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One of the most important branches of Astrology is Mundane Astrology and Astro-Meteorology is one of the most important and integral part of Mundane Astrology. Our Sages and Seers have indicated that rains are the veins of the harvest and the harvest is the basis of the economy of the country, hence predicting rains on the basis of Astrology is Astro-Meteorology. The basis of most essential rules / aphorisms of Vedic Astrology relevant to Astro- Meteorology are dealt here. Most sensitive point is to pinpoint or locate the region of showers and this is very tough to assess due to non-availability of charts of each and every region. 

Hence this paper is in general considering New Delhi, the capital of India, as a whole. 1. In the month of Jyeshtha Shukla the tithis 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th hold a very important key in assessing the rain fall. One has to watch these four tithis very carefully for making any prediction regarding future rainfalls. In the year 2005 these tithis fall on 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of June respectively. On these tithis smooth and cozy winds and the sky with clouds is a favourable indication of rains in the coming months. On the other hand if there is little showers during these days of the month, it will deprive the coming months from a good quantity of rains. Varahamihira endorses the above said view as under: 
मृदुषुभपवनाः शस्ताः स्निग्धधनस्थगति गगनाषच। 

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Means: Smooth, soft and cozy winds giving relief to human body and the sky full of clouds is an indication of sufficient rains in the coming months. 1. Similarly in the same month, Jyeshtha, observe the days when the Moon transits through Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha Nakshatras: • The entire Sharawana month will be dry if Swati day/days are wet. • A little shower on Vishakha days will render Bhadrapad without rain. • Wet Anuradha days are indicative of no rain during Asauj. • A wet Jyeshtha is an indication of a rainless Kartika. The Moon during this month will transit through these stars approximately around 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of June 2005. • These four Nakshatras without showers during Jyeshtha ensure a good amount of rains during the coming months. Sage Kashyap says in this regard:

स्वातौ तु श्रावणं हन्याद् वृष्टेयेऽद्राग्निदैवते। 
भाद्रपदे त्ववृष्टिः स्यान्मैत्रे चारवयजे स्मृता।।
ऐन्द्रे तु कार्तिके त्वेवं वृष्टे वृष्टिं निहन्ति च। 
एतेषु यदि नो वृष्टिस्तदा सौभिक्षलक्षणम्।। 

Means : During the Moon in Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha in the solar month of Jyeshtha having a wet sky during these days will render the months from Sharvana to Kartika dry and without rain in case these days remain dry and without any rain confirm heavy rains in the above said months. 2. At the end of Poornima in the month of Jyeshtha, around 22 June, 2005 if there are heavy clouds in the sky during the night time and these clouds disperse without raining is an indication of heavy rains in the coming months. Note: In case Rule number 2 applies, it will revoke all the rules stated in Rule number 1. 3. In this case the following things have to be observed very carefully: During the Ashadh Krishna find out the day when the Moon transits through Poorvashada Nakshatra and keep an eye on the sky from that day onwards till a week at least. 

In the course of this particular observation from Poorvashada to Uttrashada day onwards any day with good showers is an indication of rains in the coming season. Showers on that particular day and leaving the earth wet will clearly indicate the rains in the forthcoming season even if it were not confirmed in Step number 1. In this context Sage Gara says: प्रवृष्टेशोभनं वर्ष वर्षाकाले विनिर्दिशेत्। Means :Shower / rains in the months of Poorvashada onwards definitely is an indication of sufficient rains during the coming season. Showers in the 5th Nakshatra when counted from Poorvashada indicate rains during the coming months, perhaps from Kartika onwards.
• The total quantity of rainfall in the season will be further decided by the particular Nakshatra as tabulated below. 

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

It is also helpful to decide about the rainy days in future. Rains are likely to make a repeated rather than a prominent show in the same Nakshatra which has been wet during the month of Ashadha. Thus a fundamental idea about the day and locality of rains could be determined much before the rains start. In this context it is said: येषु भेष्वभिवृष्टं भूयस्तेष्वेव वर्षाति प्रायः। 4. This is one of the most important tool in deciding the rains and known as “ARDRA PRAVESHA “ i.e. time when the Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra. In the year 2005 Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra on 22nd June, 2005 at 3:19 AM IST at Delhi. The Ardra pravesha chart thus erected is as under: 

• One should always use and give importance to the lagna rising at the time of casting of Ardra Pravesha Kundali. 
• Lagna is Taurus with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 2nd house, Saturn is in 3rd house, Jupiter & Ketu in 5th house, the Moon in 8th house, Mars & Rahu in the 11th house of Ardra Pravesh chart. 
• In the fixation of rainy day with the help of Ardra Pravesha kundali, the classics in this regard have assigned some of the zodiacal signs as watery and others as dry signs and out of these Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are termed as watery signs while rest of the signs are dry. These are the views of ”Vanamala” which are as under: कुम्भकर्कटकौ मीनमकराशितुलाधराः। सजलाराशयः प्रोक्ता निर्जलाः शेषराशयः।। 
• Apart from this there are many yogas stated in “Mayura Chitraka”, “Vanamala” and Krishi Prashna”. Important: Whenever these rules are applied aptly in an “Ardra Pravesha” kundali it yields comprehensive and positive results pertaining to the forecasting of rainfall. “ Ardra Pravesha” kundali for the year 2005 and prospects of rainfall are thus unhealthy. As mentioned above a dry sign, Taurus, is rising in Lagna of ‘ Ardra Pravesha’ kundali and most of the planets are posited in the dry signs. Saturn ( The Year Lord of Samvatsara) is posited in a ‘ watery sign but being himself a dry planet further under the influence of Rahu from the 11th house is again a negative factor. 

Interestingly this Rahu along with Mars is posited in a watery sign. Rahu is a planet of uncertainties and Mars is a fiery planet thus the chances of required amount of rainfall are remote. North-Eastern as well as Southern parts -of the country will have rains but that too in patches and much less than required. Given below are some statements from the classics mentioned above: Jupiter and Mercury turn watery when these planets are placed in watery signs, while Venus and Moon are watery all the times: रविभौमार्कजाः शुष्का सजलौ चन्द्रभार्गवौ। बुधवाचस्पतिज्र्ञेेयौ सजलौ जलाराशियो।। 
• Dazzling Sun at any time indicates rains within no time and in this context “Varahamihira” states: दुर्निरीक्ष्योतिदीप्तया। 
• Mercury and Venus on the either side of the Sun invariably bring rains. तयोर्यदि सत्रीपस्थस्तदा बहुजलप्रदाः। 
• Mars trailing behind the Sun in the Zodiac is favourable for the rains but while transiting ahead of the Sun it can postpone the rains, these are the views of “Narapati” अग्रेयाति यदा भौमा पश्चाच्चलित भास्करः। तदा वृष्टिर्न बहुला....।। 
• Heavy rains occur when Saturn is about to become direct. It is quoted in Classics: चलत्यंगारके वृष्टि रुदये च बृहस्पतौ। शुक्रस्यास्तमनें वृष्टिर्वक्रान्ते च शनेभर्वत RAINFALL IN FOLKLORE In the field of Meteorology “Ghagh” is most popular folk poet whose sayings in the layman's language are very popular and some of those sayings are as under: शुक्रवार की बादरी रहे शनीचर छाय। कहे ‘घाघ’ सुन भड्डरी बिन बरसे नहीं जाए।। “Clouds on Friday and extending up to Saturday, says Ghagh, “Listen ‘0’ Bhaddari, do not depart without raining.” आद्र्रा जो बरसे नहीं, बरखा बंद न होय। “ If it does not rain on Ardra day (Ie. the time and day when the Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra) there will be heavy rains.” सावन शुक्र न देखिए निहचै परैं अकाल। “If Venus is not visible during the month of Shravana (Due to its nearness to the Sun) there would be certain famine.” दिन को बादल रात में तारे। चलो कंत जंह जीवें बारे।। “Cloudy day and starry night (during the rainy season), 

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

let us move elsewhere dear where our children can survive since there is going to be drought here.” कर्क के मंगल होय भवानी। देव धूम बरसेंगे पानी।। "Mars in sign Cancer indicates torrential rains.” आगे रवि पीछे चले, जो मंगल आषाढ़। तो बरसे अनमोल ही, भूमि अनन्दै बाढ़।। "When in the month of Ashadha, Mars follows the Sun , it rains profusely.”

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