Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
Views : 2366 | October 2004
Mundane Astrology has been much neglected by students. It is hoped that this editorial will draw their attention to this important branch of the science. We should give more importance to nations, countries and cities, than individuals. Enough work has not been done on this subject and it is really high time that we should take up the study of this subject seriously and our students should come forward in conducting more researches on this subject and work hard to popularize the subject. Every city, town, or district is under a zodiacal influence. If this influence was understood, then it would be an easy matter to forecast the fate of any place. Our lack of knowledge of the exact place in detail or locality, governed by each degree of the zodiac is the cause of many failures in the predictions relating to mundane events. Mundane astrology is that branch of the science, which deals with influence of the zodiac, and planets on nations, countries, cities, or the divisions of the earth and is the art of foretelling the chief events which will come to pass there in. The student should bear in mind the various testimonies of good and evil shown, thus may read the good, or evil fortune of any particular nation, or country. The possibility of peace, or war, health, or sickness, dearth, or plenty in any particular part of the world for which the forecasts are required, in addition to this the transits of the planets through the several signs of zodiac have also to be considered, and the general conditions of the various countries and people, ruled by different signs, can then be ascertained. A horoscope of the heaven, for the movements of the Sun’s entry into the sign of Aries is taken as the basis for ground work for all the predictions and this, together with similar figures for the entry of the Sun into the signs, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn corresponding to the commencement of each season, has chief influence in determining the various forecasts to be made. A chart of the heaven also has to be cast for each new and full moon during the year, also for all solar and lunar eclipses and all conjunctions of the major planets like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Harshel or Neptune. Some of the above aspects are necessary for creating a chart for the Sun’s entry into four cardinal signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. But the eclipses and great conjunctions, which are formed by the major planets, are dealt with separately, as they have a very powerful and important influence on the destiny of the nation. All of these will be explained in the forthcoming editorials, which are being expressively written for our students a careful study of which, with various rules and instructions given, will help to get accurate and reliable forecasts.
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