Predicting Through Yogi and Avyogi Planets

Predicting Through Yogi and Avyogi Planets  

N. C. Singal
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In the huge labyrinth of Vedic astrology, we come across numerous tools to work out the predictions/interpretations from the maze of planetary combinations. The task has been found to be onerous as well as demanding. The inquisitive class of astrologers would always be found to keep probing/researching for more and more effective modes of interpretation from a horoscope. All those who possess working knowledge of the subject of astrology would agree that the ultimate satisfaction of practicing astrology lies in coming close to the foretelling part of the practice of astrology. How best to achieve this solemn objective remains the dream of several followers and admirers of the science of astrology.

The main reason behind this syndrome is that much as we read in the texts, the greater becomes the ambiguity and thence the confusion. Therefore, it has been found from experience that it is far better to apply the very basic dicta propounded by Sages Parashar and Jaimini. Not so popular and rarely talked about (and yet highly effective) is the method of calculating the findings in a horoscope with the help of Yogi and Avayogi planets. The method to arrive at these planetary stations is simple and is being given below. Among the five elements of Panchang, one is Yogas .They are 27 in number, starting from Vishkumbha and ending with Vaidhriti. Vishkumbha Yoga begins at 3s30°20' whose star is Pushyami and the lord is Saturn.

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This position of Vishkumbha becomes the constant for being added to the longitudes of Sun and Moon in a horoscope. How to calculate Yogi & Avayogi planets ? Yogi planet : It is calculated by adding Longitudes of Sun & Moon to a constant of 3 R-3 Deg & 20 minutes. This constant is added because 1st Yoga Vishkumbha as mentioned above starts at 3R-3°-20'. The star lord of this total is known as Yogi planet & the Rashi lord is Duplicate Yogi. Avayogi planet. The lord of 6th star from the Yogi star is the Avayogi planet. Results 1. Yogi Planet • Yogi planet always gives favourable results pertaining to • Lordship of bhavas • Bhavas where it is posited & planets associated with it.

Bhavas it aspects. • Yogi planets in their own stars give benefic results. • If the star lord of Lagna happens to become a Yogi planet, native prospers throughout the life especially during dasha of the planet. Reverse will be the case if star lord of Lagna is an avayogi star . • Yogi planet if in a negative star, shall retain some Yoga character to do good. 2. Duplicate Yogi • Duplicate Yogi in the star of lagna or vice versa confers a high class yoga. • Duplicate Yogi in a positive star also gives good results. 3. Avayogi Planet • Avayogi planet in a positive star shall give bad results especially during its mahadasha and bhukti. • Rahu or Ketu if posited with avayogi planet or in the star of Avayogi planet is capable of giving good results. 4. There are 5 yogas (a) Vishkumbha (b) Atigandha (c) Triti (d) Varidhi (e) Vyaghata where Duplicate Yogi & Avayogi planet are the same planets which are Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter respectively. They shall behave as Neutral. 5. Transit • In general, the Yogi planet during transit of various bhavas produces positive results pertaining to that Bhava and an Avayogi planet during transit produces negative results.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

If Saturn is a Yogi planet or persons born under Vishkumbha, Ganda or Parigha Yogas, it will hardly cause any negative effects during sadhesati & will promote the Bhava of his occupation or aspect. His transit in 7th gives marriage, in 5th/4th education & in 10th career prospects improve etc. • If Saturn is Avayogi planet or persons born under Sobhna, Harsana & Subha Yoga, highly negative results are likely pertaining to that Bhava as reckoned from lagna or Moon Lagna & Bhavas that are aspected by Saturn viz 3rd, 7th & 10th from the Bhava transited by Saturn. • For example if Rahu is an Avayogi planet & during its transit of 7th from Asc. or Moon Rasi, marriages that are otherwise indicated in the birth chart get blocked or elusive because of Avayogi's transit.

Native of this horoscope was born with Aries sign rising in lagna at 12°-32' & Cusp of Lagna falling in Ashwin Nakshatra ruled by Ketu. • Yogi/Avyogi/Duplicate Yogi planets Longitudes of Sun 05R - 11°-31 Longitudes of Moon 11R - 11°-22 Constant 03R - 03°-20 07R - 26°-13 • Yogi planet : The Native was born in Vairidhi Yoga whose star lord is Jyeshtha ruled by Mercury. This Mercury becomes a Yogi planet in Nakshatra of Moon - a positive star but Mercury is enmical to Moon. Though Mercury being lord of 2 bad Houses viz 3rd & 6th posited in exalted position in 6th House should give bad results. Had Mercury been weaker, it would have been better. It has become a most malefic planet but since it has attained a Yoga planet character, it is bound to give benefic results pertaining to 3rd, 6th & 12th Bhava (aspecting).

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Native during its mahadasha w.e.f. 11.4.1947 to 10.4.1964 (Age 8-24 years), finished graduation in Engineering got a Govt. job which everybody in that period aspired. • Mars is both Avayogi & Duplicate Yogi planet in Nakshatra of Sun & shall behave as neutral. Though Mars is exalted at 10° is in an exchange with Saturn, exchange between 1st & 10th Bhavas is present. Exalted planet Mars is approaching deep exalting point of 28°. With this exchange & exaltation, it should give excellent results but it shall behave as Neutral. Mahadasha of Mars is to commence from 11.4.2007 for 7 years at the age of 68 years. This period shall be average for the native and shall not bestow prosperity & gains to the native. • Transit : Both Mercury & Mars transit over a Rashi for a period of 24 & 45 days approximately. This period is too less to observe transit results, therefore happenings during transit of Yogi & Avyogi planet are not being discussed here.

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