Mr. Modi - Success or Failure

Mr. Modi - Success or Failure  

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In the horoscope of Mr. Modi there is influence of Saturn on 10th house which is fortified by two benefic planets Jupiter and Venus and as a result of it the diplomatic policies, powerful planning and wise decisions of Mr. Modi would help him attain stability and security as a capable PM.

In Mr. Modi emerged as a super star in Indian politics as 5 planets are in Kendra and also following Chakravarty Yoga in his chart:

नीचस्थितो जन्मनियोग्रहः तद्राशिनाथः तथा च् तदुच्चनाथः।
भवेत् चन्द्रलग्नाद्यपि केन्द्र वा त्रिकोणवर्ती राजा भवेत् धार्मिक चक्रवर्ती।।

According to above mentioned Chakravarti Yoga if any debilitated planet is there in the horoscope then if the lord of its sign of debilitation and that of its sign of exaltation both are in Kendra or Trikona not only from Lagna but also from Moon then the native becomes a Chakravarti (Emperor) king.

It is the impact of Scoepio Rashi and Lagna of PM Modi which makes him highly diplomatic and clever. His Sadesati enabled him to come into power.

For Mr. Modi the transit of Saturn on natal Mars during the peak time of Sadesati especially from 2nd September 2014 till 28 December 2014 brought lot of damages and that is why he continuously became the victim of controversies and difficulties.

During these months Saturn was transiting on the natal degree of Mars and that is why the damages were bigger as Sadesati was also at its peak. Although now also Sadesati is in continuation and Saturn is still transiting on natal Mars but now the Sadesati is neither at its peak nor Saturn is transiting near the natal degrees of Mars therefore, the situation is improving very quickly now.

Some controversies might continue to chase him in 2017 also as Saturn would come back to Scorpio again in the latter half of 2017 however; for sure he would be more powerful as compared to 2015 &16.

The double transit impact on house of influence after 12th August 2016 indicates that his real influence would be visible to everyone now and probably that is why he scored maximum votes in his race for becoming the most popular person of the year in time magazine too.

11th lord of both are in 11th house only. The house of wealth and income both are strong for both of them so both would certainly play constructive roles to shape the economic policies of their country.

His decision of demonetization is not only historical but real impact of it would be definitely visible after by the end of 2017 when there would be double transit impact on house of income in the horoscope of Mr. Modi. This decision of demonetization would lay the foundation of a strong economy as it would reduce the black money.

One of the biggest benefits of this move is that it is going to drastically affect the corrupt practices. People who are holding black money in cash will not be able to exchange much as they would be in a fear of getting penalized and prosecuted by the authorities. Enemies of the country which are involved in counterfeit currency and terrorism will not be able to continue it further for quite some time at least.

The smuggling of arms and dealing with the terrorist will not sustain further as all of the money will be on record now. Secondly, the banking system will improve as it will slowly head towards a cashless society. Cashless society will increase credit access and financial inclusion.

The existing white money of people will be known to the government and it will remain with banks so that it can be put on loan, and interest can be generated from it (though interest rates would fall) with a corresponding fall in Inflation. Further Banking System will get a boost, as more than Rs 7-8 lakh crore base money (new legal money) will enter the system. However, it needs to be seen how much money actually remains in the system, once the cash withdrawal limits are eased.

Under the leadership of Mr. Modi the reputation of India in International Politics shall increase very quickly in 2017. The economic policies shall be appreciated very highly in the latter half of 2017. The general public shall be full of spirits. After October 2017 Mr. Modi shall succeed in increasing the manufacturing capacities of the country.

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