Extra Marital Relations

Extra Marital Relations  

Rajinder Kapil
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In marriage more attention must be given to the planets and their positions and under no circumstances the following types of combinations should appear in the matching of horoscope of the boy and the girl since their mere existence shall spoil the married life of the couple and shall tend to have extramarital relations. 12th house as counted from Lagna denotes the bed comforts of the native and therefore the 6th being the 12th house to the 7th house that is bed comforts of the spouse. In this way we have to study the Lagna Lord of the Lagna, Sun and Moon of the native along with the position of Venus in the case of Male Horoscope and Mars in the female Horoscope.

We shall have separate set of rules for the both to judge their extra marital relations, compatibility -with the husband and the compassionate atmosphere between the husband and the wife balancing of interpersonal relations and their joint working in society. Male Horoscopes

1. Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th sign is exalted in the 12th sign and debilitation in the 6th sign and has Libra as its Mool Trikon Sign. In case of Venus in any of these signs the relations with the opposite partner are smooth and good and if aspected by benefic planets or by Jupiter. This is the situation under which the native enjoys the situation and is satisfied with its Youth married life.

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It gets imbalanced if the Planet Venus is associated with the malefic Planets or is aspected by the malefic Planets or is posited in the trik houses. In case Venus is aspected by the Planet Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu or is associated with any of the se planets the sexual/ Married life of the native is imbalanced and gets disturbed since these planets have ill effect and the native looses its social recognition in society. Waning Moon and Sun being the hot Planet with Venus also do not provide sound position but if they are with the Yogakarka Planets they loose their malfeasance.

2. The lord of the lagna, the forth lord, the ninth lord, the tenth lord and lord of the fifth house with Venus gives enjoyed life to the native where as the association of the lord of the sixth house, lord of the eighth house and lord of the Twelfth house is not good and the comforts of the Youth is not enjoyed by the native. The life gets disturbed in this case.

3. In case of Jupiter or any good aspect of the planets shall make the position to pass a good and harmonious life with the wife. On the contrary if Venus is in the combination or aspected by the malefic planets then the life shall be imbalanced.

4. With regards good and harmonious relations between the partners, the planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu play a negative role.

5. In case of Venus in conjunction with Lord of Lagna, lord of the 4th, 9th and 10th and Lord the 5th house provide excellent relations with regards to sex life and on the contrary Venus with the lord of the 6th house, 8th house and the 12th house reduces the impact and create an imbalance between the partners.

6. Rahu and Venus related to the 7th and 8th bhavas or are Lords of the 7th or 8th house make the people more sexy. Any malefic aspect adds fuel to the fire and the native tend to have illicit relations with ladies outside the wedlock.

7. In case the lord of the 2nd and house is posited in the Lagna or these planets are in the company of malefic, planets or are aspected by any malefic planet the relations of the person are considered to be suspicious.

8. In case lord of the Lagna and Lord of the 2nd house are posited in the 7th house and are aspected by the lord of the 6th house or conjunct with the 6th lord create an atmosphere to have illicit relations and deeply disturb the married life.

9. The relations of the 6th house with the malefic planets or the relations of the malefic 6th lord with the karka of marriage or karka of youth life is very cumbersome. Under such circumstances the native does not care for any social bindings and go to any extend to satisfy his lust.

10. In case of Venus under the influence of the malefic planets and is related to the seventh house then the native do get a virgin or gets an impure female spouse.

11. In case of Mars or Saturn in the seventh house conjunct with Moon or Venus or Mars with Saturn spoil the youth, the married life and reputation under Indian system of society.

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12. Ninth lord conjunct with malefic planet and establish relations with Venus or Moon, such person enjoys with his own close relation such as aunt etc. or such relations And if Lord of the forth house in conjunction with the malefic planets establish relations with Saturn then the Native establish illicit relations with his own /cousin sisters etc.

13. The native shall have a KEEP in case of Malefic planets posited in the 12th house and the number of such ladies depend on the number of malefic planets in the 12th house.

14. In case of debilitated Venus or Venus being a looser under planetary war shall be a stumbling block in love affairs.

15. In case of Jupiter establishing relations with the eighth house eight sign or with the lord of the eight house the native shall have a control on such activities. Example: In the horoscope Venus is posited in the 12th house with Jupiter being the lord of 8th house.

The sign of Aries exist there. Seventh sign is that of Jupiter and Mars is posited there. Lords of Lagna is posited in the malefic house and is aspecting the sign of Libra (Venus). Moon posited in Lagna and is aspected by Mars from the seventh house .Venus being the lord of the Lagna is being aspected by Saturn. The native established illicit relations with many females without bothering for the presence of his wife. Female horoscopes In the female horoscope Mars is the karka for sex and such related if:, affairs. Mars is in its own sign in the 8th sign Scorpio and is in Mooltrikon in the Aries Sign and it is in exaltation point in Capricorn Sign.

Mars in conjunction with the benefice planets, aspected by the benefics or being protected by the benefics is ai-ways good in the female horoscope. In case of Mars being strong in the female horoscope it gives a push to compassionate feeling and attracts the opposite sex for fulfilment of mutual enjoyment /sexual needs. But in the event of the spouse not being available or not in a position to satisfy the native at proper time the native may take a step in the direction not congenial to social atmosphere. Underlined are certain yogas and combination found most important in the female horoscope:

1. The native adopts immoral character in case of Mars and Moon establish the relationship with the seventh house and Saturn or Rahu not being aspected by any benefic planet planets.

2. Under the circumstances when Moon, Venus and Mars conjunct i) with each other in the seventh house then the relations outside the wedlock is possible.

3. In case of two or more malefic planets in the seventh house.

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4. In the event of Day time birth if Mars or Saturn happens to be the i Lord of the Lagna and Venus is posited in the Lagna or during the night time birth any of the above being the Lagna Lord and Moon being posited in the Lagna the chances of outside relations are more frequent.

5. In case the lagna or Moon whichever is strong and is posited in the Leo, Capricorn or Aquarius and in the trishamsha of Saturn and is not aspected by any of the benefic planets rather being aspected by malefic planets then the native shall lead a life of a prostitute.

6. In case lagna is in any sign of the Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius and Moon and Venus are posited in the Seventh house alongwith malefic planets or being aspected by malefic planets, such native shall undoubtedly keep illicit relations outside the marriage.

7. In case Venus and Moon are posited in the sixth house not being aspected by the benefic planets bound the native for illicit relations

8. In case Sun, Mars and Saturn are posited in the seventh house not being aspected by the benefic planets such native shall intent to have immoral relations with other men. Example: In the horoscope Libra is the Lagna sign and Lord of Lagna is posited in the Lagna alongwith Venus and Mars. Venus is the Lord of the Eighth house also. Mars being the lord of the Seventh house is aspecting the seventh and eighth house and being further aspected by malefic Saturn.

Saturn is aspecting the eight Lord also and Rahu is aspecting the lagna being posited in Aquarius sign. In this horoscope Lagna, Lord of Lagna eighth hose and eight Bhava, lagna and Lord of Lagna are under the malefic influence of the malefic planets and accordingly the native had to lead the life of an immoral Character Remedial Measures: When the men and women are under the influences of either malefic planets or combinations forcing the native to go for an alternative artificial alternative to satisfy the lust should undertake any of the following remedies:

1. Propitiate the malefic planets strictly in accordance with the Vedic rituals in the presence of parents.

2. Should go in for Suriya Shanti well before marriage.

3. In case of Kaal -Sarp Dosh should go in for their Nivaran. Padditi.

4. For Sahnti of Rahu the native should offer Pooja to Sarsawati Mata. And offer four kg of Sikka (LED) to river water since it is being tasted by the fish in -water and till such time the led shall be lying in the water the good results are being felt by the native and even after his death the Rahu may not create obstacles in the natives life.

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