More Predictive Techniques in the Armoury of an Astrologer

More Predictive Techniques in the Armoury of an Astrologer  

Amar Agrawal
Views : 2596 | April 2005
In is common knowledge that the practice of Astrology has remained mostly confined to traditional pundits. They are found in temples, pilgrim-places and even in their own residences. Predictions are being doled out on the basis of knowledge imparted by the father-astrologer to his son. And so has flowed the river of predictions over the centuries. In the last quarter century, a new and healthy trend has emerged. Astrology has been brought out from its abysmal depth and has been transformed as a full-blown subject of classroom study. Dr. B.V. Raman's name comes foremost to mind. He truly and sincerely brought the renaissance in the field of Astrology by his initiative of introducing Astrology as a teachable subject, for which several chapters were started throughout India in the early 80s. Then come the vision of Dr. K.N. Rao who transformed the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi into a veritable academy of astrology. Last but not the least, Future Point (P) Ltd. New Delhi through its teaching arm "AIFAS" got going in a big way by organizing courses in Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu, Numerology etc. So much has been the response of AIFAS- sponsored courses, they are now having more than one hundred chapters running in India and abroad. The net result of this metamorphosis has been that several hundred "modern" & educated astrologers dot the horizon of astrology in India. In an apt observation, someone remarked that the 21st century astrologer is a booted-suited person with a necktie adoring his outfit. All said & done, the whole class of Astrologers taken together lean upon certain stereotyped steps to reel out their predictions. The most widely used steps, as we all know, are to name only a few, the strength of the Ascendant, yogas being formed, position of the Dasa/ antardasha lords, Ashtakvargas, Shodasvargas, Shadbala, etc. These are, without doubt, the stellar milestones to be covered in predictive astrology. But in order to fine-tune the results, an astrologer should also find it convenient to focus on some of the simpler facets of predictive astrology. An attempt is being made to enumerate then as follows : 1. Abdaphalam: There is a fixed chronology in which the Samvat years have been classified. These are sixty in number. A person born in a particular Samvat (Abda) shall carry certain traits. For example, the Samvat 2062 falls in Vilambi classification. Its results attributed to the Astrological classics are : "The person born will be prosperous, resorted to by the Brahman community" etc. 2. Ayan Phalam : The results ensuing from Uttarayan birth are : "The person will be devoted to knowledge and lead a chaste life." Those born in Dakshinayan are stated to be "Confident in speech maintaining a distinction between spirit & matter. 3. Ritu Phalam : It is mentioned in the classical tests that person born in different "Ritus" (seasons) acquire significations related to the period of birth. Jatak Parijat describes these results as under : Season of Birth Nature of the native Spring Long-lived, wealthy & fond of fine scents. Summer Clever, lean-bodied & intelligent Rainy season Fond of milk & pungent flavours and possesses clear intellect. Autumn Pure -minded, handsome face, happy and lustful. Winter A contemplative saint, agriculturist, possessing means of enjoyment. Hemant Fond of gifts, highly capable, high sense of honour and of great fame. 4. Maas (Month) Phalam : According to Jatak Parijaat, Chaitra born people are devoted to study of every art, science & scriptures as well as seeking delight in the company of women, those born in Vaishakha, Jyeshtha, Ardra etc. similarly get possessed of certain intrinsic qualities & traits. The list gives details of to all the months. 5. Paksha Phalam : Persons born in bright half will be distinguished above others by the fact of them being blessed with sons, grandsons and riches. They will be virtuous and compassionate. Those born in dark half display their own interests, though show reverence to mother but inimical to other relatives. 6. Kaalphalam : According to Jatak Parijat, the persons born in the early morning are attentive to his duties, born at midday have princely virtues, born in afternoon are wealthy, evening born are fond of scents & women while those born at night time have same characteristics as those born in evening. The persons born at sunrise enjoy lots of comforts. 7. Tithi Phalam : Varying qualities become attached to persons born in different tithis. For example, pratipada born are industrious & lead a life of virtue, those born on ashtami are exceedingly lecherous, those who are Amavasya born worship their ancestors & their panes in full measure etc. All tithis have their own traits. 8. Vaar Phalam : Persons born on Sunday have a lofty sense of honour and are lordly. Monday born show they are gallant yet tenderhearted. Tuesday born inculcate a quality of daring words & deeds. Those born on Wednesday honour Gods & brahmins and speak politely. Jupiterian births perform sacrifices and are popular with the kings/ high ranking authorities. Venus imparts wealth & landed properties while Saturnian birth disburse negative traits in a native. 9. Nakshatra Phalam : There are twenty seven Nakshatras. Births take place in each Nakshatra tempers the native with a blend of qualities which are intrinsic to that constellation. The above details are sketchy in nature and have been given for the sake of illustration only. By no means these are exhaustive. Scholars / practitioners of the divine science of Astrology would do well to acquaint themselves with these important milestones. They add flavour and realism to the predictive part of astrology.
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