Number 11 proves fatal for marriage.

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It promises either no marriage or divorce after marriage in most of the cases. She got married on Oct. 9, 1998. In 1998, her Event Number was 5 and letter A was operating meaning start of some new things in life. Besides that her Pinnacle and Personal Year were both7 supported by the subtle forces of Birth Force Period 5. So, time was quite favourable for marriage. But this marriage didn’t last long and she got separated on May 5, 2005. Let us prepare her chart with her new name after marriage to verify other events. 6 2 18/9 =17/8 Heart 1 5 1 1 6 3 9 Hayet Kassab Bouzid =(9-8) =1 Personality 81752 211112 263894 23/5 8 23/9 = 18/9 Destiny Frequency 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 541111121 Special Frequency 1 (5times), 8 (2 times) Personal Year in 1999=Feb.23, 1999= 2+5+28/1=8 Age in 1999=1966=33 years Current Year in 1999=1+9+9+9=28/1 Ultimate Number = 11/2 Birth Number = 5 Name Number = 5 Habit Number = 17/8 First Letter of the name (H) = 8 First Vowel of the Name (A) = 1 After marriage, the highest score became on Mental Plane given by an intellectual, perfectionist, introvert, analytical, introspective and spiritual number 7.

But the numbers on other three planes were still emotional numbers especially the extremely emotional number 6 on Emotional Plane. So, inspite of trying her level best to avoid emotional problems by keeping herself aloof, engaged in spiritual pursuits etc., she could hardly avoid confrontations with her husband and his family members. However, Heart Number 8, Special frequency of 8, Habit Number 8, Special frequency of 1 and Birth Number and Name Number both 5 gave her stamina and courage.

Although Problems in her marriage started from 1999 when Event No. 11/2 started but she tolerated till 2005 when she got separated from her husband. In 2005 her Personal Year 5 started operating. We have seen that whenever Event Number or Personal Year 5 starts operating, it brings change. She ultimately got the divorce from her husband on February 29, 2012. At this time, she was under the influence of Event Number 11/2 and Pinnacle 16/7 supported by current year and Birth Force Period 5.

Besides that letter A and Z were operating which also signify the end of the old experience and a new beginning. See, whenever Karmic Event Number and Karmic Pinnacle operates, it gives trouble. Let us now see and analyze the professional journey of this lady. Career 1- Change of 1st Job (2001): She changed first job in 2001. At this point in time, her Event Number 11/2 was about to end and 14/5 was to start. So, she had the effect of both these Karmic Numbers. As, discussed earlier 11/2 is a Master Karmic Number known for giving mental, professional and emotional trouble while 14/5 is known for its changeability. The effect of ending Event number is felt even after 2-3 mouths of its and while the new number takes change gradually and slowly. At this time letters of name Y,A & O were in operation.

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There letters also signify change of place as well as new beginning. 2- Change of 2nd Job (2004): she left even her second job due to the confrountation in work place with her boss and due to some ill-mannered colleagues. Though she lost her job in Nov. 2004 but very soon she got another job in december. At this time also Event Number 14/5 was operating and was about to end. Besides that the letters of the name operating again were the same Y,A & O. So, she again was destine to lose job. However due to the combined effects of letters and Event Number 14/5 signifying Change of place and beginning of new endeavour, she got another job in December, 2004. 3-Change of 3rd Job (2006):

No sooner did her Event Number 13/4 start, she has to lose her job. 13/4 is a highly Karmic Number and whenever it starts operating it gives immense trouble, hardships and setbacks in different spheres of life. 4- 4th Job (2007): After losing the third job during the period of Event Numbers 13/4, she did not get new job immediately but her Karmic Event Number 13/4 made her to wait for about a year until the new Event Number 10/1 started. Ultimately she got a new job in 2007 when Event Number 131/4 ended and 10/1 started. Event Number 10/1 signifies beginning of a new experience and endeavours and is a good time particularly professional point of view.

Her good period continued till the beginning of 2010. During these period of three years, she got the support of favourable Event Numbers 1,1 & 9. 5- 5th Job (2010): She left her fourth job also in July 2010. In 2010, her Pinnacle 16/7, Event Number 14/5 started. Both these Numbers are Karmic Numbers specially 16/7 is a highly Karmic Number which does not augur well and inflict all round maleficence and setbacks in life. So it posed problems in job while Event Number 14/5, Personal year 1 made her to think otherwise to shift the place and start afresh her professional journey. Readers are advised to master all the principles first and then analyze every principle on various and different charts and see whether these principles are unanimously and universally applicable or not.

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