An Introduction to Astropathology - Medical Astrology

An Introduction to Astropathology - Medical Astrology  

G. Sumathi
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To diagnose the diseases, a doctor uses a stethoscope and an astrologer uses horoscope. That is why many old people say that horoscope is better than stethoscope. But how far can this argument be believed ? Our ancient sages with their introspective power, knowledge and vast experience in astronomy and astrology, laid down certain rules and norms to diagnose the diseases both mental and physical. If these rules and principles are followed and properly used, then it is possible to predict about the disease that a person is suffering or going to suffer in future. If a doctor diagnoses the disease of the person by physical examination, an astrologer can predict the disease even in the absence of the person merely by his horoscope and also can tell in advance the time of the disease. As far as astropathology or medical astrology is concerned each sign, planet and star is allotted with the parts of the human beings. To diagnose the disease, we have to consider the trika houses i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th. The sixth house is mainly assigned to the diseases because the main reason for the cause of disease is the food which is sent to the digestive system.

Most of the organs become inactive when the digestive system gets corrupted. The six main kinds of tastes are salt , sweet, sour, bitter, acid and pungent, where salt is ruled by Moon, sweet is ruled by Jupiter, sour by Venus , bitter is ruled by Mars, acid by Saturn and pungent by Sun. All these six tastes play major roles for the cause of disease. These tastes enter through mouth (2nd house, the maraka sthana!) and reach the digestive organs denoted by the sixth house. In all the horoscopes the sixth house is considered for diagnosing the disease . Apart from that, Sign Virgo should and must be considered irrespective of the lagna to diagnose the type of disease as Virgo sign is the 6th sign of the zodiac (i.e. Kaalapurusha’s 6th house).

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The eighth house is considered for predicting the longevity of the life for all living beings on the earth. This is because Lord Shiva's Ashtamoorthies viz. sun, water, earth, air, fire, sky, yayajuka (sacrifice performer) and the moon are the primary agencies for the creation, protection and destruction of the universe. That is why to increase the longevity and avoid the hospitalization and sufferings from diseases performance of Mrityunjaya Japa is highly recommended in the Hindu remedial measures of Astrotherapy. The twelfth house is treated as the moksha sthana. This becomes the 12th house from Lagna.

The first 8 houses from lagna indicate the worldly pleasures whereas the last four houses 9, 10, 11, and 12 deal with spiritual aspects of Dharma, Artha , Kamya and Moksha. Hence 12th house indicates the loss or disappearance. When the patient is in serious condition, he is taken to the hospital, where he may recover or not from the disease according to his fate (deeds of past karma). While analysing according to Bhavath Bhavam the 11th house (being 6th to 6th and 12th to 12th), 3rd house (being 8th to 8th ) should also be seen. The number 3 indicates the 3 humours Vatha, Pitha, Sleshma which are main doshas or humours for the cause of disease pertaining to any one. These 3 main humours are further classified by vata, pitta, kapha ,vata&kapha, pitta & kapha , vata, pitta & kapha. 2nd and 7th houses are maraka sthanas or death inflicting houses because 2nd house becomes 12th to the upa ayushthana 3rd and 7th house becomes the 12th to the 8th house. In Brihat Jathaka sage Varahamihira states the 7 stages of development of a child in the womb of the mother governed by the 7 planets viz 1.

United fluid of male and female - Venus 2. Solidification - Mars 3. Sprouting - Jupiter 4. Formation of bone - Sun 5. Skin - Moon 6. Hair - Saturn 7. Chethana (consciousness) – Mercury The saptha dhatus bone, blood, marrow, skin, fat, semen and muscles are also seven in numbers that are represented by planets Sun to Saturn respectively. If a particular planet is afflicted, the concerned dhathu or ingredient may be the cause for the disease. For example if Jupiter is afflicted, fat may be the cause for the disease. Likewise reasons for the diseases can also be traced out. In ancient times our great sages controlled the diseases by performing the poojas and homas for the concerned planet and developed the immunity in themselves.

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The present generation people go for the vaccination and want to prevent diseases. There is a saying in sanskrit janmaanthra krutham paapam vyathi roopena jaayathe means one suffers from the disease as per his poorva karma. Though this is a known fact still by reciting hymns of Shri Dhanvantri Devatha the celestial doctor, we can ward off the evils of diseases and get tolerance to withstand the difficulties. The Dhanvantri mantra is as follows for the ready reference and use of the readers. Om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya Dhanvantre amrutha kalasa hasthaya sarva Aamaya naasanaaya- sthrylokya naathaaya Sri mahavishnave namaha.

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