Lucky Births

Lucky Births  

Sitaram singh
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शुभं वर्गोत्तमे जन्म वेशिस्थाने च सद्ग्रहे।
अशून्येषु च केन्द्रेषु कारकारव्य ग्रहेषु च।।(Brihat Jatak, Ch. 22.4)

meaning, "A native is born lucky if:

1. Birth Lagna is Vargottam.

2. Benefic planets are in 2nd to the Sun forming vesi yoga.

3. All the Kendras are occupied by planets, and

4. There are Karak planets in the horoscope.

It implies that the presence of as many of the above factors in a horoscope will make the native progressively lucky. It has been observed that in lucky horoscopes there are invariably present other supporting benefic yogas. When the dasa of benefic planets occur during active years (18 to 45 years), it provides a strong base for a prosperous and happy later life. On this aspect Varahamihir tells as under :

मध्ये वयसिः सुखप्रदा केन्द्रस्था गुरु जन्मलग्न पाः।(Brihat Jatak, Ch. 22.5)

meaning, "In a horoscope when Jupiter, Moon sign lord, and Lagna lord - all the three are in kendra, then that native enjoys happiness in middle age.

Let us try to understand the above factors in some detail with example horoscopes to appreciate their importance.

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Vargottam Lagna

When the Lagna in the Birth Chart occupies identical sign in Navamsa Lagna, it is termed


वर्गोत्तमा नवांशस्तथा........
सूतौ कुल मुख्यकरा........।(Ch.3.13)

meaning, "The native born in Vargottam Lagna becomes an important person in his circle."

Male : DOB : 11.12.1958,

at 6A.M., Hyderabad

Lagna is Vargottama. In Lagna Chart Lagna lord Mars aspects Lagna and in Navamsa Chart Mars is posited in Lagna itself thereby making Lagna exceptionally strong.

The native completed his M.(Tech), joined as Jr. Engr. in the NTPC, and completed his Ph.D. during service. He has become Dy. General Manager in less than two decades, and enjoys the reputation of a competent and dedicated officer in the organisation.

Besides Vargottama Lagna, the lords of 9th, 10th and 11th house are conjoined in Lagna, and Rahu and Ketu are also Vargottam. Ketu is in 5th house in Pisces and its lord Jupiter is in 12th house. The native is very religious and philanthropic. His promotion as additional General Manager is due any time.

Planets in Kendra

Kendras are called Vishnusthan (house of happiness) and Trikonas are called Lakshmisthan (house of wealth). The four kendras in the horoscope are like four walls of a building. When all the Kendras are occupied by planets it strengthens the potential of the horoscope. According to Jatakdeshmarg:

लग्नकेन्द्र स्थितैः सर्वेयोगो मङ्लकारकः।।
मङ्लाख्ये नरो जातो नित्यं कल्याणकारकः।
वाग्मी प्रभावी धीमांश्च दीर्घायुश्चैव विन्दति।।(Ch. VIII, 39, 41)

meaning, "When all the planets are in Kendra from Lagna, Mangal Yoga is formed. A person born in Mangal Yoga is intelligent, influential, good speaker, does good deeds and has long life."

This planetary position is also called Chatuhsagar Yoga.

चतुर्षु केन्द्र संज्ञेष सौम्यपापग्रहाः स्थिताः।
चतुःसागर योगोऽयं राज्यदो धनदो भवेत्।।(Mansagri)

meaning, "If all the planets (benefics and malefics) are located in the four kendras Chatuhsagar Yoga is formed, which confers authority and wealth on the native."

Elaborating further Varahamihir points out :

केन्द्रैः सदसद्युतैर्दलाख्यौ। स्रकसर्पौ कथितौ पराशरेण।।(Brihat Jatak, Ch.12.2)

meaning, "Maharishi Parasara speaks of two Dala Yogas - 'Sruk' and 'Sarpa' - formed by the benefics and malefics respectively in Kendras." 'Sruk' Yoga is also called 'Mala Yoga'. It is formed by benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and waxing Moon) without any malefic planet either with them or singly in other Kendra. 'Sruk' Yoga confers all pleasantries in life. Conversely, when the malefics (Saturn, Mars and the Sun) occupy three kendras without any benefic conjoined with them or in the 4th kendra, it is called 'Sarpa Yoga' and produces a sorrowful and unpleasant life.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Dr. M.S. Subbalakshmi, World Famous Carnatic Singer.

Seven planets are in four Kendras in Lagna Chart. In Navamsa Chart 4th lord Moon is in 9th, the 9th lord Jupiter is in 5th, the 5th lord Sun is in 10th and exchanges sign with Saturn. The 9th and 10th lords are conjoined in 5th house and aspected by Navamsa Lagna lord Mars from 11th house. These factors greatly strengthen the horoscope.

In Lagna chart Jupiter, Moon sign lord Mars, and Lagna lord Venus are all in Kendra. She was very successful in her middle age. The native became world famous Carnatic classical singer and performed at the U.N. General Assembly, besides hundreds of places all over the world. In recognition of her merit she was conferred Bharat Ratna Award in 1988. She earned huge amounts from her concerts but gave it away in charity, as the 9th lord Mercury and 11th lord Sun are in 12th house aspected by Yogakarak Saturn. She lived a long life of 88 years and was accorded a State funeral.

Jatakadeshmarg also stipulates :

केन्द्रत्रिकोणगाः सर्वेतिष्ठन्ति यदि खेचराः।
यः कश्चित्स्वोच्चराशिस्थो योगः स्याच्छङ्ख इरितः।।
शङ्खयोगो भत्र्यो राजा वा तत्समोऽपि वा।
देवतावगयुक्तो दाने नृप सभो भवेत।। (Ch. VIII, sl. 65-66)

meaning, "When all the planets are in Kendra and Trikona and one of them is in exaltation, then Sankha Yoga is formed. An individual born with Sankha Yoga becomes prosperous like a King, enjoys all comforts like Devatas, and is also charitable like a King."

Shri Bhajan Lal, ex-C.M. Haryana

Six planets are in four Kendra and Venus is in 9th house. Mercury is exalted in 7th house. He is known as a shrewd and successful politician who remained C.M. of Haryana for long spell. He is one of the richest persons of the state.

Jupiter is also Lagna and Rashi lord, and posited in 4th house. He was at his peak during middle age.

Vesi Yoga

'Vesi Yoga' is formed when there is a planet (other than Moon and Rahu/Ketu) in 2nd house from the Sun in the horoscope. When benefic planets are located in 2nd to the Sun, it is called Shubh Vesi Yoga (Phaladeepika, VI. 8) and produces favourable result to the native. Giving the details it states :

जातः स्यात् सुभगः सुखी गुणनिधिशीरो नृपोधार्मिको।(Ch.VI.9)

meaning, "One born in Shubha Vesi Yoga is handsome, happy, meritorious, brave, religious and virtuous like a king." Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India.

The 9th lord Sun is in 9th house and exalted Mercury (10th lord is in 10th) along with Neechabhang Venus in 2nd to the Sun from powerful Shubha Vesi Yoga. He was world famous thinker and professor of Philosophy and Religion. He remained Indian Ambassador abroad, Vice-President and then the President of India.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Combined Effect of Planets in Kendra and Vesi Yoga

According to Mansagri (Ch. IV)

वेशिस्थतो यस्य शुभो न भोगो जन्यारव्य लग्ने च लवे स्वकीये।
केन्द्राणि सर्वाणि च सद्ग्रहाणि तस्यालेय श्रीकुरते विलासम्।।

meaning, "When there are benefic planets in 2nd to the Sun and all planets are in Kendra, then Lakshmiji (Goddess of wealth) always stays in that native's house."

Dr. B.V. Raman, former Editor of Astrological Magazine

He was a world famous astrologer and revived the publication of the Astrological Magazine which remained in circulation long after his death.

In the horoscope Jupiter, Moon sign lord Venus, and Lagna lord Saturn are in Kendra which made him world famous during middle age.

There is Vesi Yoga and six planets (4 benefics and 2 malefics) are located in three Kendras.

Karaka Planets

Acharya Varahamihir has mentioned the requirement for becoming Karka planets as follows :

स्वक्र्षतुङ्गमूलत्रिकोणगाः कण्टकेषु यावन्त आश्रिताः।
सर्व एव तेऽन्योन्यकारकाः कर्मगस्तु तेषां विशेषतः।।(Brihat Jatak, XXII, sl.1)

meaning, "Planets in Kendras when they happen to be in their own, exaltation or Mooltrikona sign, become mutually karaka. Of these, the planet in the 10th will be best Karaka."

He gives the example of Karaka planets in the next sloka stating, "If birth falls in Cancer with Moon in it and Mars, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter are in exaltation, they become mutual karkas.

In the example chart the Sun being in 10th from Moon and Jupiter becomes the most powerful karka.

Karka planets become mutually supportive, even though these be inherently inimical, such as Saturn-Mars, or Saturn-Sun. For becoming Karka there should be minimum two planets in kendra in own, mooltrikona or exaltation sign.

Highlighting the importance of Karka planets in a horoscope Saravali states :

नीचकुले संभूतः कारकविहगैः प्रधानतां याति।
क्षितिपतिवंश समुत्थो भवति नरेन्द्र न सन्देहः।।(Ch. Vi. 5)

meaning, "Even though a person may be born in lower status family he will become Chief if there are karka planets in the horoscope. One born in royal family becomes King without doubt."

Shri M. Karunanidhi, C.M. Tamilnadu

Saturn is exalted in 4th kendra, and Mars is exalted in 7th Kendra. These become karka to each other. He has earlier remained chief Minister, and Minister at the centre. There is Gajakesari Yoga. Exalted Yogakarka Mars forms Ruchak Yoga and exalted Saturn in 4th house forms Sasa Yogs. Both these planets aspect Lagna. He is 86 yrs of age now.

The foregoing elaboration makes it clear that the natives having specific planetary combinations for lucky birth in their horoscopes identified by Acharya Varahamihir enjoy the best of this world in their life.

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