The Connection of Vastu & Horoscope

The Connection of Vastu & Horoscope  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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It is generally observed that people changing their houses get new house containing same Vastu faults which were there in previous house too. This indicates that there are some Vastu faults which reveal the flaws of our horoscope or else we can say that we get house according to planetary position in our horoscope. Therefore we fail to remove all Vastu faults from our house and even if we satiate planetary flaws these Vastu faults come back in one or other form.

For getting the comfort of house generally 4th house and fourth house lord are studied. According to Lal Kitab Saturn is considered Karaka planet of house.

If Saturn is powerfully placed in one's chart then the native enjoys house comfort completely. if Saturn is debilitated, combust or afflicted the native gets debarred of house comfort in the major period of Saturn.

According to Lal Kitab the Karaka for house comfort is second house. Seventh house also talk aboutt the comfort/discomfort of house. When Saturn transits into 2nd, 4th or 7th house there develops a probability of change of house.

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According to Lal Kitab if Saturn occupies first house & 7th & 10th houses are vacant in that case the native gets a great house otherwise the native gets under debts while constructing house.

  • If Saturn in 2nd house the construction work should not be stopped in the middle.
  • If Saturn occupies 3rd house the native should keep three days after the completion of house otherwise he would get into trouble.
  • If Saturn occupies fourth house the mother in law, maternal unjcle mother & grand mother get into trouble.
  • If Saturn occupies fifth house the native's children get into trouble after the completion of construction work and contrary to it if the children construct house they remain happy.
  • If Saturn is in 6th house there occur problem in the house of daughter in law after the completion of construction work.
  • If Saturn is auspicious in 7th house in that case native constructs several houses & if it is inauspicious he gets compelled to sell even his own house.
  • If Saturn is in 8th house in that case native faces several difficulties in constructing house.
  • If Saturn is in 9th house in that case the construction of house results into trouble equivalent to death for native's father.
  • For a native the movementt into his own house brings poverty to him, so it is better to stay into a rented house.
  • If Saturn is in 11th house the native constructs house in old age.
  • If Saturn is in 12th house the process of house construction is slow but the native constructs house in a very young age.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

In this way we tried to describe the results of Karka of house comfort Saturn. In horoscope different planets are indicators of different Dashas. The placement of these planets in horoscope give indications of there Vastu faults.

In birth chart lagna is considered as cast direction and seventh house as west. Similarly fourth house is North and tenth as South. Second and 3rd house indicate North-East, 5th & 6th house indicate North- west, 8th &9th house represent south west whereas south East direction is represented by 11th & 12th houses.

If the lord of a house is exalted or powerfully placed in Kendra in that case the direction represented by that house does not contain any fauult in it and if the lord of a house is debilitated, combust or in the sign of its enemy in that case the direction represented by that planet shall have vastu fault in it.

Similarly different planets rule different directions like Sun-East, Moon-North West, Mars - South, Mercury - North, Jupiter- North East, Venus - South East, Saturn - West and Rahu Ketu rule South West direction. If any planet is debilitated combust or in enemy's sign in that case there shall be vastu faults in the direction owned by this planet.

  • If lagna lord is in lagna then there shall be windows in Eastern direction.
  • If lagna lord is debilitated/afflicted it indicates Vastu faults in East. This Yoga not only creates Vastu faults in east but also affects health of the native certainly. This dosha can also affect the brain of the native. Physical fitness remains missing.
  • If lagna lord occupies 6th, 8th or 12th houses there remain Vastu faults in eastern direction.
  • If 6th house lord is in Lagna there remains noise in eastern direction.
  • If Lagna lord is in 3rd house in that case there are cracks in North East or else the construction work/brick wall construction etc in that direction is incomplete.
  • If Lagna lord is in 5th house there is probability of Vastu faults in North West.
  • If there are malefies 6th lord or 8th lord in 12th house in that case there are faults in North, East.
  • If seventh lord is in 6th house there are Vastu faults in West.
  • If 8th lord is in 5th house there are Vastu faults in South West.
  • If 10th lord is in 6th house then there are Vastu faults in South.
  • Rahu ketu generally create problems in that direction where they are placed.
  • If the direction of Jupiter (North East) in horoscope is occupied by benefic planets in that case the there is open space, windows and religious items.
  • If in horoscope Moon is conjunct with benefic planets in that case Vastu faults are not there North West.
  • If Venus is exalted powerfully placed in that case there is vehicle and other comfort giving articles in south, east direction.
  • The auspicious placement of Mars rectifies not only Vastu faults of South but also results into enough availability of eating material.
  • Mercury's auspiciousness indicates auspicious results for northern direction and gives this information that there is study room or education related articles in this direction.
  • The lord of western direction is Saturn. If Saturn is afflicted then there is iron and old wooden material in West.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

The above mentioned characteristics of your house shall be more distinctly marked when Dasha (major period) and transit create impact on same area. If powerful & auspicious planets are placed in an auspicious house, Kendra or Trikona in a powerful position in that case the directions owned by those planets are free from Vastu faults and the native obtains highly auspicious results.

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