Eye diseases or Blindness in Birth Chart

Eye diseases or Blindness in Birth Chart  

Anjna Agarwal
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Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars are the karakas for eye/eyesight. Ascendant represents head/general health/overall health 2nd and 12th houses indicate right and left eye. Aries, Taurus, Pisces signs are also related with eyes. 6th house/Virgo is the house of diseases in general. 8th house/Scorpio is the house of long term diseases. 12th house/Pisces is the house of loss/hospital. Venus is also considered as eye sight/eye by some as it is the lord of Taurus. Sun represents head, being the source of light and life, represents right eye for males and left eye in case of females. Weak placement of the Sun in the birth chart can cause the problems/diseases related to eyes. Moon represents face, left eye in case of males and right eye in case of females. It is responsible for general weakness.

Weak position of Moon in the horoscope of native is responsible for problems like weak eyesight. Mars plays a vital role in the health of the planet and is known as the commander in-chief among the planets. It represents forehead, acuity of vision. A weak position of Mars in the birth chart results in diseases of eyes/operation. Mercury represents mind, nervous system, senses/sight. A weak representation of the Mercury in the chart is responsible for weak eyesight. Venus represents face, eyes.

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A weak Venus in the horoscope may cause eye diseases. Saturn is responsible for any prolonged disease. Saturn represents darkness/ weakness/physical pain. Saturn and Sun in evil aspect may cause eye diseases or darkness / blindness. Rahu is the south node of Moon supposed to be a shadowy planet and is phlegmatic in nature resulting in malignant growth. Rahu represent smoke in astrology. Rahu with Sun/Moon causes eclipse by preventing their rays/energy. Ketu is the north node of Moon, a very dry planet. A weak Ketu gives emaciated body with prominent veins. Ketu indicates Cataract/Surgery.

Sun and Mars mainly become responsible for eye- troubles. For eye troubles, blindness or problems in eyes or eye-sight problems in horoscope, the strength of 2nd and 12th houses is to be analysed. When the planets, Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn, if negatively related with 2nd and/or 12th house of a horoscope, can cause problems/diseases related with eyes. When these houses, its lords and karakas are afflicted with malefics and badhakesh or/and placed in a malefic house or placed with malefics, badhakesh in same sign specially affliction to Sun with nodes can cause eye diseases/blindness.

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Role of divisional charts is also very important for appropriately assessing eye problem in horoscope. Example Chart: In the given chart Sun with ketu, Moon debilitated in malefic house aspected by Saturn, 2nd lord with 6th and 8th lord while 12th lord is placed in the house of diseases aspected by Rahu and Mars. Moon and Sun both in the nakshatra of Saturn indicating prolonged diseases of eyes. Saturn is with Gulika and badhakesh too. In Navamsh chart Moon and Venusconjunct with Saturn, lord of house of diseases. Saturn conjuncts Gulika again. Sun in 12th house is aspected by the lord of malefic house and node. In Trimshamsha Sun and Moon are under the effect of nodes. 6th lord aspects Moon.

Sun in Virgo while Venus with Gulika. In Shashtiamsha 12th lord with 6th lord is afflicted by nodes. Sun is aspected by south node of Moon. Moon is aspected by Badhakesh. 2nd house has 8th lord and there is also parivartan yoga between 8th and 2nd lord aspected by badhakesh. 2nd lord is aspected by 12th lord. Native had eye diseases/Cataract/Blindness. Native had two eye surgeries also.

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