Vedic Biological Mode in Cosmological Modelling

Vedic Biological Mode in Cosmological Modelling  

Brajendra Srivastav
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The idea that the cosmos is a living being is generated by the hymns of Vedic Purush Sookta, which visualizes physical universe as an eternal being: "Sahastra sheersha purushah sahastrakshah sahastra paat, Sa bhoomim vishvato vratvati atishthit dash angulam.” That eternal Being has millions heads, legs and eyes; He encompasses entire universe from all directions; He subsists in everyone’s heart at 10 fingers distance away from naval region This is the Viraat Purush which Lord Krishna shows to mother Yashoda and warrior Arjuna.

This Viraat Purush has been declared as greatest of great-purusham mahantam. It pervades universe and everything is contained in It-Sarvam sarvatmam. This situation is well defined by Astronomer Harlow Shapely when he asserts that man is after all made-up of dust of stars, all the minerals found in living organism are also found in earth's crust and distant stars. On this point of man-star relationship Indian cosmology is far more comprehensive. It declares: "yat pinde tat brahmande and yat brahmande tat pinde", meaning whatever exists in cosmos that also subsists in a microbe. And whatever exists in a microbe equally subsists in cosmos.

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The one million cow winning contest in King Janaka’s Sabha held between Gargi and Yagyavalakya also declares this fact. Time also modelled in bio-mode : The incomprehensible vastness of time and its relativity has also been modelled organically at macro molecular level as Brahma.100 years of Brahma are equivalent to one Kalpa when evolution takes one full swing. But the events in the next Kalpa do not retrieve the deterministic old pattern but these recur with some variation which has been beautifully formulated in the term ‘Kalp bhed hari charit suhaaye.

Space-time continuum in bio-mode :

Indian cosmology has further visualized both space and time and even beyond in bio-mode in Nata Raaj Shiva, which embodies trinity of Time-past, present and future. However, Shiva is not confined to physical time whose existence is dependent on matter. German Physicist. Mach had postulated that time disappears with the disappearance of matter.

This interrelatedness gives rise to a specific type of space called Bhoot-Aakash or matter wrapped space in Indian cosmology. Then there is another space created by our psyche or chitta which is called Chitta -Aakash. And finally we have Chit-Aakash, space which is Brahma itself. Goswami Tulsi Das has praised Lord Shiva whose abode is Chidaakaash- Chidaakaashmaakash vaasam bhajehaam. Such perception of Indian cosmology requires a paradigm shift in theoretical physics for mathematical modelling of Nata Raj Shiva.

Earth history in bio-mode of Manu : The geological time division which traces tectonic history of earth perhaps can better be understood if manu is also perceived as bio-models of history of nature and quality of matter and life on earth.

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There are 14 manus. Each manu spans 306.72 million revolutions of earth around the sun and each manu has been given a specific nomenclature called manvantara according to stage of evolution of matter and quality of life. To cite a few: the first manvantara -Svyambhu Manu, signifies self originating matter the early Archean, the third uttam manu is late Archaen or early Proterozoic, the sixth chaakshusha manu or visible life or beginning of Cambrian, the seventh or current vaivasvata manu or life relating to the sun when mammals emerged with neurons activated by sun, the eleventh Surya Saavarni or body less mental state of life. According to this time division space walking and deathless life will emerge in fourteenth vishnu saavarni manu.

Characteristics of biological evolution: Biological evolution is a shared field of physics, chemistry, biochemistry genetics ecosystem, and biomathematics and fussy mathematics where most laws are in a fluid state. However, major characteristics of organic evolution are said to be these:

1. Conservation of successful structures and functions,

2. Evolution of qualitatively new structures and functions to interact with new situations.

3. Dynamics of variation and selection. Viewed on this matrix of evolutionary biology the entire universes resembles and makes us feel that it is a living organism Viraat Purush where some uncertainty exists due to free will on his part.

The orbiting planets, fission-fusion reaction in Sun generating and sustaining life on earth, the solar system moving in galactic plane, all suggest conservation of functions in a time frame, structures of galaxies emerging from cloud clusters along with stars, supernova dashing for a burst, matter counterbalancing antimatter all this exhibit constant interplay of all assumed four fundamental forces of nature.

Application of Fuzzy mathematics:

In Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle there is ‘fuzziness’ at atomic level. Based on such fuzziness the fuzzy school of mathematics developed recently is being tried in certain areas of bio-mathematics. In this system the variable does necessarily lie either at zero or at one but may lie in between an attempt to optimise the uncertainty element.

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However such variables at present often projects inconsistent reference frames and require improvement. Therefore in quantifying biological universe with uncertainty principle, is it an individual being or the entire discernible cosmos, a new kind of mathematics with variable structure will have to be evolved to generate a truer picture of universe. Three-tier system of universe But the universe is not merely physical. There can exist and they do exist in substance, some other kinds of universes, independent of each other yet interrelated and one emanating from the other.

This was postulated by Julian Huxley, co-worker of Darwin, in his ‘Evolution in Action’ that the universe is a three tier system- 1.The cosmological or physical universe, 2.The biological universe, and 3.The psychological universe. Various Indian and Western schools of philosophy of science have given different treatment to these universes; glimpse of Indian thinking is offered here: i. That the physical universe came into existence first -hiranyagarbh janyamaas poorvah is held by Shwetashwatar upanishad But the physical universe is not the ultimate reality. On the contrary it is a veil or maya which conceals Truth.

The face of truth stands covered by this ‘Hiran mayen paatra’, luminous vessel of physical universe -Hiran mayen paatren satyasva api hitam mukham. ii. Then there is the biological universe consisting of living organism and plants etc. iii. The neural system of our body creates a new universe-the psychological universe.

This is the platform on which we visualize the structures of physical and biological universes. Sir Arthur Eddington, a great physicist has categorically observed that the world stuff is nothing but mind stuff and that the universe is a structure of thought only. Indian cosmology scattered in various Upanishadas, holds that the river of universe originates out of five physical senses-panch sroto ambum.

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