Astrology and Marriage

Astrology and Marriage  

Sitaram singh
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Indian astrology is a comprehensive divine science passed down to posterity by our visionary Rishis for knowing the past, present and future of every aspect of human life, including marriage. Among the 12 houses of a horoscope, the 1st House (lagna) refers to the person himself, and its opposite (7th) House refers to his/her spouse.

The 2nd House refers to family, the 4th House to happiness, the 5th House to love, affection and progeny; 8th House to mangalya (marital happiness), the 11th House to fulfilment of desires, and 12th House (Sign) located in these Houses and aspect of benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Mercury and strong Pakshabali Moon) and absence of influence of malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and the Sun, ensure marital happiness. Malefic influence on 7th House, its lord and Karaka (significator) without any redeeming benefic aspect destroys marital happiness.

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The Moon represents mind (Chandrama manso jatah) and thought process. Mars, the planet of vigour and energy, and Venus, the planet of love and sex, create mutual attraction between the opposite sex. The blessings of Jupiter bind man and woman into bond of marriage. After marriage, the restrictive Saturn keeps marriage partners within regulated conjugal relationship. It controls amorous digression, teaches faithfulness, and thereby ensures lasting bond of marriage.

The Sanskrit name of Mars (Mangal) is Angarak, meaning one that burns. When Mars is located in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House, it forms Mangal Dosh. By such location it adversely affects marriage related Houses, either by conjunction or its 4th, 7th and 8th aspect. Mars in 7th and 8th House gives worst results and may even cause death of the spouce. In South India, the location of Mars in 2nd House (family) is also considered Mangal Dosh, because besides harming the 2nd House (family), it also afflicts 8th House (Mangalya) by its 7th aspect.

Mangal Dosh is indicated in the following chart for easy comprehension. The horoscopes of Boy and Girl with Mangal Dosh requires proper matching for counter-balancing the evil effect of Mars before solemnisation of marriage. Saturn in the 7th House makes the native dull, morose and under-sexed. The marriage is delayed or scleminesed with a widow (or) an aged or not so good looking inidividual. Saturn if conjoined with, or aspected by malefic planets causes broken engagements.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

A girl with such a combination remains spinster (unmarried till advanced age). Rahu in 7th House also causes late and disturbed married life. The wife may belong to lower caste, is sickly, there is possibility of cheating in marriage. The individual may also have inter-caste marriage. Ketu in 7th House indicates unhappy married life. The wife may be foul-mouthed or may talk irrelevant, except in Scorpio Sign where it is exalted.

The wife may remain sick or expire early. When the Sun is posited in the 7th House, the wife belongs to a higher status family, is proud and domineering, which makes married life unhappy. In a girl's horoscope, the location of Sun in 7th House, unless aspected by benefics, indicates the possibility of the girl being rejected and discarded by the husband after marriage. A strong and well aspected Mercury of Moon in the 7th House gives a young, beautiful and intelligent wife.

Mercury as the 7th lord, if weak and afflicted by malefics, makes the wife of the native argumentative, who works against the husband and destroys marital happiness. The location of Mercury with Saturn or Ketu, or receiving their aspect in 7th House makes the husband impotent. Jupiter is the significator for husband in girl's horoscope, and Venus is the significator for wife. Their strength, placement in good House, their aspect on 7th House and its lord ensures marital happiness.

When Jupiter and Venus are related to the 7th House, the wife is from the same caste. According to Sarvartha Chintamani (Ch.6, S1.43) : xq#.kk lfgrs n`"Vs nkjukFks cykfUorsA dkjds ok rFkk Hkkos iRuh ozrijk;.kkAA meaning, "when the lord of 7th House is strong, located with Jupiter or aspected by it; if the significator of wife (Venus) and the 7th House are similarly strong and influenced by Jupiter, the native gets a faithful and chaste wife." on the contrary, uhpka'ks uhpla;qDrs nkjukFks p dkjdsA dqL=h;qrks HkosTtkr% 'kqHkn`f"V fooftZrsAA meaning, "If the 7th House lord and Venus (Karaka) are debilitated in Navamsa or with a debiliteted planet, and devoid of benefic aspect, then the native gets a bad wife."

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Among the Shadavarga Charts, the Navamsa chart deals with marriage prospects, and is examined along with Lagna chart. According to Shadavarga Phal Prakash: uoka'kukFks Loyos LoHkkokS 'kqHksf{krk<~;s·'kqHk;ksxghusA izk"uksfr jkekerqyko';a ujks fouk;kleiki:ike~AA meaning , "If the Navamsa Lagna lord is in own sign, exalted, conjoined with benefics and devoid of malefic influence, then the individual gets a handsome spouse who is capable and of decent nature." When Navamsa Lagna lord is Mars, the wife will be of cruel nature and not of good character. If Sun, she will be devoted but domineering. If Moon, then beautiful and peace loving.

If Mercury, then intelligent, beautiful and capable. If Jupiter, then good natured and religious. If Venus, then beautiful, loves comforts and indulgent to the extent of going astray. If Saturn, then the wife is of cruel nature and opposed to husband. If Navamsa Lagna lord is with Rahu or Ketu, She is secretive, cruel and acts against her husband. If the Navamsa Lagna lord is conjoined with other malefics or receives their aspect, then the wife is quarrelsome.

The role of 7th House has been enumerated above in sufficient detail. After that the role of 7th House lord is described. To begin with, strong 7th lord improves the 7th house result. When the 7th lord is strong and aspected by benefics, the inlaws are wealthy, but if it is weak and afflicted they are not so well off. The result of location of 7th lord in different house of the horoscope, subject to its strength and aspects, is as follows: In 1st House : When the 7th lord is a benefic and friendly to the Lagna lord, the wife comes from a known family, is helpful to the native and the couple lives happily. If the lord of 7th House and Lagna are located in Lagna itself close to each other, the native marries early. ¼nkjs'ojs lfUufgrs foyXusukFkL; ckY;s ifj.khrekjgq%A½ Sarvartha Chintamani (No. 6.59). But if she dies, the native marries again, and the second wife survives. In 2nd House : The native marries early and becomes prosperous after marriage. But if afflicted and weak, the native faces financial stringency after marriage. In 3rd House : The wife is a source of strength to the native. If afflicted, the wife may have soft corner for native's younger brother. In 4th House : The wife is good natured and helpful to the native, who becomes prosperous. If afflicted the native remains unhappy.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

In 5th House : The native's wife is a cultured and religious person, who begets him many children. If afflicted, the wife will be obstinate and cruel. In 6th House : The wife is sickly. The native has to spend much on his wife, and may incur debt. He also faces difficulties in profession/business after marriage. Benefic aspect improves the situation. In 7th House : The native marries early and leads a happy life with his spouse. If the 7th lord is malefic and afflicted there may be affairs outside marriage. In 8th House : Marriage is delayed and married life is unhappy, unless there is benefic aspect on the 8th house. In 9th House : The wife brings luck to the native, whose fortune rises after marriage. In 10th House :

The wife comes from good background and proves helpful in native's profession/enterprise or may be a working lady herself. In 11th House : Married life is happy. wife's rich relatives will help the native. In 12th House : The marriage is late. There is huge expenditure on wife. If afflicted, the wife may die early or there may be separation. The above results equally apply to the horoscopes of females. Among the trans-Saturn planets, neptune's influence on marriage related houses and their lords indicates deception, alienation and sexual pervorsion.

The marriage may not conform to family norms and customs. Uranus is a planet of innovation, suddeness and revolt against the existing system. Its influence on 7th house and its lord leads to broken romance and engagements. Marriage is usually against the religious norms. It may cause marriage by elopement. Uranus afflicting 5th and 7th house, their lords, and/or Venus indicates hasty marriage and quick separation. Pluto causes strains and tension in married life and may cause a second marriage. A Happily Married Lady 17.02.1964, 20.59 hrs., Jabalpur(M.P) In this horoscope, Virgo Lagna and Pisces Rasi are both even Signs. Karaka for beauty and lord of 2nd and 9th House Venus is exalted in 7th House.

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Jupiter is in own Sign in 7th House. Moon, Venus and Jupiter in 7th House aspect Lagna. Lagna Lord Mercury is in 5th House. Rahu and Ketu are exalted. Sun, Mars and Saturn in 6th House form Vipreet Rajyoga. Venus and Jupiter form Malavya Yoga and Hans Yoga respectively. In view of so many benefic factors the malafic effect caused by the aspect of Mars and Saturn on the 12th House, and of Rahu on 2nd House did not create much problem. The lady has fair complexion, charming personality, is soft spoken, polite and well behaved. She is enjoying a very happy and prosperous married married life. An Unhappy Married Life Lagna and 7th House Lords are inimical and 7th house is occupied by malefics.

Jupiter, lord of 6th and 9th House, and Karaka for husband, is debilitated in 7th House and conjoined with Saturn and Ketu. The 4th House (happiness) Lord and Kalatrakaraka Venus is in 6th House and combust. Her married life has been full of quarrels and quite unhappy. Early Death of Husband 08.05.1961, 00.50 hrs., Hissar. Lagna lord Saturn and 7th Lord Moon are inimical to each other. Mars is debilitated in 7th House, causing strong Mangal Dosh. Mars is aspected by Saturn, debilitated Jupiter and Moon. Saturn afflicts Kalatrakaraka Venus, exalted in 3rd House. Rahu is in 8th House (Mangalya) and aspects 8th lord Sun in 4th House (happiness). The 7th and 8th Houses and their lords ae badly afflicted. Her husband died within a year of marriage.

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