Importance of Tithi in Predictive Astrology

Importance of Tithi in Predictive Astrology  

Amar Agrawal
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Our sages, who made many contributions in the field of Astrology and wrote about their experiences in the classics in the shape of sutras or shlokas. Every body who worked on this ancient subject had mastered different theories, as per their expertise, to be used in delineating a birth chart, or horoscope, thus provided the modern world with different tools to decipher a birth chart.

One of these tools is Tithi, which is of prime importance in predictive astrology. Since this article is related to the importance of Tithi in predictive astrology we shall restrict ourselves to its use only, while ignoring the method of calculating Tithi, since most of the learned fellows are aware of the method. Tithi plays a very prominent role in predictive astrology whereas most of the astrologers ignore 'its importance while making predictions' since they have kept its limitations up to Muhurta only. We have 14 Tithis of Shukla Paksha and 14 of Krishna Paksha, thus making the total of 28.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Since one Tithi comprises Poornima and one Amavasya it a total 30 Tithis and these 30 Tithis make one lunar month. First Tithi is known as Pratipada and the last one is Chaturdashi, excluding Poornima and Amavasya. Every native is born on some Tithi from Pratipada to Chaturdashi and of course on Poornima and Amavasya as well. Now on every Tithi two Rashis (signs) are given the name of Dagdha Rashis and on some Tithis four Rashis(signs) fall under the category of Dagdha Rashis(signs).

On Poornima and Amavasya no Rashi is Dagdha Rashi(sign). The literal meaning of Dagdha is burnt. One thing worth mentioning here is that Dagdha Rashis and Rikta Tithis are two different things, which should never be intermingled, while using Dagdha Rashis(signs). These Dagdha Rashis give either excellent, or worst results under certain conditions, as detailed below:

• It is always good if this Dagdha Rashi(sign) falls in a Trik Bhava, since a negative Rashi falling in a negative Bhava/house will give good results.

• In case either of the Dagdha Rashi(sign) falls in a good Bhava/house, it is destined to spoil some good traits of the concerned Bhava/house.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

• Apart from Sun and Moon, every planet has ownership over two Rashis (signs) and the Rashi (sign), which is Dagdha, suffers and not the other sign owned by the same planet.

• If a benefic planet is posited in Dagdha Rashi (sign) at the same time it is in retrograde motion, it will give excellent results during its period, or sub period. But in case this benefic happens to be in its direct motion it will give worst results in its period or sub period. Up to some extent this rule is applicable during transit also.

• If a malefic planet is posited in a Dagdha Rashi (sign) but in its direct motion it will give excellent results during its period and its sub period. But in case this malefic happens to be in its retrograde motion, it will give worst results during its period and sub period. Again up to some extent this rule applies during transit also.

• Since Rahu’s and Ketu’s natural motion is retrograde only and they never move in a direct motion, hence placement of these two planets in a Dagdha Rashi (sign) will always give excellent results during their periods and sub period. But out of the two, Rahu will give much better results as compared to Ketu.

• In case a Dagdha Rashi (sign) is occupied by two planets, out of which one is malefic and other is benefic and this malefic is in direct motion and the benefic in a retrograde motion, in such a case in one planet’s major period the sub period of other planet will give excellent result. In case, as per rules if malefic is in its direct motion and the benefic is retrograde, a major period is that of malefic planet” will give excellent results, but as and when the sub period of benefic runs it will give bad results and vice versa.

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• The sun and the moon, being luminaries and having only direct motion are exempted from the rules mentioned above. To prove the importance of Tithi in predictive astrology, as mentioned above, few horoscopes are given below : Example No. 1 Male Native : DOB : 18.6.1975, TOB : 10 Hrs. 10Mts PM IST, POB : Phagwara Asdt. 4s 03° 33' Sun 2s 02° 49' Moon 5s 23° 30' Mars 11s 27° 08' Mercury (R) 1s 22° 12' Jupiter 11s 26° 13' Venus 3s 18° 11' Saturn 2s 25° 29' Rahu 7s 07° 13' Ketu 1s 07° 13' Tithi - Dashami (10th) Shukla Paksha, Dagdha Rasis - Leo, Scorpio. Balance Dasa at birth : Native was born with balance of Mar's Dasa for 6 y 3 m at the time of birth. Next Dasha was that of Rahu, which ran for 24th years approximately. The most important and crucial period of life started after the Mars' Dasha and it was Rahu's period of 18 years.

As per the version of most of the classics 4th house is house of education and Rahu's placement in this house was supposed to disturb his education along with the career, since these 24 years are generally the period of settlement. For discussion we shall stick to the point related with Dagdha Rashis only. In this case Dagdha Rashis are Leo and Scorpio. While Leo is vacant Scorpio is occupied by Rahu, a first date malefic. But Rahus placement in Dagdha Rashi changed the characteristics of Rahu and this Rahu became a Yoga Karaka. During the Rahu's period native appeared for entrance examination for from a prestigious institute. He cleared his examination in flying colours and was placed 35th in ranking out of 6000 candidates.

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Native cleared his degree in computer sciences in stipulated period with flying colours. He selected in a multinational firm and later got a government job with one the best companies of USA. It was Rahu's period during which native travelled through almost whole of the world. Example No. 2 Male Native : DOB : 12.12.1979, TOB : 12 Hrs. 01Mts PM IST, POB : Chandigarh Asdt. 10s 14° 34' Sun 7s 26° 02' Moon 5s 03° 28' Mars 04s 15° 17' Mercury (R) 7s 06° 03' Jupiter 4s 16° 20' Venus 8s 23° 24' Saturn 5s 02° 50' Rahu 4s 08° 46' Ketu 10s 08° 46' Tithi - Navami (9th) Krishan Paksha, Dagdha Rashis - Leo and Scorpio. Balance Dasha of birth : Sun 2Y-11M-8 days The native is born with Aquarius sign rising in ascendant. Tithi is Navami (9th) of Krishna Paksha. Dagdha Rashis are Leo and Scorpio. At the time of birth balance Dasha of the Sun was 2Yrs, 11 Months, 8 Days.

Moon’s Dasha ran up to the age of 13 years and up to 20 years native was under the major period of Mars. Mars is placed in a Dagdha Rashi and lord of 3rd and 10th, occupying 7th house. There is a powerful exchange between 7 and 10th lords ie. Sun and Mars and both the planets are posited in Dagdha Rashis. 7th house is 10th to 10th, meaning another house of profession. Involvement of 3rd lord indicates valour and arms. Native took cricket as his career and from 13th year of his age, when Mars’ major period started, native started showing his talent. Though Mars owns 10th house, it is a negative planet since its Mool trikona Rashi falls in 3rd house.

But due to the placement of this Mars in its direct motion in Dagdha Rashi it started showing very good results. At his 20th year Rahu’s major period started and this Rahu is posited in a Dagdha Rashi native came into prominence and was chosen to represent home team at international level. During Rahu’s sub period in Rahu’s major period, native performed very well and secured his place in international team. In Jupiter’s sub period native's performance is not up to expectations, since Jupiter is a benefic planet placed in its direct motion in a Dagdha Rashi. From 21st Dec.2004 sub period of Saturn will start in the major period of Rahu. Saturn being Lagna lord will give excellent results in the Mahadasha of Rahu. Example No.3 : Male Native DOB:20.5.1948, TOB : 15.00PM 1ST, POB:Jullundur(Punjab) Asdt. 05s 12° 03' Sun 1s 06° 07' Moon 06s 03° 11' Mars 04s 07° 29' Mercury (R) 1s 26° 47' Jupiter 8s 03° 58' Venus 2s 14° 43' Saturn 3s 23° 35' Rahu 0s 20° 56' Ketu 06s 20° 56' Tithi - Trayodashi(13th) Shukla Paksha Dagdha Rashis - Taurus and Leo Native was born on Trayodashi (13th) Tithi of Shukla Paksha. Taurus and Leo are Dagdha Rashis.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Chart is highly delusive, since lord of Lagna, a planet always considered good, is posited in best trine ie.9th house, along with the Sun forming a powerful Budhaditya Yoga. Further 9th lord Venus is placed in 10th house, a best angle in any horoscope. This Venus is placed in 10th house from Lagna giving rise to Amla Yoga. But above all these there is exchange between 9th and 10th lords, giving rise to Dharam-Karam Adhipati Yoga. This Yoga is most powerful Yoga present in any horoscope.

But Mercury, lord of lagna, most benefic planet of horoscope is placed in a Dagdha Rashi but in direct motion. A class one officer, on the onset of Mercury’s major period and during the sub period of Mercury was charge sheeted and during that period and sub period he was put under suspension. Up to 17.8.2005 he will be under the sub period of Ketu will not get any respite and after that from 14.8.2006 he will be under the sub period of Karaka planet Venus and this period will provide the native a lot of relief

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