Prediction Techniques Issue

Prediction Techniques Issue  October 2005

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In this Prediction Techniques Issue of research journal of Astrology there are various informative articles like- Influence of Discoveries of New Planets and Signs on Astrology, Notes on Jaimini Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Pitfalls in Horoscopes, Forgotten System of Natural Dasa, Rahu - Ketu and Spirituality, Meteorological Observations, Judgement of Educational Prospects, Extra Marital Relations, When Marital Life is Woeful, Use of Astrology for Cure of Diseases, Powerful Yantras, Career Nirmaan Ki Prakriya, 8th House Saturn and Chidren, Jyotish Phalit : Jeevan Mein Kab Hoti Hain Mahatwapooran Ghatnaaye? Pad, Upapada and Argla's Importance in Prediction,
research journal is mainly astrological magazine in which you shall find research oriented articles on astrology.