Transit of Saturn

Transit of Saturn  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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Our life is governed by nine planets but Saturn is considered to be the most important and the most infl uential planet. The following mythological story supports this statementIt is said that when Saturn was in womb then his mother a great devotee of lord Shiva practised austere asceticism to please lord Shiva and in the process her son Saturn in her womb was ignored as a result of which Saturn's complexion turned black and eventually lord Sun did not accept him as his son. Because of this Saturn got annoyed to his father and started worshipping Lord Shiva. Shiva blessed him by saying that Saturn shall become the most powerful among all planets and since then Saturn is the most powerful. 

Saturn is the son of lord Sun and the elder brother of Yama. Saturn gives the results to a native on the basis of his auspicious/ inauspicious Karmas in this life whereas Yama gives the results of Karma after the death of the native. Saturn is the balance wheel of this universe. Saturn is considered the biggest signifi cator of justice because it protects the mankind by punishing a native for his mistakes and sins. Therefore, Saturn is not a predator rather a protector. In predictive astrology Saturn is Karaka of service, spirituality, law, diplomacy and politics. 

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Transit of SaturnThis year Saturn shall transit into Scorpio on 2nd November 2014 at 8:54 PM. At this point Moon will be transitting in Aquarius sign in the 4th Pada of Shatbhisha nakshatra of Rahu. In general sense we study the transit of Saturn on bhavas and rashis but its subtle and micro effects on mankind can be understood by studying the Payas and Vahan on which Saturn transits to a particular rashi. Consideration of Paya If Moon transits on 1,6,11 houses from natal Moon at the time of change of sign of Saturn then Saturn is supposed to be transitting on Gold Paya. If Moon transits 2,5,9 houses from natal Moon then it is on Silver Paya, if on 3,7,10 then Copper Paya and if 4,8,12 houses then Saturn changes sign in transit on Iron Paya. 

This year Saturn will come on Gold Paya for the natives of Aries, Virgo and Aquarius signs and endow his blessings on these natives with wealth and prosperity. For the natives of Gemini, Libra and Capricorn Saturn will travel on Silver Paya and bless them with all sorts of auspicious results and physical comforts. For the natives of Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius signs, Saturn will use Copper Paya and bless them with mixed results. For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces natives Saturn will come on Iron Paya which will not prove auspicious for them and they have to suffer from losses and professional distress. Consideration of Vahan Saturn gives auspicious/inauspicious results as per his Vahan chosen for different nakshatra. 

Saturn will travel on the following differnt Vahan according to the birth nakshatra of each individual and bestow results accordingly: Birth Nakshatra Ashwini,Magha, Moola Bharni,P.Phalguni.,P.Ashadha Krittika,U.Phalguni,U.Ashadha Rohini,Hasta,Shravan Mrigshira,Chitra,Dhanishtha Ardra,Swati,Shatbhisha Punarvasu.,Vishakha,P.Bhadrapad Pushya,Anuradha,U.Bhadrapada Ashlesha,Jyeshtha,Revati Lord Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Vahan Lion Jackal Goat Elephant Horse Ass Peacock Swan Crow Result Victory, Profi t, Success Fear, Trouble Opposite, Failure, Sickness Good Food, Pleasure, Profi t Happiness, Property, Travel Sorrow, Argument Happiness and Profi t Profi t, Victory, Success Worry, Mental tension Result of Transit on different Signs Aries- You shall be under the infl uence of Dhaiya of Saturn in coming two years which can give health and work related troubles. 

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Therefore try to maintain good relations with your seniors and do not leave your current job in a fi t of anger. Taurus- There shall be probabilities of marriage. You shall gain in legal case, job and partnership. Time is auspicious for you but be cautious about the health of your spouse. Gemini- You shall get victory in legal cases, competitions and on your enemies. You shall be earning fi nancial gains, new job & new house. Cancer- There will be indications of progress of children and education. Gains from speculation are indicated. The probability of marriage of children and gain of name and fame is also there. Leo- You would be spending on property, new house construction, house warming ceremony and purchasing vehicle etc.

Virgo- You will be active and very effortful for your progress and earn wealth along with social reputation and status. Libra- There are indications of some fi nancial gains and establishment of new work in the last phase of Sadesati but there would remain mental tensions and domestic problems during 2015 Scorpio- The second phase of sadesati shall enhance your reputation and responsibilities. You would be able to accomplish your pending tasks and get rid of health troubles. Sagittarius- For you the beginning of Sadesati will bring physical, fi nancial and mental troubles. There might remain fi nancial losses and big fi nancial expenses therefore do not invest money in business in next two years. 

Capricorn- Financial gains and income resources will be increasing and you will be earning, popularity, success and reputation in all areas. The fi rst half is indicating probabilities of marriage and child birth. Aquarius- Growth, expansion and stability in job, business and reputation can be expected. In the latter half of 2015 there are probabilities of marriage and child birth. Pisces- The end of Dhaiya of Saturn will result into complete abolition of unnecessary obstacles with rise in destiny. You shall start a new business and those in job can expect progress.

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