Astrology and Health

Astrology and Health  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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It is amazing to know that millions and billions of heavenly bodies are constantly in motion. But they show no deviation from their path even for a fraction of a second in thousands of years. They follow the path exactly as computed by gravitational laws. Same is the story of human life. Though it seems unplanned, but in reality it goes exactly like a planet and its future course can be determined for every fraction of time. However, the parameters that control events in human life are so many, that it is impossible to compute in advance.

To make these computations simple and to know the major events, ignoring minor details, astrology takes into account the most effective nine planets and the twelve signs. On this earth all human beings are controlled by these planets. We tend to feel that we work and receive our rewards. It is however the Karmic pattern which shapes and moulds our actions. The planets mould our thoughts. Thoughts get transferred into deeds. The cycle of life commences at birth of an individual. As soon as birth takes place, the native’s destiny is writ large, which includes his health, happiness, ups and downs etc. God bestowed upon us the ‘eye’ to peep through planets. By saying so, it is not the intention to claim that astrology can presage the diseases with precision. But astral remedies with promise to cure the malaise is surely there. Lot of research is going on in this field.

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Astrology can be very well relied upon whenever a doubt arises about the character of disease. Astrology can certainly guide in what direction medical investigations should proceed. Its penetration enables us to suggest what a patient is prone to. Recent empirical/statistical studies have shown beyond doubt that a particular disease occurs with the affliction of particular planet. If further researches are carried out, without getting biased about validity of astrology, then astrology can definitely prove to be good complimentary science to Medical science.

This can be a good tool to give the probability of a disease much in advance. Astrology can be effectively used as an Advance Warning System, foretelling danger areas for one’s life. So with the help of astrology, one can stay healthy. If astrology can foretell, the medical science steps in as a healer. The doctor fraternity can utilize astrological science better to pinpoint the problem areas of health and consequent precautions/curative measures.

In a nutshell astrology can be used to supplement medical science in following ways:

  • Act as an Advance Warning System
  • To know probable diseases of a patient.
  • To know the probable period of disease.
  • Help in identification of disease, by discarding improbable diseases.
  • Can help a lot in psychological cases, by giving an indication to the patient about the length of bad time.
  • Help in producing a healthy society by selecting right time of birth.
  • Can even select the quality of children born, by selection of Time of Birth. What astrology cannot do and only medical science can do:
  • Confirm the diagnoses of the disease.
  • Give relief immediately, or confirmatively.
  • Surgery. The science of astrology can definitely be used as a good supplement to medical science.

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Let us not ignore our Vedic knowledge; more so when the modern statistics proves a relationship between the planets and disease. If we cannot see, or measure the effect of planets on our bodies, that does not mean that planets cannot have an effect on us. It is the lack of complete knowledge that makes us think so. As a true scientist we should accept it and try to apply it for the benefit of mankind. Astrology does have an upper edge over other sciences because of its simplicity and capacity to look into the long future.

How can we carry researches in astrology to make it supplementary to the medical science and make astrology also fairly reliable and acceptable by the practitioners of medicine for identification of disease? First of all, take one disease and collect all the rules of astrology that are prescribed in the books.

Collect sufficient number of birth details of patients having this disease, say 100-200. Also collect equal number of birth details of healthy persons. Apply the rules to both the groups & find out which planetary combination is common to the patients, but does not exist in the healthy group. Also look for Dasha and transit of the patients to find out why the disease struck at the particular time. Such exercise will definitely lead to certain rules and deletion of unwanted rules.

Deletion of unwanted rules is important to crystallize the available knowledge. It is this redundant information which has made astrology vague and unreliable. Further studies and similar researches on the same subject will make things better and better and lead astrology on the parallel track to the medical science.

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