Application of Gems in Human Life

Application of Gems in Human Life  

Hemant Raaj Kaith
Views : 2687 | October 2004
Everyone may be aware that every tangible thing is made up of rays and radiation, created by rays, maintained by rays and ultimately destroyed by rays. All names and forms have their origin in seven rays of the rainbow. The rainbow therefore has the greatest significance for this mortal world. The rainbow is composed of the seven most brilliant colours, commonly known as VIBGYOR i.e. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. The Panch Mahabhutas earth, water, fire, air and sky are also condensation of cosmic colours of the rainbow. Earth is condensation of green colour. Water is of orange and indigo. Fire of red and yellow. Air of violet. Sky is condensed form of blue. The seven planets are also nothing but the condensation of the seven different colours of the rainbow. The Sun is condensed form of the red colour, Moon of orange, Mars of yellow, Mercury of green, Jupiter of blue, Venus of indigo and Saturn is condensed form of violet colour. Like the planets, the planetary gems are also condensation of the seven colours of rainbow. All men, animals, trees, rivers, mountains or any living, or nonliving thing is nothing but the combinations of these seven colours of the rainbow, which are not visible by the naked eyes but can be seen through a prism. When there is deficiency, or excess gems are very good healers in all the problems of life because they are the mines of cosmic rays. On account of the cosmic rays absorbed by the body the strength of the respective planet is enhanced, thereby they can give better results. Planets and the related gems are :- Sun - Ruby. Moon - Moonstone. Mars - Red Coral. Mercury - Emerald. Jupiter - Topaz. Venus - Diamond. Saturn - Blue Sapphire. Rahu - Gomedh. Ketu - Cat's Eye. Ancient texts of Vedas, astrology, and mythology suggest the use of various gems as remedial measures to overcome the malefic effects of the planets. Gems are also very widely used in treating many ailments.
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