Pitfalls in Astrology

Pitfalls in Astrology  

N. C. Singal
Views : 3545 | July 2005

In predictive astrology, there are certain known parameters which when applied to a chart yield results. Such results depend upon the multiple yogas being formed in the chart. Other things which influence the results/delineations as taught by the Gurus are factors like operating dashas/antardashas -their Lords planetary avasthas, shadbalas, ashtakvarga strength, transit of major planets etc. The scope of this article is limited to share with persons whose heart throbs for astrology few simple but effective rules which possess the capacity to hijack the delineation of a given chart. Every astrologer would have faced heartache in his interpretations going awry. Such a situation is particularly petrifying for a budding astrologer. The pitfalls which we ignore to our peril may be numerous and would need dozens of pages to be counted and recounted, but we have come across a simple looking phenomenon which must not be lost sight of at the time of delineating a horoscope. It is the “Muhurta” at the time of the birth which needs an incisive peep by an astrologer. 

The muhurta factors are: 
• Sarpa-sheersha 
• Samkranti 
• Vainashika Nakshatra 
• Yama-ghanta 
• Gulika Kaala 
• Gandanta 
• Birth at eclipse time 
• Kshaya maas or tithi 
• Visha ghati. 

Sarpa Sheersh In order to limit the size of this article, we propose to deal with the “sarpa-sheersha” factor with the promise to revert in the next issues throwing light on the remaining factors. In literal translation, the sarpa-sheersha would mean the cobra head. No doubt, the most dreaded part of a cobra is its head where it deposits its venom and this venom has the invincible power to extinguish the lamp of a life. If we apply this parallel in astrology, it would bring us to understand that any such formation in a chart which qualifies to be known as the sarpa-sheersha has the capacity to extinguish all seemingly good things which otherwise bestow grace and happiness The sarpa-sheersha affliction is created if Sun and Moon at the time of birth are in Scorpio and at the same time are in Anuradha Nakshatra. 

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The span of Anuradha is from 213 degrees 20 minutes to 226 degrees and 40 minutes in the zodiac. It is stated in the ancient texts that the two luminaries in the above formation obtain to themselves such lethality that the native’s life becomes a living hell. The situation worsens if this formation should fall in the second half of Anuradha Nakshatra. The native suffers from incurable diseases and is generally short-lived. His destiny never flourishes. An example chart is discussed in this context. The details are: Example 1 Place of birth : Calcutta Tue 20 Nov 1979 04:45:00 Longitude: 88E22’00 Latitude : 22N32'00 On the face of it, we find the following seemingly excellent formations : 

• Exchange of 2nd and 11th Lords. 
• Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga (9th and 10th Lords in 2nd House). 
• Lagna Lord and 11th Lord in the 2nd House (a powerful rajyog) 
• The Lord of two upachaya houses (3rd and 6th) in another upachaya house, the11th. This is Jupiter on top of everything. 
• Rahu is Lagna Nakshatra Lord and is in 11th House where it doles out nothing but bounties. This chart would pose a challenge to any student of astrology because interpretations such as given below would pour out automatically by glancing at the chart. To say the least, the native should be:- -foreign educated -very well placed in profession -all luxuries at his command -earnings from a foreign source He is presently going though the Mahadasha of Mercury with AD of Rahu from 22.6.2004 to 9.1.2007. 

The fact that Mercury for this nativity is a malefic planet cannot be overlooked but Rahu’s dominating presence in the 11th House plus it being the lagna nakshatra lord and also its transit through the 6th House must bring relief to the native. Unfortunately it is not so. For the seeker of the deep truth of astrology, the horoscope contains the affliction of the sarpa-sheersha factor which has swindled the chart of all its beauty. The native is an ordinary person in life, having graduate-level qualifications and working as a salesman with private company with no obvious hope lurking for him to raise the level of his living. The native was born with Sun and Moon in Scorpio in the first part of Anuradha Nakshatra. Perhaps being in the first half does not augur so evil as being in the second half does. 

Example No. 2 D.O.B- 27.11.1981, T.O.B.- 04:07:00 P.O.B.- Jalandhar (Punjab) On the face of it, following excellent formations are there : 1. Exchange of 3rd and 1st lords, 2nd and 11th lords. 2. Dharam-Karam Adlipati Yoga (9th and 10th lords in 2nd house). 3. Mars is lord of 2nd and 7th as well as lagna nakshatra lord and is in 11th house. It is supposed to give excellent results. 4. Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Asc are Vargottam. 5. If a Yoga Karaka happens to be lord of Kendra first and trine later and that planet happens to fall in 12th house gives excellent Raj Yoga results. In this case, Saturn is the planet whose lordship is falling in Kendra 1st and 2nd sign (Aq) falling in a trine and Saturn himself is posited in 12th house. This Saturn becomes an excellent rajayogakaraka apart from its yogakaraka qualities and is supposed to give Raj Yoga results in its M.D. and A.D. periods. 

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These are the views of Keraliya Jyotisha. Above formations should give following results : 1. Foreign education 2. Very well placed in profession 3. AI I luxuries at his command 4. Earnings and lot of gains with his own efforts. Native is presently going through M.D. of Ketu and A.D. of Rahu (10/2004 to 10/2005). Both are in their excellent signs and are vargottam. They should give excellent results. Native is running in 24th year. This horoscope has got affliction from Sarpa Sheersha as Sun and Moon both are in 3rd and 4th charans of Anuradha Nakshatra which has swindled all good formations/rajyogas of the horoscope. After passing 10+2, native appeared in the entrance test for engineering but could not qualify. However he got admission in 2nd attempt and did graduation in Electrical Engineering. 

While studying in engineering, he joined coaching classes for I.A.S./Civil Services Examination and got coaching for 3 years and appeared in preliminaries in May, 2005 but could not qualify. He is aimless, jobless and trying to appear in Civil Services Exam in 2006. He neither got a profession in Engineering nor lAS/Administration. This all is due to afflictions from Sarpa Sheersha. This happened in Ketu M.D., though Ketu is exalted in 3rd house in nakshatra of Sun and posited with Lagna Lord Venus with no benefic/malefic influence and supposed to give good results. Native is not suffering from diseases at present and in the past also was not sick as per dictum of Sarpa Sheersha afflictions. r

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