Expected election results in UP, Punjab & Goa

Expected election results in UP, Punjab & Goa  

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In upcoming U.P elections the position of B.J.P appears to be very strong because B.J.P and Narendra Modi both are under the influence of Sadesati. If we see the degree of Saturn of transit then we find it that Saturn is very close to the natal Moon of B.J.P and Narendra Modi and for that reason the chances of B.J.P are stronger as compared to B.S.P and S.P.

In the horoscope of Samajwadi Party we foresee that there shall be internal fights because of mutual exchange between natal Mars and Saturn of transit and eventually it might suffer a lot during assembly elections. The horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav is giving indications of obstructions coming in the way of attainment of power.

As per the horoscope of BSP the party position might get consolidated for next elections and the horoscope of Mayawati also indicates that there is lot of time for her coming into power as Saturn of transit might take at least 4 years to come closer to the degree of her natal Moon.

In nutshell U.P elections appears to be going in favor of B.J.P.

The Moon sign in the horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP party is Taurus for which the Dhaiya of Saturn is about to start and because of that their decisions might turn against them and they might have to face opposition from people.

Although Arvind Kejriwal's horoscope doesn't appear to be very promising in terms of getting favorable results of upcoming elections but even then the fight appears to remain between AAP and Congress I only as BJP doesn't appear to be there in the picture.

As per the horoscope of Captain Amrinder Singh he is destined to come into power. Although AAP might get maximum seats but it might not get the majority. The possibility of a coalition government is more in Punjab. Power would remain in the hands of Captain Amrinder Singh only even if he does not become the chief minister.

Goa is a small state and BJP is already strong there and if we analyze the above given charts of all the prominent parties there then we find that Saturn of transit is closer to Moon sign of BJP therefore victory of BJP is probable in Goa.

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