Astrology and Rains

Astrology and Rains  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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Rains are very much essential for human life. It is much more important for a country like India whose economy depends on agriculture and agriculture depends on rain. Billions and billions are spent to know the quantity of rain fall in advance to plan the future. It may be very useful for a farmer to decide when and which crop to sow to get the best yields. Animals, birds and insects are believed to have much better instinct to know the nature. They come to know about the weather much in advance which even the sophisticated instruments tail to perceive. They build up their home and make arrangements for their food accordingly. In Astrology also there are various algorithms suggested to know the rain fall.

A detailed method is listed inside. There are various limitations of the traditional method of rain forecasting: 1. Many techniques are provided. We do not know which is more appropriate in application. A single technique fails completely if applied over the years. 2. These techniques can not describe the quantum of result eg. rain in cms. in an area. 3. Techniques fail if we apply it on a day to day basis, though it may give tend over a long period. Even the trend provided does not guarantee accuracy. 4. Most of the planetary effects are common to any place in the world, some are common to one zone. Thus it is not possible to forecast the weather for specific areas by ancient methods. 

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To overcome the above problems, modern mathematical techniques are applied to understand the effect of Planets on rains/weather. It is the gravitational effect of planets which is causing the movement of earth around its axis and around the sun. The entire solar system or every member of the galaxy follows the gravitational law sincerely. To know the impact of planets on rains mathematically, the procedure can be followed as follows : 

1. Take daily data of rain for the last few years and preferably 60 years, if possible. More data will give wider accuracy.
2. Relate it to the planetary movement.
3. Also relate the rainfall to angles between the planets to consider aspects.
4. Shodash varga considerations can also be considered. 

In fact, these give good result. After knowing the above effects these can be applied to planet degrees in future to give the final results. The main problem remains how to relate data to planet degrees & find the relation. The procedure is as follows : 

1. In statistics correlation coefficients are defined to know if there is any correlation between the two data. Correlation between planet degree and rain confirms that particular planet has an impact on rain. 
2. There is the method of Regression analyses to find any polynomial relationship. 
3. Fourier method is best suited to correlate harmonic motions. Planets move in harmonic motions and can be best expressed by trigonometric functions Sine or Cos.

Their correlations with rain or any other planetary phenomenon can be best determined using Fourier transforms or any other method using harmonic motion as base. Knowing the factor of multiplication to the sine or cosine of the planet degree, values can be computed for any date in future. There are various advantages of the Astro-mathematics applied to planetary movement to forecast any event like rain or share market. Major advantages are :

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1. Astro-mathematics can be applied and propagated to any thing which depends upon planetary effects. The values can be computed in numbers relevant to that problem.

2. The results can be transformed into statements like : - Sun/Moon have maximum impact on rain. - Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu do not have direct impact on rains much. - Retrogression of planets does not have any impact on rains.
3. For different stations, different formulas can be generated to give accurate predictions. This thing had been totally missing in traditional astrology.

4. Data is required for every station separately. However graphs can be drawn to understand which planet is affecting which area to what extent.

5. With good mathematical models predictions can be made quite accurately for a very long future. However, mathematical models do not tally with the astrological formulas given in texts.

To sum up the planets have a lot of information hidden in themselves. This can definitely be unearthed for long term planning. This information can be used for the benefit of mankind. The science of planetary movement and their impact on this earth called Astrology- should be given a more serious attention than merely knowing a good muhurtha for marriage or match making. 

It can be utilized to predict the events with greater accuracy in a long future with No Data Capturing. Because earthquakes are due to gravitation's push & pulls, astrology can also definitely be used to predict earthquakes which is yet a mystery for modern science. Astrology should be given a due seat in the process of learning at universities & should be made useful to mankind by modern researches so that India i once again a proud leader of its ancient science-Astrology.

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