Some Important Lal Kitab Rules

Some Important Lal Kitab Rules  

Yashkaran Sharma
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If Sun is powerful in one’s horoscope, he or she should not donate articles of Sun like gold, wheat or copper to people because by doing so his or her Sun shall lose its powers.

If Moon is in 2nd or 4th house then milk, silver, pearl and rice should not be given to people even in the from of gift.

If Mars is powerful sweats and honey should not be served to others.

If Mercury is powerful don’t present a pen to somebody in the form of gift. The native should also not donate green Daal and and green clothes.

If Jupiter is powerful don’t donate gold, yellow clothes, Kesar books to people.

If Venus is powerful don’t offer readymade clothes, scent and ornaments to people.

If Saturn is powerful don’t donate alcohol, meat, egg and iron to others.

Do not donate the articles of any exalted planet.

For giving power to Rahu a small ball of lead should be kept.

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For strengthening Ketu one should keep a dog at his or her home.

Similarly if all above planets are debilitated then the articles of those planets should not be accepted even in the form of gift.


According to Lal Kitab some specific things should not be donated in some specific type of placement of specific planets.

Native with Moon in 6th house : If Moon is placed in 6th house this person should not donate, milk, water etc. He should not construct a water well. By doing that he shall be inviting troubles equivalent to death.

Saturn in 8th house : The native with 8th house Saturn should not construct, inn, tavern or guest house etc, otherwise, he himself shall become homeless.

Saturn in First and Jupiter in 7th house : If this person shall donate pot of copper to a beggar his children shall be destroyed.

Jupiter in 10th and Moon in 4th house : This native should not construct a temple, if he shall do that he might get imprisoned because of any false accusation.

Venus in 9th house : This native shall suffer like anything if he shall adopt on orphan child.

Moon in 12th house : If this person shall offer food to sages and saints or else shall give free education to children, would get intolerable trouble and might not get even water to drink during the last moments of his life.

Jupiter in 7th house : If this person shall be offering clothes to the priests in a temple he himself shall become cloth less person.

Sun in 7th, 8th house : For this person donation in the morning or evening shall work like poison.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Some Rules related to Temple or Religious Place

When in a native's horoscope there is no planet in house number 2 and there are malefic planets in 8th house especially Saturn then this native should not visit a temple or a place of pilgrimage. This native should salute his Ishta Devta from the outside of temple. If there are enemy planets in 6th, 8th and 12th and the house number 2 in the horoscope of a native is empty then he should also not go to the temple.

Some Rules related to Religious Deeds

If a native has Moon in 6th house then if he installs a water pump, bores well or else repair it then his family starts getting destroyed day by day.

If Saturn is placed in the house number 8 in athe horoscope of a native then if he makes an inn, hospice or shelter for poor then he loses his own house.

If Saturn is placed in first and Jupiter in 5th house in the horoscope of a native then his children shall get destroyed if he donates copper, copper coins or copper utensils.

If a native has Jupiter in 10th and Moon in the 4th house then he shall have to go to jail if he happens to construct a temple.

The native having Venus in 9th house gets destroyed if he adopts an orphan child.

The native having Moon in 12th house won't have any one even to get water in his old if he offers food to saints and establishes a non profit educational institution for public.

The native having Jupiter in 7th house would be deprived of clothes if he donates new clothes to somebody.

The donation in the morning or evening shall work like poison for a person having Sun placed in 7th or 8th house.

A child born at a place of pilgrimage attains long life.

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