Navamsa Technique

Navamsa Technique  

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Chapter 17of Hora Sara of Prithuyasas contains a Verses regarding Navamsa Technique explaining the relavant details of the same Note the Navamsa occupied by Saturn and that of Ascendant. Add the Navamsas of Saturn and Ascendant. The year represented by this figure will cause hurt by weapon. In the way explained by above process add the Navamsas of Rahu and ascendant on the one hand, and Mars and Lagna on the other hand. The years indicated thus will cause some accident, wound by weapons, tiredness, grief etc. Thus, Navamsa arrived similarly between an auspicious planet and Lagna will give good results like sons, wealth, happiness etc. in the particular years without any doubt. There is a differing view.

According by – “The learned men should reckon the number of Navamsas from the Navamsa occupied by Saturn upto the Navamsa occupied by the ascendant, both inclusive. Injury or wound through a weapon or missile be feared in the year indicated by that total sum of Navamsa.” “Similarly, reckon the number of Navamsas from the one occupied by Rahu up to the Navamsa occupied by the ascendant, and also from Mars to the ascendant. In the years indicated by the respective figures, the native concerned meets with some calamity, hit by a weapon, wound, fatigue, sorrow and the like.” “In a similar way, reckon the number of Navamsas from the benefic planets to the ascendant, during the years, indicated by these sums of Navamsas, the native will be blessed with progeny, wealth, happiness and the like without doubt.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Here is an example: Where Saturn is 4s 10° 20’ and Lagna is 8s 17° 15’. These two when added reveal 28° 5’ of Aries which is the 9th Navamsa. At age 9, or in multiples of 12, i.e. 21, 33, 45, 5 etc. one will have to face such troubles. We will see how this can be modified using the following example. Saturn is in 10° Le 20’ and the Navamsa number counted from the beginning of Aries is 40. Lagna is in 17° Sg 15’ and its Navamsa Number again counted from Aries is 78. Number of Navamsas from the planet Saturn to the Lagna is (78-40)+1 = 39 and this is the year in which injury through weapon is expected. And the multiples of this in the downside will be 27, 15 and 3. And on the higher side it will be 51, 63, 75 etc. Readers should note the difference between the two calculations. Example charts: Chart 01 This is the chart of a female native.

She was affected by a serious illness during April 1968. The stomach ceased manufacturing vitamin B12 resulting in an extremely severe anemia, with a dangerously low count of red blood cells. Due to inefficient medical treatment, the illness was not detected in a timely fashion, resulting in extreme weakness and inability to eat and continuous vomiting, forcing this lady to keep to her bed for months. She is also a patient of chronic sleep disorder. Gradually, in Feb/Mar 1969, she started recovering after proper medical treatment and got fully recovered around June 1969. Now she was running 48 years in April 1968 and was cured while she was running the age of 49. Now let us look at the three planets Saturn, Rahu and Mars and apply the above principle. Ascendant is 11° Cn 13’ which is the 31st Navamsa. Saturn is in 28° Le 60’ which is the 45th Navamsa.

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From 45th Navamsa to 31st Navamsa = (108-45)+1+31 = 95. Which is a multiple of 83, 71, 59, 47. At the time of the first symptom of disease she has just completed 47 years and 1 month. Rahu is 6° Libra 44’ which is the 57th Navamsa. So the Total Navamsas from this to the Ascendant (31) will be (108-57)+1+31 = 83 which will have the same multiples as explained above. Mars is 24° Pisces 45’ which is 107th Navamsa. The number of Navamsas from this to the ascendant will be (108-107)+1+31 = 33 and the multiples would be 45, 57 etc. Hence this is not applicable. The Dasa running at the time was of Saturn, the 8th lord (being stronger than Rahu on account of association with another planet Jupiter) and Antardasa of Jupiter, the 6th lord and also Pratyantar dasa of Jupiter. Both are conjoined in the 2nd house. Saturn we have already seen. Let us calculate the total Navamsa for Jupiter also. The system is independent of Dasa System. Just for the sake of further clarification I am correlating the dasa period.

Jupiter is in 20° Le 47’ which is the 43rd Navamsa. From this to the Navamsa of ascendant (31) the number will be = (108-43)+1+31 = 97 and the multiples would be 85, 73, 61, 49 etc. So the 49th year comes into picture. Let us verify the method as explained by Sri R. Santhanam Here the 48th year in which the native got into health problem is shown by Rahu a malefic. She was cured in the year 49 which is shown by Jupiter, a benefic. Chart 02 Indira Gandhi Birth Details: 19-11-1917; Time: 23:03:00; Place: Allahabad: Time Zone 05:30 (East of GMT); Longitude: 81 E 51 and Latitude: 25 N 27. Let us see the events in the life of Mrs. Indira Gandhi: 1) Married Feroz Gandhi in 1942 – Age 26 – See Saturn. 2) Birth of son – Rajiv Gandhi – 1944 – Age 27 – No indication. 3) Birth of son – Sanjay Gandhi – 1946 – Age -29 years 1 month – See Mercury. 4) Became President of Indian National Congress in 1959– Age 43 See Sun. 5) Death of Feroz Gandhi in 1960 – Age 44 – See Rahu. 6) Became Prime Minister in 1966 – Age 50 – See Saturn. 7) Death of father in 1964 – Age 47 – Not shown. 8) Turmoil in Politics-declaration of Emergency-1971-Age 55- Sun. 9) Defeated in General Elections 1977 – Age – 61-No indications. 10) Sanjay Gandhi died in Plane Crash – 1980 – Age 63 – Saturn showing 62nd year and when the incident happened Indira Gandhi was 62 years 6 months. 11) Assassinated in Oct, 1984 – Age 67 – Sun, Mars indicating weapon and fire. Chart 03: The natives brother met with a motorcycle accident and died in May 2010.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The native was running her 24th year at that time. Lagna is 05° Aq 06’ and the Navamsa number is 92. Saturn is in 27° Sc 18; and the Navamsa number is 72. Hence the total number of Navamsas from the planet to the Lagna is 21. So Saturn is not the cause of the grief. Ra is in 17° Pi 19 and the Navamsa number is 105. From this Navamsa to the Navamsa of Lagna the number comes to (108-105)+1+92 = 96 and its multiples would be 84, 72, 60, 48, 36, 24. So Ra manifested at the age of 24 and brought the grief. Chart 04 He was assassinated on 21st May 1991 when he was 46 years and 9 months. He became the youngest Prime Minister at the age of 40. See the influence of Jupiter. In 1987 he the Bofors scandal as also the conflict on account of sending troops to Sri Lanka. Age was 43 and Saturn is the cause of it.

His mother was assassinated in 1984 when he was 41 years old – Influence of Sun. Chart 05 Gandhi’s marriage took place in his 13th year – See Jupiter indicating the age and is also placed in the 7th house of Rashi chart. At the age of 15 Gandhi’s first child was born but died a few days later. See the influence of Rahu bringing grief. Wikipedia says Gandhi’s father died in the earlier part of that year when his child also died so Rahu again shows grief during the age of 15. At the age of 19 he travelled to London. See the placement of Sun in the 12th house and also showing the age as 19. He was assassinated at the age of 79 – See Sun. According to C.S.Patel, “ it becomes evident that there exists some unique method of delineations, independent of transit of planets or dashas (even though we have tried to correlate the dasa in some of the charts). r

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