Will India be Able to Overpower Terrorism in 2017

Will India be Able to Overpower Terrorism in 2017  

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Views : 1894 | January 2017

In the year entry chart of 2017 the placement of Jupiter in Lagna and the mutual exchange between Lagna lord and 4th lord gives the guarantee of it that an atmosphere of peace shall be established all over the world. The transit of Saturn into Sagittarius from Scorpio indicates that there would be substantial relief in the situation of possibilities of war and terrorism now.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in 2016 had resulted into an increase in the incidents of wars and the terrorism. In 2017 there shall be substantial decrease in terrorist activities as Mars and Saturn won't get conjunct.

Majority of nations shall join the fight against terrorism. Because of the decrease in terrorist powers there shall be a significant change in the behavior of Islamic nation Pakistan. Majority of terrorist activities in India are governed by Pakistan supported terrorist groups. Now the power of Pakistan shall get reduced with the weakening of several Islamic terrorist groups and eventually terrorist activities shall get reduced in India too. In addition to that the security advisors of India shall be formulating the powerful and effective strategies to curb terrorism in India.

In nutshell India shall overpower terrorism in 2017 inspite of the mutual aspect between natal Mars and Saturn of transit. Although this combination won't let the situation calm-down completely and the probability of natural calamities, situation of civil war, internal disturbances and exhaustion of maximum energy on economic reforms and restructuring of banking sector might create some extra stress however the safety measures against terrorist activities won't get neglected.

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