Astrology Software and Remedies Issue

Astrology Software and Remedies Issue  April 2004

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In this Astrology Software and Remedies issue of research journal of Astrology there are various informative articles like- Astrology Software Leo Gold (Home Edition), Marriage and Compatibility, Result of Jupiter in Various Bhavas, Introduction of Astrology as a Subject in Universities, Arsha Paddhati of astrology, Guidelines for Predictions, Astrology: A science or Myth, The Relevance Behind Marital Matching, Saturn: The potential Force, Usefulness of Yantras and Gems, Astrological Views on Pendulum, Vedic Literature at a Glance, Vedic Significance of Tress, Health Solutions and Lord Krishna's Horoscope etc.
research journal is mainly astrological magazine in which you shall find research oriented articles on astrology.

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