New Year 2017

New Year 2017  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 2506 | January 2017
Saturn will change its course of transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017, it will turn into retrograde motion on 6th April and again revert its position from Sagittarius to Scorpio on 21st June. It will turn into Direct motion in Scorpio on 25th August. Saturn will be back again to Sagittarius sign on 26th October. Jupiter will remain in Virgo sign till 27th Sep. when it will change its sign and enter into Libra. Jupiter will come in retrograde motion on 6th Feb. and will be direct on 9th June. Rahu will enter into Cancer sign on 9th Sep. In New Year Chart the placement of Jupiter in Lagna and the exchange of Lagna lord and 4th lord and the entry of Saturn from the sign of Mars to the sign of Jupiter on 26th January will establish peace and order in the world this year. There will be substantial improvement from the warlike situation and terrorism. Last year, due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio sign, huge growth in terrorism was witnessed but in 2017 Mars and Saturn are not coming together. This will result in substantial reduction in terrorist activities and reduction in their power in the Islamic countries especially Pakistan. Due to International pressure, the diplomatic activities of Pakistan will come to a stand still. On 3rd Dec. this year all the planets are coming together in the vicinity of Scorpio sign and Moon will be in the opposition. Due to this the Northern region may face earthquake and there will be possibility of natural calamities in Nov. & Dec. Donald Trump : Under the leadership of Donald Trump, there will be increase in prestige and honour of USA but the year 2017 is not going to prove the bed of roses for Donald Trump. The year will be full of problems and absolutely new challenges waiting to emerge because Saturn will transit near the natal Moon of Trump. But he will be able to work fearlessly and run the administration of USA smoothly. Donald Trump will once again receive the applause and cooperation of the people. India : India will witness the increase in respect and honour in world politics. In the latter half of the year there will be reform in economic policies. The common man will feel enthusiastic. After October 2017 when Jupiter enters into Libra sign, there will be substantial increase in production capacity of the nation. Due to demonetization, the hoarders and black marketeers will have to face huge problems. In the horoscope of India Mars is placed in 2nd house and transitting Saturn is just opposite to it,.as a result Saturn will not let the best situation emerge in economic sphere. Narendra Modi : In 2015 and 2016 Narendra Modi was facing continuous pressure and he had to face various challenges. At times he had to feel low due to criticism and dishonour. But 2017 will prove better and result oriented not only for Modi ji but for Bharatiya Janata Party as a whole. The opposition will prove weaker and his fame will increase. There are possibilities that BJP will receive maximum support of the masses in UP election. There are chances that BJP may emerge victorious in UP election. Political Parties : Amongst the Political Parties, year 2017 will prove highly auspicious for BJP than the other political parties and the next three years time will be the golden period. In 2017 Saturn will be in the Lagna of the chart of Congress as a result of which there are chances of change in top brass of leadership but there will not be any substantial improvement in its position. BSP is under the influence of third part of Sadhesati which will result in improvement in the position of the party. It will perform better and strengthen its power in the coming election. Aam Aadami Party will also improve its position because it is also getting the auspicious result of the third part of Sadhesati. 2017 will prove very difficult for Samajwadi Party and it may face factionalism and even division in the party. Akhilesh Yadav : The planetary disposition is indicating obstacles on the way of Akhilesh and his party to be reelected. Mayawati : Planetary disposition and transit are also not favourable for Mayawati and she may be deprived of the chair in the coming election. Sushma Swaraj : Saturn has been transitting in 12th house from lagna in the chart of Sushma Swaraj which resulted in the deterioration in her health. After 26th January 2017 with the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius sign, it will have auspicious effect on natal lagna which will enable her to regain her health immediately. Sonia Gandhi : In the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi Saturn will transit on natal Mars as a result of which she will have to face health related problems. There is hardly any chance of gaining political mileage. Rahul Gandhi : In 2017 Saturn in transit will be in opposition to his natal Sun and Mars, which will result in his degradation of power and ignorance by the party itself. Priyanka Gandhi : 2017 is good for her political upliftment. But there is hardly any possibility that she will be able to do anything substantial for the party. She may remain worried for the family. Arvind Kejriwal : Due to the start of Ashtam Dhaiya, Kejriwal will have to face opposition. His work and decisions may go against him. Rainfall : The year will witness good rainfall from time to time throughout the year. There may be rainfall in first and second weak of February and hail storm in the latter half of March. In the latter half of April and May also there are the chances of rainfall. Monsoon will arrive on time and there will be adequate rainfall in July and August. In Sep. and Oct. also there may be drizzling. Dollar : In January, Rupee will rise in comparison to Dollar but there are chances that it will again fall in Feb. The condition will stabilize in March. After that throughout the year Dollar will remain almost stable at the same level. Throughout the year, there may not be heavy rise and fall but in June there may be some fall in its price. In July it will rise again, in September it will fall and in October it will rise again. Gold : In January, there will be fall in the price of gold. There is some stability in February and there are indications of rise in the price again in March-April. There may again be fall in May but it will stabilize in June and rise in July. There will be fall again in October, rise in November and again fall in December. In totality gold will remain stable throughout the year. Sensex : Sensex will see substantial fall in the last week of January and remain low till mid February. In March and April it will again gain momentum and rise but in June it will fall again. From mid July to mid August it will rise and afterwards remain stable while in September it will fall a little and in October rise again. During Deepawali Sensex will remain high. There are chances that it will fall a little bit in December month. Birth Details USA 7.7.1776, 00 hrs, Washington D.C India 15.8.1947, 00 hrs, Delhi BJP 6.4.1980, 11:40, Delhi Congress I 22.11.1969, 9:57, Banglore BSP 1.1.1984, Delhi SP 4.10.1992, Delhi AAP 28.12.2012, Ghaziabad Donald Trump 14.6.1946, 10:54 hrs, Jamaica Narendra Modi 17.9.1950, 11:46 hrs, Mehsana Rahul Gandhi 19.8.1970, 5:50 hrs, Delhi Sonia Gandhi 9.12.1948, 21:30 hrs., Italy Priyanka Gandhi 12.1.1972, 16:42, Delhi Arvind Kejriwal 16.8.1968, 23:46 hrs, Hissar Akhilesh Yadav 1.7.1973, 08:00 hrs, Saifai Mayawati 15.1.1956, 19:50 hrs, Daulatpur Sushma Swaraj 14.2.1952, 4:15 hrs, Ambala
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