Vastu for Energizing a Home

Vastu for Energizing a Home  

Gopal Sharma
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It is necessary to allow the positive energies to flow freely in your home in order to attain health, wellbeing and happiness. Your home should be a place that radiates positive energy, love, and warmth. With the uncertainty of the economy and stress of life it’s nice to return to a place that welcomes & helps you in maintaining a positive attitude. The prevention of the positive energy flow exacerbates the illness or stress and so it becomes a downward spiral that is difficult to escape from. How do you feel when you walk into anyone’s home? Well if you are alert you can most often sense if it is a happy home or a sad home. What you are actually sensing is the invisible energy that flows through the environment via buildings and even through the human body. All of us generate energy which may feel “positive” or “negative’.

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Homes with a strong invigorating energy usually belong to strong, successful people. On the other hand, homes that exude a defeated or tired look usually belong to the exhausted people. More often the office or the place of dwelling would mirror and reflect the motivations, taste, attitude and well being of the residents. A building can be friendly to its inhabitants or unfriendly, depending on how it is constructed and maintained. We live in, and are surrounded by, various types of energy fields which operate freely in open space. When we place a structure in our establishment, the equilibrium is affected. Vaastu helps in so designing the structure that it ensures a harmonious flow of energy in the building and restoration of that equilibrium.

Vaastu is not just about building structures, which are supposed to usher in “luck”; it is a lot more than that. It is the art of spacing, positioning, planning and orienting not just the structure but even the furnishings to offer greater support to the occupants. In short, it is the study of the energy around the occupants, its cause and effect and the effect of the immediate surroundings or environment. In simple terms, Vaastu is the reflection of love and affection between the occupants and their abode. The “Swastik” and “Om” represent the flow of auspicious energy.

It creates an opportunity for the proper development of the mind, body and soul which in turn generates positive thoughts for all round development. Similarly, Vaastu science harmonizes the Universal cosmic energy for the benefit of mankind and most importantly the well documented and logical tenets ensure that all buildings and structures are in harmony with the nature and the immediate environment. There are many types of Vaastu imbalances in a place of dwelling as we are subjected to many kinds of energy fields like, solar energy fields due to movement of sun, geo- magnetic fields due to the magnetic field interaction and rotation of the earth, thermal imbalance due to temperature rise etc.

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When left unchecked these thermal imbalances impede the smooth flow of energy in and around the place of dwelling. The art of restoring the imbalance or equalizing the thermal difference and provide a harmonious place of dwelling is the key to Good Vaastu. Some of the general guidelines to counter thermal imbalance in a place of dwelling are:- - More open spaces in the North, East and Northeast directions. - Thicker walls and minimum openings in the South side; Southeast openings are acceptable whereas Southwest door must be avoided. - Planting more greenery or trees in the south to have humid environment. - Most importantly choosing a good flooring i.e. natural wood, stone (marble or granite), ceramic tiles or earth. Vaastu is not “faith healing” or a “superstitious” practice but a tool to harness the nature’s energy to resonate with the occupants.

It is believed and accepted that taking the consideration and aspects of vaastu, offers maximum convenience, security and comfort as well as maintains perfect harmony in the work place and home allowing better health, growth and prosperity. Vaastu principles show how your environment can become a haven that attracts powerful support for your deepest connections with all that is sacred, life-affirming and enduring. So here I go to list down few of the tips which should bring in some positive energy in your life! • Keep the main entrance of your home clean and tidy. Do not keep shoes and sleepers scattered at your entrance. Sweep and mop this place daily.

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You can also draw ‘rangoli / kolam’ at the entrance of your home. • Your main door should open and close smoothly without making any crackling noise.

  • Mop the floor with rock salt mixed in water periodically.
  • Always keep your fridge stacked with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Never live in a house which has the main entrance door and the back door exact opposite to each other. • Do not leave your bathroom and toilet doors open after use.
  • Avoid growing tall plants in the North / Northeast direction.
  • If any of your tap is leaking, get it fixed immediately.
  • Do not keep television, computer and mirrors in the bedroom; you may lead a life filled with stress.
  • Do not keep clocks or watches which are not working, either get them repaired immediately or thrash them away.
  • Dust at home, means dust in relationships. So, please try to keep your house clean.
  • Never sleep with your head in the North.
  • Never sleep beneath a column.
  • Keep the corners of your room neat and tidy.
  • Keep a light glowing at the main entrance during night to attract wealth.
  • Avoid having furniture with sharp edges, Tables and chairs having curved and smoothened edges should be preferred.
  • Your house should enjoy maximum sunlight, so do not keep your windows closed during daytime. Let the sunlight sweep in and energize your home.
  • Check in for the clutter – ranging from clothes to old newspapers. Do not keep anything at home unused for long time. Dispose them off as soon as possible.
  • A river, pond or swimming pool is ideal in the Northeast corner of your house.
  • Do not keep your water filter close to the cooking gas range. Similarly, avoid the fire much closer to the sink.
  • Do not keep brooms, mops, shoe racks in the East direction, if you are forced to keep it there (due to space crunch!), make a closet with air ventilation and keep it inside neatly arranged. Open and clean it often.
  • A toilet in the Northeast direction hampers the growth of children & results into loss of opportunities with mental unrest.
  • Do not keep any water body like water filter, water jug, swimming pool, storage tank etc. in the Southeast or South or Southwest directions.
  • Grow plants in East & Southeast directions.
  • Do not hang pictures of a single woman on the walls in the room of a marriageable girl.
  • A Southwest or South Bedroom brings in more positive energy than bed-room located in any other direction.
  • Do not keep your bed sticking to any wall in a bedroom.
  • A bed should not have any storing cabins beneath it!
  • Wall clocks should have bright colors and if they have chiming tones do see to it that it is melodious. They should be placed on Northeast, North or East walls.
  • Your commode should be in the North-South or South-North direction. It should never be in East-West or West-East direction.
  • Northeast, East, West, North or Northwest directions are ideal for Pooja Room.
  • Artificial flowers kept in vases should be dust free and clean. • Grow a Tulsi Plant in Northeast or East or North or West directions.
  • Do not buy a triangular or round plot.
  • Never buy a house where you have a tree, tower electric pole or a building corner penetrating the entry.
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