Water Resources & Septic Tank

Water Resources & Septic Tank  

Kanupriya Verma
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Water Resources: Water tanks are important in every house and most houses install tanks random in direction wherever it is suitable. However water tanks have their own place and direction where installation of water resource is considered ideal. Vaastu tells some ideal directions to place water resource for better health, wealth and prosperity in house. Water is an important element in Vaastu and if its placement is not accordingly then it creates problems for occupants. According to Vaastu North-east is the place for water resource but there are some conditions in which water has to be placed such as over-head tank and under-water tank.

Both the tanks can be located here in the North direction but under some conditions of working which are:

Unterwater Tank Underwater tank should be dug in North-east direction while before digging a sump draw an axis marking from North-east to South-west while both the sides right or left are apt for underwater tank. North-east is an important place in home which is held sacred due to which it should be left vacant as much as possible and that is why underwater tank is recommended here. Avoid any water source/tank towards North-west or South-east. Over-head Tank Over-head tank should be installed in South-west direction only because South is inauspicious corner of house where heavy things can be placed to equate the energies. Over-head tank in this direction balance energies to bring health, prosperity and all-round peace. Avoid over-head tank in North-east as it leads to unnecessary expenses and losses.

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Water Tank : Vaastu Shastra recommends some principles for construction of water sump in the building. According to Vaastu, water elements should be available in the Northeast of the building. The following are some principles to build overhead and under ground water tanks. Under Ground Water Tank/Water Sum The best place for digging the sump is the North-east of the plot. This leads to increase in wealth, prosperity and knowledge. While digging the sump, an axis should be drawn from the Northeast corner to Southwest corner. The sump should be dug to the right or left side of axis. The sump in East of Northeast is most beneficial and the sump in North of Northeast is also good. Water sump should not be towards Southeast or Northwest.

The sump in the Southwest is the worst. Avoid water sump at the centre of the house. Overhead Water Tank Overhead water tank should be in the West or Southwest direction of the building as these are negative zones of the house. Due to water in the tank, it becomes heavy, creates a balance of energies in the house and proves to be useful. Overhead tank in West direction is also beneficial. Overhead tank should not be built in the Northeast of building.

The tank in Northeast direction will make it heavy; which is a big Vaastu defect. It should not also be built in the South-east as it may cause loss of wealth and has adverse effect on health. Tank can be built in the Northwest of the house, but it should be small in size. Overhead water tank is not good at centre of house as it is a heavy structure and will make the centre heavy. Tank should be 2 feet above from the slab. There should not be leakage in overhead tank as it can cause outflow of money. Overhead tank should not be made of plastic. If it is of plastic, it should be of black or blue colour as these colours absorb sun rays which create positive energy when absorbed in water. Overhead tanks are an important feature of a building or a house.

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The water that is stored in the well or the borewell has to be pumped into the overhead tank, in order for it to be able to flow down into the house. According to Vaastu shastra, there are some set principles that should be followed during the construction of water sump in a building. The ancient sages had founded these principles and it is considered a science or an extension of architecture. If the water tank is placed in the right area, it would definitely lead to an increase in wealth, prosperity and knowledge. Tips For Overhead Tank The location or placement of the overhead tank is one of the main factors one should look into. Ideally, the overhead tank should be in the South West direction, second option is West direction.

For the overhead tank which is placed in the Southwest direction, it should be at least two feet over the uppermost slab. Due to water, the side becomes heavy which acts advantageous. However, make sure that there is no dampness. The best bet would be to place the tank on a slab higher than the slab of the building. Though Northeast corner belongs to the element - water, it is not advisable to have a big overhead tank in the area. This is because the side should not be heavy under any condition. However, a small tank can be placed. Overhead tank in the South-east corner is a bad omen and results in loss of wealth and accidents.

The effect of overhead tank in the South direction is of medium effect. However, make sure that the tank is two feet above the slab of the roof and should not leak. Placing the tank in the West side (not Southwest) can also be considered as the direction belongs to Lord Varuna, lord of rains. In such a case, there is no need of a slab and the tank can be built over the slab as well. Avoid placing the overhead tank in the North-west direction. However, if the tank is of a small size, less height and situated at a distance of at least two feet from the North-west corner, it can be permissible. However, the water in the tank does not get used properly and finishes earlier than expected. Never place the overhead tank in the middle. Remember, this place is known as the Brahmasthan. If there is load on the Brahma, life of the individuals living in the house would be unfeasible. One would also not like staying in the house for a long time.

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Avoid overhead tanks made out of plastic. If you were to get one, make sure it is blue or black in colour, as darker shades absorb sunrays. Make sure you have different tanks for different purpose. While drinking and cooking water can be from one tank, water for toilets and bathrooms can come from another one. Water tank systems are a great extension to architecture and have been helping people accumulate water for drinking, irrigation, livestock, food preparation since the beginning of civilization. The Guru’s believe that containers placed according to Vaastu ensure health and abundance for the inmates, helping them live a more fulfilled life. A tank located in the Southwestern direction must be at least 2 feet or 60 cm over the slab. This is to make sure there isn’t any water leakage leading to moisture production (dampness in the South-west corner is highly inauspicious). Although Northeast belongs to the water element, it is not good to place a hefty overhead tank in this region. Experts of Vaastu for house and office believe it’s a bad omen to make this corner heavy.

However, it is okay to place a small tank here. Placing a tank in the Southeastern corner is inauspicious and may lead to loss in finances and proneness to dangerous accidents. An overhead tank in South has medium effect. However, you should make sure that the container is 2 feet above the roof slab and does not leak. If you plan on installing a solar geyser it’s the best to place it above the overhead tank to make sure water flows properly.

WELL AND TUBE-WELL: Water is one of the significant elements among Panchbhootas that constitute the entire concept of Vaastu-Shastra. The placement of well or tube-well in a house should be proper so as to gain profits and over-all prosperity. There are some set of rules involved in Vaastu for the location of under-ground well or tube-well and it has been observed that well or tube-well if placed in wrong direction leads to numerous problems in terms of health, wealth and prosperity.

Thus it is important to give water its essential space so as to counteract negative energies and making the environment positive. Some problems faced by occupants if well-or tube-well is located in wrong directions are: Wealth loss Low virility Sexual problems in male member Enemy trouble Quarrel with children Death in extreme cases Problems in female members or no female in family. Therefore it is the best to make well/tube-well in proper location to avoid any kind of mishap or loss.

Some ideal directions for water resources are: North North-east East However avoid locating underground water resource in South, South-east, South-west or North-west because these directions are inauspicious for under-ground water and only lead to heavy losses. SE

PTIC TANK: Septic tanks are often made randomly with no consideration which however causes various problems to occupants. The concept of septic individual tank in house was invented few decades ago and now it is a necessity. The pit for septic is usually dug in the ground which according to Vaastu should be done with caution as any discrepancy could lead to negativity thus making the environment polluted. Septic tanks should be made with utmost care as Vaastu tells some basic rules regarding construction and proper direction of septic tank in house: Septic tank should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t face the directions like South-east, South-west and North-east.

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The ideal location for septic tank is North-west. The segregation of septic tank should be in a way that the water goes in Eastern side while excretion waste goes in western side. Vaastu tells to make length of septic tank in East-West side while breadth in South-North. It should always be constructed to the ground level and must not touch the main wall of house i.e. compound wall. Make sure the drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom have their passage in the West or North-west. While to the contrary kitchen pipes should have their passage in the East or North. Avoid drainage pipes in Southern portion of house and if it has been made then ensure that their passage should be made in East or North.

The main sewage can be located in North, East or West but avoid in South direction. Modernization has brought with it the need to construct septic tanks. While in the yesteryears, the concept of having a septic tank was not even thought about, leave about making one, in the present generation, it has become a necessity. Septic tank requires a pit to be dug. The right placement of the septic tank is crucial. A faulty construction not only hampers the ground water sources, but also brings in negative energies to the house.

The foul smell, coupled with solar and magnetic radiations, would enter the house, thus destructing it. To get some useful Vaastu tips and guidelines about the placement and positioning of the septic tank, read through the following lines. Tips For Septic Tank The location of the septic tank should be such that it should not face South-east, Northeast or Southwest corner under any condition. Dividing the North side into nine equal parts, the septic tank should be in the third part of the North-west direction. Make sure that the septic tank does not directly touch the wall of the compound or the plinth of the house.

The septic tank should be at least 2 feet away from the wall or plinth. The septic tank is divided into three parts. Ideally, the water should be in the Eastern side and the excretion should be on the West. In case you are facing scarcity of space, the septic tank can be placed in the Northern corner of the West side. However, make sure that it is about 2 feet away from the compound wall. As per Vaastu Shastra, the length of the septic tank should be in the East-West direction, while the breadth in the South-North directions. Do not construct the septic tank higher than the plinth level of the building. The best bet would be to construct it at ground level. In accordance with the Vaastu, the outlet of the septic tank should preferably be in the North or the West directions.

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