Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
Views : 2598 | October 2005
We have discussed about the position of planets in first and second houses in mundane chart in our last issue, now we shall look further of the position of planets in other houses in our current issue. Third House The third house rules over railways, postal, telegraphic and telephonic services and all matters connected there with, such as railway stocks and shares, traffic returns, etc. It has also to do with all forms of locomotion, buses, motors and the likes, also books, newspapers, and literary undertakings. Rules applied to this house are the same as that of other houses viz, that the planet in the house has chief influence on the house and when no planet is there then the ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house is to be considered. Sun : Sun in this house benefits the heads of departments, but if afflicted denotes illness and probably death among notable people are connected with the third house affairs. The matters ruled by the house in which the affliction is present should be carefully considered in this respect. Moon : Moon in the third house benefits workers in railways and postal affairs, and if well aspected, will improve their conditions, wages and prospects. If afflicted it shows much discontent among employees, unrest and agitation danger of accidents and falling of receipts. Mars : Mars in third house has particular relation to railways and denotes accidents, fires, losses, heavy expenses, loss of depreciation of railway securities, and if much afflicted causes discontent not only on railways, but also in other forms of transportation like airways, marine etc. it will also very adversely affect publishing industry. Mercury : Mercury in the third house benefits traffic returns, if well aspected shows an active period and increased facilities for traveling. It is especially beneficial to postal affairs, publishing concerns, newspapers and the like. If much afflicted it denotes falling of returns, discontent in the postal service, failure of publishers and causes discontents. It may also cause illness or death of noted writers or people connected with third house affairs. Jupiter : Jupiter in the third house is favorable for railways and traffic returns will increase. The wages and conditions of workers will improve. It will cause busy times in literary and publishing circles and do many improvements in postal affairs. It denotes all benefic results in all the matters connected with third house. If much afflicted, it gives heavy expenses, losses and troubles in the working and management of affairs to do with railways. Venus : Venus in the third house is favorable denoting improved returns, better condition of workers etc. If afflicted, it denotes discontent, illness and death of noted artists, writers or more likely novelists. It may also cause crime on railways and many unpleasant events in connection with third house matters. Saturn : Saturn in this house denotes much discontent among employees, depreciation of trade, falling of receipts in railways and postal department. Accidents and in general there will be bad and unsatisfactory state of affairs in all the matters connected with third house. If Saturn is badly aspected, the evil effects on this house will increase further. If well aspected, the evil effects of Saturn may be reduced. In any case, Saturn in third house is sure to cause illness and death among prominent people connected with publishing industry and literary affairs. Fourth House : Fourth house is an important house in the mundane chart. It rules over the land, agriculture, mines, minerals, crops, mining industry etc. Also governs the opposition party to the government. Most important matters are natural calamities from earthquake, volcanic eruptions etc. Sun : Sun in the fourth house is favourable for the landed interest and gives benefic results in agriculture, crops etc. If badly aspected, it will bring much trouble to the Government, loss of elections and many difficult questions to the ruling political party. Losses in agriculture and dealings in land and properties are also seen. Moon : Moon in the fourth house, if well aspected, gives good benefits to agriculture but it may bring many big changes in weather. If badly aspected or afflicted, there will be shortage of crops, losses and accidents in mining industry and more sufferings to the people of the nation. Mars : Mars in the fourth house is generally unfavorable. It denotes troubles to the government, fires in public buildings, earthquakes, mining disasters and destruction to public property. Also, it affects agriculture, construction industry, property market. If badly aspected or afflicted, the evil affects of the Mars will increase and there will be large scale sufferings to the public. Mercury : Normally Mercury in this house will not give benefic results. Better results can be anticipated only when there are benefic aspects. In that case better activities can be anticipated in the field of agriculture. If badly aspected or afflicted, there will be losses in agriculture, mining industry and the commercial activities of the nation get imbalanced. Jupiter : Jupiter in the fourth house benefits the dealings in land and property, agriculture, crops and prosperity to landlords. Nation will get benefited with all season favorable weather. If fourth house happens to be a fixed sign and Jupiter is afflicted, it may cause mining disasters, earthquakes, especially in those places coming under the sign occupied in fourth house. Venus : Venus in the fourth house is favorable in general. It denotes fine weather, good crops, prosperity to agriculture. If badly aspected or afflicted, it denotes unseasonable weather and thereby affecting the produce of agriculture, and dull trade in dealings of land and property. Saturn : Saturn in the fourth house will not give benefic results in general. It brings obstacles and difficulties to Government , thereby affecting the smooth running of administration. It causes bad weather, disturbing the productivity of crops, mining disasters, earthquakes (in the places coming under the sign occupied in fourth house), depreciation in value of land and property. If badly aspected or afflicted, the evil effects from Saturn will be considerably increased. We are concluding here with the effects of planets in third and fourth house and shall discuss about the effects of planets in fifth and sixth houses in our next issue.
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