Education of Medical Science : An Astrological Introspection

Education of Medical Science : An Astrological Introspection  

Manoj Kumar
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Doctors have been considered equivalent to God on Earth. They have been described as having close proximity to God by the human being. Human being is prone to inherit and suffer from numerous diseases and if those diseases are not taken care of or treated by the doctors properly, they may prove fatal and a person may die. Since, doctors are supposed to be the life saver, so they have been rightly compared with God as the God is life giver. In the present atmosphere numerous macro and micro branches and faculties of education have emerged. Several minute branches have come out of a particular subject. So, it has become difficult for the astrologers to find out astrologically the subject a native will choose.

Medical science is one of the most prominent and important subjects since the ancient times. Let's try to find out in the present research article, the planetary significations and combinations for the study of Medical Science in order to become a qualified doctor adept in treating various ailments and diseases. Planetary influences & parameters for the study of Medical Science : i. 6th house is considered to be the house of diseases, 8th house the sudden mishap and 12th house the hospital. So, the connection between 6th, 8th and 12th houses are essential. ii. Jupiter signifies Jeev Vigyan, a science dealing with living beings like zoology or human anatomy.

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So, Jupiter will come into play. iii. Role of Ketu and Sun is also significant as Ketu is the significator for medical practitioner and the Sun is the father of such knowledge. iv. Affliction to Moon is the prime requisite for being a doctor as Moon represents mind. Unless, the mind (Moon) is afflicted, doctors can't give medicines which signifies poison of some sort being the combination of many harmful chemicals or they can't perform surgery which may be considered a cruelty of some sort. The native is a M.B.B.S doctor practising microbiology. 5th lord Mars is placed in 12th house in the nakshatra of Rahu.

Technical Mars represents science, which without Jupiter is engineering or mechanical work. Mars is in exchange with Mercury which represents intelligence and calculative ability. 6th lord is Jupiter placed in 10th house in Marsian sign which is 5th lord placed in 12H. Moon is placed in lagna with 8th lord Saturn. So, all the parameters are fulfilled. In Navamsha, 5th lord is Moon with Saturn, the 12th lord. 6th lord Sun is in 12H. 8th lord Venus is in 6H aspected by 6th lord Sun. Jupiter is also aspecting 6th lord. In Navamsha also, all the parameters are fulfilled. The native was running through the Dasha of Saturn at the time of admission in M.B.B.S. Vargottama Saturn placed in lagna of Birth Chart and 5th house of Navamsha promoted his education and he got a good rank in entrance examination.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Antardasha of Jupiter was running at the time of admission. Jupiter as the 6th lord conjunct with 12th lord in 10th H is good for studying medicine and its 9th lordship gave him that extra boost which is required to clear such exams. The native is a practising E.N.T. surgeon. 5th lord Mars is placed in lagna in debilitated state and aspected by Rahu. Mars is aspecting 6th lord Jupiter placed in 8H. Moon is afflicted by its placement in 6H and aspect of 8th lord Saturn, 12th lord Mercury and Sun from 12th house. So, all the parameters are fulfilled. In Navamsha, 5th lord Venus is conjunct with 12th lord Jupiter. 6th lord Mercury is placed in 2nd house with 2nd lord Saturn and 8th lord Sun is placed in Jupitarian sign in 3rd house. E.N.T is signified by 2nd house, 12th house, 3rd house & 11th house. All these houses are also coming into play alongwith other parameters.

At the time of his admission in M.B.B.S & M.S. (E.N.T.), he was passing through the Mahadasha of Venus,. Venus is Vargottam and aspecting 5th house in D-1 and placed in 5th house in D-9 signifying good education. Venus is under the influence of Jupiter and Ketu, both the significators of medical knowledge. During his entire period of medical education in M.B.B.S & M.S., he got the antardashas of Jupiter the 6th lord, Saturn the 8th lord in 12th house and Mercury the 12th lord and all of them under technical influence. Readers are advised to follow the parameters and verify these rules by applying these parameters on the charts of numerous doctors to make the rules fool proof.

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