Palmistry and Diseases

Palmistry and Diseases  

B.L Sharma
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Palmistry is the most interesting subject and everybody has got palm; where as many persons may not be having details of birth date and time. Hence Astrology can not help in such matters. Moreover, medical palmistry can help a lot in life of an individual. Palmistry is oldest hidden science, Maha Rushis have given very good and important hints. Medical palmistry is helpful for giving guidance to individuals before hand to take precautions about probable illness. Doctors can know about particular disease after somebody fell ill. But palmist can give warning in advance about probable illness one has in store in future life. Such warning is helpful to individual to take precaution to minimise gravity of illness.

Most of the students of palmistry know about kinds of hands viz

(a) Elementry hand( b) Square hand,

(c) Spatulate hand, (d) Conic hand

(e) Psychic hand, (f) Philosphic hand and

(g) Mixed hand etc.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Study of palm and lines on palm can disclose like and dislikes and aptitude of individual. Tremendous useful in tracing out qualities, abilities and weakness of individuals. Tremendous information can be taken from lines on palm. Cross, square, star, grills, bars moles and signs etc. On palm are most important clues about life waves of any individual. These type of cross, star etc., are very nice and disclose important points of life.

  • If somebody is having smooth fingers, he may have acidity.
  • horizontal lines on upper mount of Moon-indicates that such person may have problems of Appendicitis.
  • Circle on life line may cause eye trouble, star on heart line also indicate eye problem.
  • Red and bluish dots on heart line can give fever for long duration. Similarly spot on first phalange of Saturn may also cause periodical fever. Health person: If somebody is not having Mercury line in his hand; it speaks about sound health of person.

Following indications also speak about sound health of person:

(i) Upward branches on the line of fate.

(ii) Life line with rising branches.

(iii) Closeness of head and life at the starting point.

(iv) Strong line of life with the line or Mars. Hence palmist should examine these points before checking other peculiarities of lines on palm.

If cross is available on lower mount of Mars, such person may have suicidal tendency. He may be guided suitably. If mount of moon is also weak, he may wear pearl to change his attitude about life. Cross on lower third portion of mount of moon may give bladder and kidney troubles. Cross on the upper side of the first phalange of thumb, speaks about lack of morality of person. Such person can not be a reliable, if you want to change his nature he should wear yellow Pukhraj and Rubby gem stone. cross at the end of life line also gives ill health. Cross on Head line indicates some accident in life. Moreover cross on the line of fate at its termination with a grill on mount of mercury may cause DEATH by VIOLENCE.

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Cross or the break in the line of fate speaks that there is critical chance of existence of person. Cross on Mercury line indicates warning of incoming danger. If there is a cross above the marriage line in the hand of a female, it indicates that there is chance of Abortion. Remedial measure for such female may be prescribed-one of the remedy in gemology is to prescribe coral for her. She may also use coral like a sandal wood and rubit on price of stone like sandal wood and apply liquid on belly daily during pregnancy period. All the cross on palm are not bad, Mystic cross between head line and heart line below the mount of Saturn is boon for the person and it gives him power of intuition, such cross is helpful to palmist and astrologer. If there is star on outer edge of Jupiter mount, it brings accident from fire.

Such person be guided to be careful in this regard. Star on the mount of Saturn may bring paralysis, spinal cord troubles, suicidal tendency. In some cases it may deprive the person from child/next generation. If star is found on mount of Saturn on both hands, it is unfortunate situation and such person be guided to lead simple and normal life. He sould not have enmity with any body who may cause injury to him. Star on the first phalange of Saturn's finger give unhappiness in life of such person. If there are two stars on third phalange of Saturn's finger with a break in the head line under mount of Saturn in the hand of male may cause his death and on females hand it may cause suicide in water. If there is star between mount of Saturn and Sun, It may cause danger from electricity or snake bite. It has been already mentioned in paragraph (15) above that all the cross and star on any palm are not bad

(a) Such as star on the mount of Sun gives lot of riches/ wealth.

(b) Star on line of Mercury gives unexpected luck.

(c) Star at the centre or at the base of mount of Venus gives success in love.

(d) Star in the centre of mount Jupiter-give public honour, name and fame and wealthy marriage if such a star is touched by heart line, it may give good satisfaction in life. Problems relating to heart:

Heart problem is common now a days. Life style and life of common men has become so busy that he is uses to live in lot of mental stress. In such cases we should examine heart line as well as mind line with mount of Sun and influence lines on them. If mind line is having signs of pressure near mount of Sun and island on life line and dots on heart line, such signs indicate heart problem. Break of heart line below mount of Sun is indication of physically defective heart. Heart line with break and a star is also indication of defects in heart. If there are black dots on heart line, they indicate high pulpitation of heart. In view of above discussions palmist should examine such crosses, stars, moles etc.

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On the palm minutely to find out peculiarity of person-male or female and take precaution in giving judgment. In some cases mount of Venus is most prominent. It indicates that the person concerned is passionate. Even casual look at the fingers can give clue about nature of the person. A person having hasty nature will have short fingers. Every medical man is aware that the thumb is directly connected with the sex glands. If you find defects in First finger-it indicates-lungs problems. Asthma etc. middle finger (Saturn's finger) indicates gloomy out look of life. In Indian medical palmistry-middle finger indicates liver and stomach - condition, Similarly, third finger has connection with kidneys and defects in the function of kidneys. Defects of the ovaries and womb can be noticed from fourth finger of hands of female. It is interesting to note that kidney trouble is one of the causes of asthma.

Hence we must examine fingers and thumb minutely. Hence whenever anybody is having Asthma for long time. Doctor should also check up about kidney trouble. If mount of Mars is developed in excess and head line is separated from life line at the beginning, these indications show a hot tempered and erratic nature. Such situation may cause sudden epileptic fits and nervous breakdown. Such signs may be found in the hands of young girls. Such person may be advised to change the nature and also practice deep breathing pranayam. Mounts on the hands can reveal characteristics, temperament, likes and dislikes as well as health peculiarities. If mount of jupiter is overdeveloped such person is over ambitious and he feels frustration and may also have complaint that he is not happy in service and with his boss. This is a kind of faulty constitution. Such person be advised to have his ambitions within his reach and limit. It may be noted that wherever there is over ambition, there is frustration.

A saturnian person will be gloomy in nature. He prefers loneliness. He does not mix up with friends and relatives. It indicates faulty mental constitution. Such person be advised to change his outlook about life. He may also change the place if possible. Chief influence of mount of Jupiter is over blood, the arterial system and liver. A Jupiterian may suffer from Chest and lung disorder throat afflictions and sudden fevers. A developed mount of Jupiter with grills and horizontal lines may cause skin diseaes. If third phalange of Jupiter finger is developed, it gives habit of over eating. Such person may suffer from disease arising out of over eating. If there is malformation of papillary ridge under mount of Sun below third finger near line of heart such person may have structural deformity in heart.

If small line are crossing the line of mercury it will give headache. Similarly bars on head line, series of break on head line also gives severe headaches. Cross on lower mount of Moon indicates kidney trouble. Similarly cross on mount of Moon also indicates danger from water and Diabetes, Cross on the line of head indicates accident. We should minutely examine crosses and stars on the palm before giving our judgement on the palm reading of any person.

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