Wind Chimes - Musical Feng Shui tool for Enhancement and Protection

Wind Chimes - Musical Feng Shui tool for Enhancement and Protection  

Sanjay Gupta
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Those who are aware or know a little about Feng Shui must be familiar with Wind Chimes. It is one of the most popular Feng shui item in India. You can find lots of homes in your neighborhood hanging this as also almost every gift shop selling it. Wind Chimes are generally made of steel, wood, copper hollow rods hung in a group. 

The history of wind chimes dates back to prehistoric times in many cultures. It is said that it originated in India in the form of Wind bells which were hung outside the temples and then moved to South Asia from China, Bali to Tibet and Japan.

In Buddhism wind bells are used in many holy rituals. Feng shui focuses on the flow of energy called “CHI” and its flow has direct impact on person’s health, happiness and luck. Wind chime is used as a sound cure to correct the path of energy flow and removing various blockages, thereby enhancing the overall luck. 

These make harmonious sound when a gentle breeze blows. 

Material of Wind Chime: The material of it is chosen according to the element of the sector where you are introducing it. Metal wind chimes are good for West, North-West and North Sectors whereas wood is preferred in East, South-East and South sectors and ceramics is used in South-West, North-East and centre sectors. Hanging metal wind chime in wooden sectors of East and South-East should be avoided. 

However sometimes metal wind chimes are also used as cure for malignant stars flying in this sector in advanced Feng shui methods. But these should be used under the guidance of experienced Feng shui master. Listen to chime before purchasing.

The sound must be pleasing to the ear that lifts your spirits If the sound is annoying, discard it. Metal wind chimes usually works well as its sound is more penetrating which corrects the flow of “CHI”, the energy. 

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Number of Rods: The good number of rods is 6, 7, 8 or 9. When 6 or 8 rods are generally used for luck enhancement and for beating the bad luck 5 rod wind chimes are used specially in sectors where illness star 2 and quarrelsome star 3 resides as per Advanced formulas of Feng shui. 

Size and place of hanging: Choose a size suitable to the space. Very big chimes not preferred indoors while very small wind chimes may not be potent enough outside or in a large room.

Generally these are placed outside the door so that they can create sound when wind blows or someone enters the premises. These can be hanged inside the rooms also preferably at the height of your waist. 

Usages of wind chimes: Wind chimes are used for protection, purification and enhancement of energy flow in certain areas. Hang a 5 rod wind chime on the middle door if there are three doors in a row. It will remove the affliction. Hang a 5 rod wind chime on the overhead exposed beam. It will deflect poison arrows caused by the beam. 

If there is a tree or pole or some poison arrows from neighbours pointed at your door, hang a 5 rod wind chime in between. It will smoothen the flow of energy towards your house/office.

Hang a wind chime in the south sector of your house/living room to attract fame and popularity. Wooden wind chimes with 9 rods are preferred here as the ruling number of south is 9 in Feng shui. 

In a room or building having only north facing windows, little sun light reaches indoors. Thus creating cold and melancholy atmosphere.

Use 6,7,8 or 9 rod metal wind chimes in North, West and North-West to bring more energy in the house. North facing entrance houses are often marked with isolation as the ruling element of north is water in Feng shui. 

Hanging metal wind chimes at the entrance brings more life and vitality in the house. Hang 2 or 9 rod ceramic or pottery wind chime in South-West sector of the house/living room to improve relationship luck.

Off course looking to improve children luck, hang 6 or 7 rod metal wind chime in west and to get support of mentor hang 6 or 7 rod metal wind chime in North-West sector of house/living room. Yes ,the usage of wind chime is numerous. It’s the sound energy which breaks the barrier and brings luck and happiness in abundance.

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