Use of Astrology for Cure of Diseases

Use of Astrology for Cure of Diseases  

B.L Sharma
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Science of astrology can foretell the probability of Health problem likely in store for any individual. Astrologer can predict such event in advance. Everybody wants to be happy and healthy. There is one old saying that health is wealth. We know that systematic life-style with regular physical exercise may keep us healthy.

As per chapter 251 of "MATASYA" Puran- gods and demons done the churning of ocean. As a result of churning of ocean, Nectar and poison were found. And Shri DHANWANTARI- the first Doctor of this world came out of ocean. He took charge of Health Care in this world. He propagated AYURVED as a system of medicine in India, We know that even surgery was also successful during vedic age. Transplantation of head of a baby elephant on the body of Shri Lord Ganesh is very well known to all of us. Ashwini Kumars are well known physicians of gods and goddesses.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Principles of Medicine and, surgery were well known to Nakul and Sahdev youngest Pandav twin brothers. They know the principles of Veterinary medicine. Other famous Arurved Doctors are CHARAK and SUSHRUTA.

Vedic astrology advocates remedial Measures in the form of pleasing the planets, who are markesh and troublesome by various methods well known to every astrologer. Our ancient doctors had complete knowledge of astrological principles. As per description given in VAMAN Puran, lord Shri Shankar danced in anger with dead body of goddess Mother Sati in his hands and his body was expanded so much that it covered whole universe. ‘His whole body was covering twelve Rashi and all twenty-seven Nakshatra. Whatever part of his body covering a particular rashi- became the basis of Medical astrology. His Head covered Mesh Rashi, hence mesh rashi represents Head of a person and so on.

Doctor having knowledge of principles of Medical astrology may be able to diagnose the illness quickly. Similarly Astrologers, who are not doctors, should have knowledge of Human Anatomy for better predictions about nature of illness in store for any particular person. Sixth house in birth chart represents House of illness and eighth house:) represents death. These two houses maybe examined first in the birth chart.

Now I will describe the particulars of each Rashi representing particular part of body.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

1. First House/ Mesh lagna or Rashi Head, brain, person having this rashi- lagna has high resistance power. It is fiery sign and person is most active in life. Ruby gem and Sun is helpful for him. It is Rajasik ( Active passionate and agitated) sign.


2. Second house- or Vrish (Taurus) Rashi lagna -Face, Neek throat, Right eye. It is earthy sign and person concerned is like a businessman in his dealings. Such person generally keeps sound health. Green colour and emerald gem is helpful to such persons.

Saturn is karaka planet for this sign. It is tamsik (Dull and in active) sign.

3. Third house- or Mithun (Gemini) Rash, lagna shoulders, Arms, hands, lungs and breath. This is airy sign and may affect breathing system, green colour, emerald gem and mercury are helpful to Gemini born persons. It is sattvik (Pure, serene and harmonious) sign.

4. Fourth house or Karka (Cancer) Rashi- lagna- chest-breast, epigastri region, stomach and digestive organs. It is watery sign and the person concerned possesses low resistance power. Red coral is lucky and helpful for such persons. Mars is karaka planet for them. It is Rajasik (active, passionate and agitated) sign.

5. Fifth house simha (Leo) Rashi-lagna- spine, back and Heart. It is Fiery sign persons of this sign have high resistance power. Red Coral is helpful for them. Mars is Karaka planet for them. It is tamsik (Dul and inactive) sign.

6. Sixth house or Kanya (Virgo) Rashi- lagna- Abdominal and ambillical region and Bowels, intestines. Sixth house and Kanya rashi in birth chart are house of illness. These may be examined minutely in the birth chart to find out probable illness in store for the person concerned. Virgo is earthy sign- and person having this sign is having normal resistance, green colour and green emerald are helpful to such persons. Mercury is karka planet for them. It is sattvik ( Pure, serene and harmonious) sign.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

7. Seventh house or Tula (Libra) Rashi- lagna Lumber region, Skin and Kidneys. It is airy sign that is why it also affects breathing system. Saturn is karaka planet for them. It is Rajasik (active,- passionate and agitated) sign.

8. Eight house or Vrashchic(Scorpio) Rashi-lagna- urinary and sexual organ, anus, generative organs and bladder. It is a watery sign and person concerned has low resistance)jupiter is karaka planet for them. It is tamasik (dull and inactive) sign.

9. Ninth house or Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi lagna- hips, thighs, arterial system and nerves. It is firy sign and the person concerned will have high resistance. Yellow colour and pukhraj are helpful to such persons. Jupiter is karaka planet for them it is sattavik (pure, serene, and harmonious) sign.

10. Tenth house- maker (Capricorn) Rashi- lagna knees, hams, bones and joints. It is earthy sign and person concerned is hard working. Blue colour and blue sapphire are helpful to such persons. Venus is karaka planet for them. It is Rajasik ( active, passionate and agitated) sign.

11. Eleventh house or Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi- lagna- legs, ankles and blood . circulation. It is airy sign and person concerned has low resistance. Venus is karaka planet for them. It is tamasik (dultand inactive) sign.

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12. Twelfth house or Meena (Pisces) rashi- lagna Feet, toes and lymphatic system. It is watery sign and person concerned has low resistance. Pearl is most helpful to such persons. Jupiter is karka planet for them. It is sattvik (pure, serene and harmonious) sign.

Now we will discuss the names of particular health problems governed by each of nine planets. They rule over certain aspect of Iife and health. We judge the placement of "KARKA" planets for each birth sign to find out well being of individual. Similarly we should judge placement of karka planets in Medical Astrology generally the planets owning sixth, eight and third house are responsible for any health problem. “Names of KARAKA” planets are given in above paragraphs for each lagna- Rashi for ready reference. Health problems governed by each planet are detailed below for ready reference. .

1. Sun- Stomach, right eye, heart, bile, bones, bums, injuries and disturbances of blood circulation. Father may suffer if sun is under Influence malefic planets.

2. Moon- Mind, blood, left eye, breast, fluids in the body, emotions, menstrual cycle and mother may suffer if moon is under influence of malefic planets.

3. Mars- Head, High B.P., bums, injury surgical operation, miscarriage, musculature, sound health and bile.

4. Mercury- Throat, ears, nose, speech lungs, impotence and younger brothers/sisters may suffer if mercury is under the influence of Malefic planets.

5. Jupiter- Ear trouble, liver, gallbladder, diabetes, and FAT in the body.

6. Venus- Veneral disease, seminal fluid intestines, sexual act and pervasion, appendix, diabetes, stones in the urinary tract and appendix.

7. Saturn- Feet, legs, paralysis, incurability, exhaustion, melancholy and longevity.

8. Rahu- Snake bite, incurable disease, phobias, bones, poisoning.

9. Ketu- Viral and infective diseases epidemics, defective speech, surgical operation, and diagnostic confusion.

Wherever any plane( is afflicted or is weak he may be responsible to give problems in the part of body etc as we discussed in above paragraph. But each planet governs many items, we should be careful to study the aspect minutely before reaching any conclusion. If we are able to know the name of any particular health problem likely for any person, such person may be guided to take precautions for it.

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Some rules of medical Astrology are also given In our veda/purana. For example as per sloka 78 of chapter II of third part of Vishnu purana, we should sit facing East or North while taking meals. It may keep digestion system in proper order, which may keep sound health) similarly as per sloka 111 of chapter 11 of Vishnu Purana (third part); we should keep head in east or South while sleeping to keep sound Health. We should never sleep keeping head in North. Our Head is Magnet in the body and North Pole is having Magnetic power of Earth. If we sleep keeping Head in North, the magnet of earth and magnet of body may epal and we may not have sound sleep resulting in many health problems like high B.P. etc. These simple rules given in Vishnu Purana can be followed by every body without any difficulty to keep sound Health.

Astrological analysis is like medical diagnosis. Astrologer cannot act as a Doctor, but he can give proper indication for any ind. For example- if Tula lagna- rashi in any birth chart is afflicted, such person may suffer from illness indicated against this rashi in above paragraphs like problem in Lumber region similarly suppose sun is afflicted in birth chart, it may give heart problem etc. eight house in the birth chart is house of longevity and third house is eight from eight house, hence it may also be examined along with sixth, eight house and their lords. If venus is afflicted in third house it may give diabetes- and Moon in third house with affliction may give problems like T .B. etc. Lord of eighth house is more harmful than rest. It becomes more harmful, if owns. Third or seventh house as well. These points may be kept in view at the time of analyzing birth chart from Health point of view. We may also keep these points in view that lords of third, sixth and eleventh are functional Malefices and lords of sixth, eighth and twelfth are particularly adverse as far as health is concerned.

In the end I would like to give some examples of real cases dealt with by me as per Medical Astrology.

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Skin Problem:

One female Asstt. Professor having dare of birth as 29-07-1965 with Aries birth sign and cancer birth rashi. Her eighth lord mars is in sixth house owned by mercury (both enemy). Mercury is for skin problem and mars is for blood related problem. She had skin problem like white spots. Mantra lap for mars and (gift) Dan for mars related Items cured the female completely.

Heart Problem :

Another case of one famous P .G. Doctor having date of birth 10-10-1934 with Gemini birth sign and Tula Rashi- head heart problem during 1974. He was in foreign count during 1972-73 and again from 1984 to 1990. In his case lord of sixth house mars is in third house owned by Sun. In its turn lord of third house Sun is in sixth rashi Kanya. Lord of fifth house venus as a lord of twelfth is also afflicted by Sun in fourth house. This is Astrological reason for heart problem- as fourth, fifth house and Sun are responsible for heart problem. In this case Pooja for mars and Sun was got done with gift (Dan) of items relating to these planets. Person concerned is still active at the age of 68 years. It may also be on account of puja of planets responsible for such health problem. At present he is under the influence of venus mahadas.

High B.P :

One MOBS Doctor having his date of birth as 17-04-1968 with Scorpio rashi and jyeshtha nakshatra. His wife is also a doctor. He had problem of high B.P. during the year 1996-97 and was admitted in Hospitals at Bhopal and at Delhi. He consulted me, I suggested him to wear pearl and also suggested change of kitchen in his house form North -East to South -East. He followed my instructions and now his high B.P. is in control and he is practising physician.

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Breast Cancer:

One female with date of birth as 18-10-1960- Tula lagna and Taurus Rashi Jupiter is markesh for her and she had to undergo surgical operation of Breast Cancer on 12-12-2000 during Jupiter mahadasa and Jupiter anterdasa. Lord of fourth house governing Breast is in third house with markesh- Jupiter. It is eighth house lord from rashi and third and sixth lord in third house from birth sign. Timing of event of health problem can be judged with the help of dasa, anterdasa periods. In this case it is explained that mahadasa and anterdasa of markesh gave problem. She has been asked to conduct pooja of Jupiter to avoid future complications. At present she is having sound health and working in Govt. of India.

Blood Cancer :

One boy having date of birth as 25-10- 1982 with Dhanu lagna, maker rashi. Mars responsible for blood circulation is with ketu in lagna with’ full aspect of Saturn on it is main cause of blood cancer. This boy is under treatment at present. Sun is in debility with Saturn in eleventh house is also cause of this illness. Moon eighth lord is in second house. These are the factors mainly responsible for blood cancer. At present he is having Rahu Mahadasa and Jupiter anterdasa upto 10-05-2004. Rahu is having full aspect on Moon responsible for defective blood ratio, causing blood cancer proper remedial measures are being done by him for relief. He is also under treatment of Allopathic Doctors at Bombay.

Kidney Problem:

One person with date of birth as 24-11-1971 having cancer birth sign and Capricorn rashi is suffering from kidney problem. Seventh house governs kidney problem. Venus governs kidney. Third and twelfth lord mercury is in sixth house with eleventh lord Venus. That is why he is having kidney problem. In this case lagna lord moon is with Rahu in seventh house owned by eighth lord Saturn. Jupiter is sixth lord that is why problem started during Jupiter M.D. and mercury A.D. from 18-3-2000 to 24-6-2002. At present he is having Jupiter MD & Ketu AD. Hundreds of such cases were dealt with by me, but a few are discussed here to save space.

करियर से जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या का ज्योतिषीय उपाय पाएं हमारे करियर एक्सपर्ट ज्योतिषी से।

We should also remember that persons having Agni Tatwa (Firy) sign- Rashi have got highest resistance and these of watery sign have lowest resistance. This point may also he kept in mind at the time of analyzing birth chart.

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