Necessity of Research in Astrology

Necessity of Research in Astrology  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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Astrology is an ancient science mentioned in Vedas. Astrology is generally divided into two parts. First is Astronomy which helps to calculate the accurate positioning of planets in sky. Second part deals mainly with the analysis of impact of these heavenly bodies on the people and earth.

ज्योतिषम् वेदानाम् चक्षुः।

It has been affirmed rightly that Jyotish is an eye of Vedas. The only need is to open this eye.

Astronomy is considered accurate by all scientists and they also acknowledge its accuracy as planets while moving in the sky exhibit incomparable uniformity in their speed and orbit. There does not come any change in their motion and orbit even in millions of years. But there is no instrument designed to show the impact of these heavenly bodies on our personality and destiny. The statistics only compels us to think that certainly all these have an impact on our body.

In our universe billions of heavenly bodies are connected with a gravitational force in such a way as if they are connected in an order and revolve around their central point continuously. The same gravitational force also penetrates human being and affects his life.

Our ancient Rishis recognised this gravitational force thousands / lakhs of years before and also showed the impact of it on the life of human beings with the help of astrology. But during that time the medium of exchange of knowledge was speech and hearing only. Therefore, it is quite probable that this great knowledge in the process of its propagation through this medium got distorted. In addition to that during medieval age there was Mughal Rule followed by British Rule and as per historical evidences during both these eras the texts of astrology were destroyed.

Therefore the knowledge of astrology available today is just a small part of the great knowledge imparted by ancient rishis. Therefore, astrological predictions done today are not 100% accurate. There is so much of chaos in it now because of which the scientists have denied to accept it as a science. As the common man has started trusting the medical science because of the advance researches in this field similarly they shall start having faith in astrology if new researches take place in this field and by doing this it can be used for the benefit of man.

There are few universities where research in the field of astrology is done. But this research work is generally the compilation of various authors and has been found confined to the compilation of critical study only. There is no such detail of a research work anywhere that involves the authenticity of various astrological yogas. Even the prediction is done by accepting the fundamental principles of astrology literally. For instance Mars has the lordship of Aries and Scorpio, the 7th house talks about marriage and fifth house is considered as house of children.

We need to check the accuracy of fundamentals of Astrology including Yogas and remedies by doing research on these so that common man does not lose his faith from Astrology. In addition to it the forecasting about weather through Astrology shall prove beneficial for agriculture.

All India Federation of Astrologers' Society has already done lot of research in Astrology and on the basis of the findings the fundamental rules for accurate prediction for matchmaking, health, profession and children have been created. A software has been developed which predicts about rain, share market and rise and fall in the prices of gold, silver, wheat and grains. With the help of it the accurate calculation can be done in advance. Here we are giving details of few findings of research done by AIFAS.

  • We analysed the horoscopes of 200 such couples in whose married life there was no problem at all and that of 200 more couples with bad married life. After extensive research on the horoscopes of these 400 couples we found that average points that matched in both these groups were around 21.5
  • The role of Mars in determining marital bliss was almost negligible. If the prospective bride and bridegroom are non manglik then the probabilities of separation after marriage are more.
  • People having Mercury and Saturn in 10th house face problems and obstacles in married life.
  • Similarly Mars and Saturn in 7th house are bad for marital bliss but contrary to it the presence of Rahu-Ketu does not create any problem in married life.
  • Our Research in the field of profession helped us to know that Mercury must have relation with 10th house for becoming a doctor.
  • When Mars and Saturn are together in transit the probability of rain increases.
  • When Mars and sun are together then also the probability of rain increases. The research work on rain indicated that Moon does not have any role in rains.
  • The percentage of probability of death of a man increases in the month of birth by 20%.
  • As per astrological combinations Jupiter should be in 9th house or any trikona for becoming a great astrologer.
  • If Jupiter is 8 to 10 degree ahead of Sun then the native might become an IAS officer.

The above researches help us to conclude that astrological yogas we read in astrology texts should not be applied literally as they do not give exactly the same results as mentioned. If you modify them according to modern context the results would be more satisfactory. Generally it is observed that people sometimes use the partial form of yogas for instance Jupiter in trikona makes a good astrologer but if astrologers also at kendra to it the power of yoga shall get reduced substantially. For getting the complete result of yogas they should be used in their original forms.

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