Mundane astrology

Mundane astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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We have discussed about Solar and Lunar Eclipses in our last issue and started about different houses in the mundane map. Starting with the first house, we shall discuss about the specific planets placed there. Sun : Sun in the first house, well aspected denotes a prosperous time of the country, many benefits to the people, improvement in all the affairs, and success in general. If afflicted it may create disturbances between matter and men and afflicts the health of people. Moon : The moon in the first house well aspected denotes activity and changes among the people, some improvements to women and children, and slight benefits to public. If afflicted will cause illness, unrest and discontent. Mars : This planet is generally evil, brings discontent among the people, strikes, riots, fires, Crime and ill health among people are generally noticed. If well aspected, it shows military activity, a war like tone among the people, and generally a forceful and aggressive tendency. Mercury : The planet when well aspected produces much activity, Increase of trade and new enterprises among the people, general inclination to study and intellectual activity in the community are noticed. If afflicted it shows much discontent, personal attacks, libel actions and recrimination in the popular press. Jupiter : Jupiter in first house is one of the most favourable significations. It brings prosperity and success in the land, plenty of work, good for trade, and brings numerous benefits to the community at large. If afflicted, it will affect the interests of the people according to the position of the afflicting planet or planets. Thus if the affliction came from the seventh house, it would disturb the peace of the country, if from tenth house through the government etc. Venus : If well aspected, denotes a peaceful time, satisfaction and success in the country, improvement of work connected with female sex. If badly aspected or afflicted, it shows misery and trouble to the feminine part of the community and indicates crime against women and children. Saturn : Placement of Saturn in first house should be considered as very evil, until and unless this planet is favourably aspected, it produces much distress, discontent, want of work, loss of trade, poverty, and general ill health. If well aspected, it will produce a steady progressive attitude among the people, more earnestness and perseverance but it rarely produces good. After understanding about the first house and the placement of planets there in, we shall now look in to second house. The second house of the mundane chart has special reference to the financial condition of the nation, the revenue, national exchequer, stock exchange, banks, commerce and trade. At the time of Sun's entry into Aries, it affects the budget in parliament. Any planet that may be in the hose or the planet which rules the sign on the cusp of the house, whether a malefic or benefic is the significator of the national wealth for the period of time ruled by the planet. If the ruler of the second house be there in exalted or in the own sign, well placed and aspected, then the period will be favourable for the nation's wealth. If a malefic be there in, then the period will be unsatisfactory. The lunation falling in the second house depends upon the aspects, there too it will produce changes in financial affairs. If well aspected, shows increased revenue, improvement in the national exchequer, and a more prosperous time for stocks and shares specially for securities, if badly aspected it will cause heavy national expenditure, financial and bank failures and losses on the stock exchange. Let us now look in to the effects of various planets placed in second house. Sun : Sun in second house, well aspected is favourable for the revenue, denoting increase of receipts and a brighter outlook generally for the money market. If afflicted, it denotes great waste of public revenue, increase of taxation and heavy expenditure. Moon : Moon in the second house shows great fluctuation in the revenue and on the money market, in stocks and shares, but if well aspected shows an increase of receipts in the exchequer and improvement in the financial condition of the country. Mars : Mars in the second house shows losses on the stock exchange, panics, bank failures, and reduction in national revenue, denotes enormous expenditure and waste of public money. Military affairs will require large amounts of money and the revenue will be seriously affected in all ways. Mercury : Mercury in the second house denotes changes in financial affairs and if well placed and aspected, gains in trade and commerce, benefits to the revenue etc are likely. If badly aspected, it shows losses through fraud and theft and a good deal of black money in the money market. Jupiter : Jupiter i the second house is considered to be very much favourable. He will have best influence on national finances. Denotes a large increase of receipts, success in banking and commercial operations, may denote lessening of taxation. If afflicted, it shows heavy expenditure, bank failures and panics on the sock exchange. One of the worst aspects to Jupiter is a square or opposition of mars especially in financial affairs. Venus : Venus in the second house shows increase in receipts and if well aspected, will denote many benefits to the nation, regarding finances. If badly aspected, it denotes heavy losses, waste of national finances and is bad for banks and commercial affairs. Saturn : Saturn in the second house always gives bad results, like poor revenue, decrease of receipts, financial stagnation, depression in securities and financial affairs, and in general there will be a want in all financial activities and money matters. If afflicted, it will make the evil much greater and cause heavy depreciation of securities, but by any means Saturn gets benefic aspects or benefic relation, then it gives a steady tone to the money market. We shall look in to the matters of Third and Fourth houses in our next issue.
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