FAQs about Rudraksha

FAQs about Rudraksha  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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What is the method of wearing Rudraksha?

wash Rudraksha bead on Monday morning with raw milk and Gangajal, apply Ashtagandha and wear after chanting one Mala of Shiv Panchakshari Mantra i.e. "Om Namah Shivay".

What are Rudraksha Beads? Where are they available ?

Rudraksha beads, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha trees are found mainly in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iriyan Jaya, Timor of what is Known as modern day Indonesia and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal, Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% from Nepal and 5% in India. There are clefts on the surface of the beads and they are called Mukhi.

Can we easily get 1 faced Rudraksha?

No, 1 faced Rudraksha Nepali bead is not easily available however 1 faced Kazudana Rudraksha bead is found easily but it is not as effective as can be Nepali 1 faced Rudraksha.

What is special about Rudraksha Beads?

Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind.

Are Rudraksha Beads used only for Meditation? Is it meant only for people of certain background?

By wearing these beads one gets tranquility, peace of mind, focus and concentration. This kind of state of mind is equally ideal for meditation as well as for any other mind related activity by modern day professionals. Concentration and focus are the most important requirement for success in any field. Different faceted beads electively alter personality and mindset in a positive way. Rudraksha is meant for entire humanity. Rudraksha can rejuvenate our Mind, Body and Soul, make us perform to our full potential and enhance our overall quality of life. The anti aging property of Rudraksha is well experienced. Rudraksha, the Electro Magnetic Beads, are the Beads with a utility.

On seeing such powers of Rudraksha beads many considered it to have some supernatural powers. There have been countless mentions of these beads and it's powers in various ancient Indian and Buddhist scriptures.

Can one wear the combination of Different Mukhi's?

Yes, one can wear the combination of all the beads .The individual powers of the beads can be felt simultaneously. One can also wear a pendant of any specific facet of beads. Either more number of a particular facet of beads or a mix of different facet of beads can be worn.

Can all wear Rudraksha?

Yes, everyone irrespective of sex, age*, cultural, ethnic, geographical and religious background can wear it.

Note : "All the Beads are not recommended for those below 8 years of age."

How long it takes to feel some effect?

Normally within 45 days of wearing Rudraksha rosary you can start feeling the positive change. In 90 days you can feel much better. Thereafter it will work continuously giving benefits.

How to test the genuinety of the beads?

Tests like the one which sinks in water is original and the one that floats is duplicate are not right. Even the ones made of wood with some lead impregnated in it can sink comfortably in water. The best way is to procure from reliable source.

How do we choose a good Rudraksha?

Many get confused with the shape and size. One should not seriously worry about it. Just see that the Mukhi is well defined, corns and contours are natural, and there are no cracks near the central hole. Smaller size is also considered to be very auspicious.

Can ladies wear Rudraksha?

Yes, they can, barring those 4-5 days when nature is at work.

How do the beads work ?

Rudraksha beads emit frequency that balances different chakras of human body as well as attune them to frequencies of different planets and divine energies. Thus they attract good luck and positivity. They work best when worn on body. Touching skin is not necessary for Rudraksha beads to show effect, but method of wearing is very important. Just as gems work when worn on specific fingers and hands, similarly Rudraksha work when worn in particular combinations and particular stringing style. This knowledge is used by Rudraksha Ratna to make powerful combinations.

Is Rudraksha Ratna Science therapy effective?

Yes . This Therapy helps in regulating blood pressure, treating skin problems, allergies, backache, headache, digestion issues, knee/ankle pains, migraines, psychiatric cases and provides relief from stress, phobia and insomnia and gives success in business, finance, education and relationships. A typical session involves the therapist to have one to one session with the client in which the problems are discussed and root cause identified and Rudraksha beads and Gems suggested. Once a client wears them, he starts experiencing positive changes in a week's time. This therapy works on physical, emotional and planetary and karmic levels to heal a person and this kind of healing is most deep rooted.

Do Rudraksha suit all skins ?

Till date we have found that beads work for everybody when strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy. For those having sensitive skins, it is advisable to wear a Sphatik crystal mala with the beads to bring coolness to the body.

Is it that only Hindus can wear?

No, All religions can wear. Chakras are there in human body irrespective of caste and creed. Ancient texts have not limited wearing of these beads to any caste , religion or sex .

Non - Veg and alcohol have become the part of our food. Are we therefore disqualified to wear Rudraksha?

Ancient texts do not mention Non-veg and alcohol being prohibitive for a Rudraksha wearer. Make Rudraksha a part of your body. Your faith will bring grace in your life. Slowly you will find that you are moving away from non - Veg and alcohol as these tamsic items distract a person from spiritual path.

What is the life of Rudraksha beads?

Could be any number of years. If well protected, can be passed on from generation to generation.

Can we wear in hands?

Rudraksha work powerfully as bracelets and arm bands and are most convenient to wear this way. Ancient texts speak about wearing Rudraksha on different parts of the body.

Does it bring luck?

Yes, Shiva Purana specially describes that Lakshmi stays where Rudraksha is kept or worn by people. The aura of a Rudraksha wearer is large and he attracts good luck and opportunities. The different mukhi Rudraksha specifically bring health, luck, abundance, courage, protection and knowledge.

Does it have any medical use?

Yes, Rudraksha is classified as a seed of ELAEOCARPACEAE family and has many medicinal properties. It is widely used in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. Since it works on empowering Chakras, it protects body from diseases caused due to chakra imbalance.

Any other care/ precautions advised?

Regarding prohibitions when wearing Rudraksha / Yantra Pendants - say when during

How do I know that my Rudraksha bead is healthy?

See that the bead has a healthy glow and has weight. Weight of the Rudraksha comes from the moist seeds inside it. If the Rudraksha is not healthy, it will become blackish in color and dry on the surface as the seeds would have dried out.

My Rudraksha has few thorns broken. Will it work?

Thorns on the Rudraksha bead surface tend to fall off over time as you wear them. But this does not make the bead lose efficacy as the power of the bead is from the seeds within and lose few thorns (like losing few hair from the skin), does not reduce its effectiveness. However if the Rudraksha bead gets infested with worms who eat through the seeds, one needs to discard them.

My Rudraksha has developed cracks on the surface. Will it work?

Many times the crack develop due to expansion or contraction of the exterior wooden surface due to change in weather. Wash the bead in water often and oil it every few days. It is possible that the cracks will fill up and the bead would work as good.

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