Guiding Principles of Healthy Progeny

Guiding Principles of Healthy Progeny  

S.R. Swamy
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The Academy of Vedic Astrology, Ahmedabad has organised an International Symposium on Astrological Sciences at Ahmedabad on 26th and 27th of December 2011 under the banner of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies, New Delhi and the theme of the Symposium is ‘Programming the Birth of a Child, Astrologically’. I take this opportunity to highlight the subject of procreation as explained in our ancient scriptures of Vedas (Ayurveda) and Charaka Samhita, which shall be be very much useful to young couples who plan for good progeny. All couples desire procreation of male and female progeny endowed with excellent qualities. Sons and daughters who are unintelligent, unhealthy, without healthy qualities or ‘Eunuchs’ are never desired. The method of procreating sons and daughters of excellent qualities is described in this article Preparatory Measures The couple should be treated to eliminate the TriDoshas like VATA, PITTA and KAPHA by Vamana (Emesis) and Virechana (Purgation) therapies. Then the lady should be brought to a healthy condition in stages by administering prescribed diet and Ayurvedic Kaashayam etc. and the couple should be treated with specific type of enema. The male should also be administered with ghee and milk boiled with herbs. This will help the male and female to get healthy, unafflicted and unimpaired ovum. Sweet tasting vitalising drugs should be administered to the male. They promote production of semen of good quality. COHABITATION For three days right from the day of onset of menstruation the woman should observe celibacy till the time of intercourse. As per the latest medical principles, the lady should consult her Gynaecologist/Physician and understand her ovulation period. The intercourse should take place strictly according to medical advice. During the intercourse the woman should not adopt a prone posture (lying face down), nor should be on her sides. If she maintains a prone posture during the union, then VATA gets aggravated and afflicts her uterus. If she remains on her right side during the union then KAPHA which remains in that area gets displaced and blocks the uterus. The left side is the abode of PITTA. If pressure is applied on that side during union then the ovum and sperm get burnt up. Therefore the woman should receive the seed while lying on her backside and in this posture ‘doshas’ remain in their respective sites. After the process of union the lady should allow her body to cool down. Intake of excess food, fasting, thirst, fear, dejection, grief, anger, hidden desire for another man, excessive desire for more sexual activity during or before intercourse, prevent conception or produces a deformed child. Couples who suffer from chronic ailments, and deep mental agony should not try for progeny during such period. MENTAL FACULTY OF THE PROGENY Following factors determine the state of the mental faculty of the child: 1. The mental faculty of parents 2. The sounds, music and speech heard repeatedly by the pregnant woman. 3. Actions performed by the embryo in its previous life 4. Frequent desires for a particular type of mental faculty by the progeny in its previous life. MEASURES FOR MAINTENANCE OF PREGNANCY Maintaining the pregnancy is equally important and carries an important role in the life of every lady. As such, every lady should study the following factors, which are injurious to the foetus. The male members should help their wives to take utmost care on the following factors causing damage to pregnancy: 1. Miscarriage: a. Using seats which are uncomfortable, irregular and high. b. Doing difficult and unsuitable exercises. c. Intake of hot food, excessive food, or very little food. d. Injury or frequent pressure on the body. e. Frequently looking inside an abyss, deep wells and place of waterfall. f. Travelling in rides, which are very cramped, uncomfortable and bumpy. g. Excessive exposure to unfamiliar and unfriendly sounds. If the expectant mother resorts to the above-mentioned factors, it may result in a miscarriage. 2. Constantly sleeping on her back may result in twisting of the umbilical cord around the neck of the child. 3. Sleeping in open air, and moving alone during nighttime may result in insane progeny or attack of evil spirits on the mother’s body. 4. Vocal abuses and physical assaults may result in an epileptic progeny. 5. Habitually having excessive sex makes an ill-formed and shameless progeny. 6. Constantly given to grief makes the progeny fearful, thin and short lived. 7. Thinking ill of others makes the offspring antisocial, envious and subjugated to women. 8. Constantly given to sleep makes the offspring drowsy, dull and deficient in digestive powers. 9. Addiction to wine makes the offspring constantly thirsty, short of memory and fickle minded. 10. Addiction to non-vegetarian food makes the offspring to suffer from, diabetes, stone in bladder, roughness of hair, delayed closure or non closure of eyes. 11. Intake of excess salt will make the offspring to suffer from early onset of wrinkles in the skin, graying of hair and baldness. 12. Intake if more sour food makes the offspring to suffer from diseases of skin and eyes. 13. Addiction to pungent and stale food makes the offspring to suffer from weak body, deficient in semen or impotent. 14. Addiction to bitter food makes the offspring cachectic, weak and emaciated. Thus the parents, especially the mother desirous of an offspring endowed with excellent qualities should refrain from unwholesome diet and regimen. They should perform virtuous acts that are beneficial. Over and above that, the father should also take care to maintain healthy practices and should avoid the factors which damage the quality of semen. Guidelines given above will definitely help the prospective parents to get good and healthy progeny, there by bringing happiness in the family.
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