Yashkaran Sharma
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Now let us study that astrologically what could affect the money matters based on planetary position in the horoscope India.

The Karaka for commerce, currency and money are Mercury and Jupiter. Commercial activities, national treasure and banking are studied from 2nd house. Money position like GDP inflation is also studied from second house.

The transit of Ketu in 10th house and in transit the mutual exchange between 7th lord and 9th lord on the horoscope of India was auspicious for making a surgical strike on the black money or for the demonetization of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 currency notes of India on 8th November 2016. The transit of Jupiter in house of 2nd house lord Mercury was highly favorable for the accomplishment of above mentioned objective.

The foundation for making decision of demonetization was probably finalized & planned with quick calculations one month back earlier when 2nd and 5th house lord Mercury conjuncted with Jupiter in house of Mercury.

There was double transit impact on the house of destiny and also on Lagna of India in 2016 because of which the decision of demonetization was appreciated globally. This decision of PM increased his influence and reputation substantially and everybody accepted it that so big decision was never taken in Indian history by any prime minister after the Independence of country.

The biggest credit goes to Saturn transiting Scorpio in 7th house (international trade and foreign affairs) of India's horoscope and fortunately the sign Scorpio is Lagna of prime minister of the country. Saturn's this transit is bringing good luck to India through prime minister of India and in addition to that India is becoming more successful in international trade and foreign affairs.

The impact of demonetization shall be highly troublesome for hoarders in 2017, but the economic growth of India might also not show big signs of improvement because of sudden and frequent complications in financial matters. Some negative forces shall continue to affect the perfect execution of financial policies because of mutual aspect between natal Mars and the transit of Saturn, however, after October 2017 there would be betterment for sure.

The favorable impact of demonetization on Indian economy shall be clearly visible after October 2017 when there shall be double transit impact on 2nd and 10th house. There would be substantial rise in the reputation of the country and PM on international level with the help of its administrative policies devised for bringing required reforms.

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