Determination of Directions

Determination of Directions  

Prashant Manda
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Solar System and the Earth in Solar System: Before studying and researching on Vastu Shastra it is very important to know about our Planetary System where we are living and all things around us. We live on Earth. Please see the

Figure 1.1. The above figure shows that Sun is at the Center and planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto move around the Sun, at the moving time they also rotate around their axis. Our planet Earth is third from the Sun. We are living on Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. Before entering the subject we must see what are the North Pole and South Pole, what are Magnetic North Pole and Magnetic South Pole. The Earth is like a globe. In Vastu Shastra it is very important to know the directions. What is True North: The Earth is rotating about an axis that cuts the globe at two points, we shall call these two points as the True North Pole and True South Pole. The axis of rotation is tilted at an angle 66°.60' to the plane of the elliptic path of the Earth around the Sun. When extended it should meet the surface of a fictitious Earth Globe, since the Polaris (Dhruv) appears to be fixed in the Sky. A star revolves around it. The True North is well defined. Please see the

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Figure 1.2 & 1.3. True North and South Poles are defined as the point where the axis cuts the Earth. Today this axis of rotation of the Earth is pointed towards polaris, in 3000 BCE it pointed to Tuban, in 14000 CE it will point towards Vega, in 22800 CE it will be pointed again towards Tuban. Please see the

Figure 1.4 From this we can see that there is actually no such thing as the True North, it changes with time. For this reason we shall take Astronomical North instead of True North. The question is that while measuring the directions in Vastu Shastra, should the Astronomical North or True North be taken as reference? We know that the Astronomical North is not fixed but keeps changing from time to time. In map we use what is known as Grid North. The difference between Astronomical North and Grid North is about half a degree but this changes slowly with time. For surveying purpose Grid North is used.

How the Magnetic Field is Created: The Earth consists of a solid inner hot core. This solid core is as hot as the surface of Sun and its size is about 80% of the moon. It is completely surrounded by a fluid outer core consisting of melting iron. The speed of rotation is 0.2 % faster than Earth. This friction creates the dynamo effect like Electric Motor and this effect generates Magnetic Fields. Scientists call this as Hydro Magnetic Dynamo Effect. These invisible geomagnetic lines stretch from one pole and out into space, then come back to the opposite pole. This lines appears like a wire frame.

Please see the Figure 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7. What is Magnetic North: Planet Earth produces Magnetic Field. We need first distinguish between Geographical North and Magnetic North Pole. We need also distinguish between Geographical South Pole and the Magnetic South Pole. Magnetic North Pole is near the Geographical South Pole, Magnetic South Pole is near the Geographical North Pole.

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Please see the Figure 1.3. Whether I am on North Pole or South Pole it will not affect my compass. The Earth's magnetism is caused by the flow of Electrons In its fluid metallic core, the fluid comes in perpetual motion that’s why the earth magnetism varies with time. The move is quite gradual. Thus the Earth may be visualized as a huge magnet. Magnetic poles moving, the change in the location of the Magnetic North is known as Secular Variation. It is important to note that, the location of Magnetic North Pole is affected also by Astronomical Factors. This affects the magnetic compass reading. We measure our planet's magnetic field (North) by means of magnetic needle. The source of this magnetic field is at the Magnetic South Pole produced by the planet Earth near the Geographical North. All our studies are based on longitude rather that latitude. Planet Earth produces several poles, the most important being near the Geographical South Pole and North Pole. Before the magnetic needle came into use, the Sun and the Pole Star were used to determine the directions. However the magnetic needle doesn’t measures the Sun's Pattern, it measures Earth's Magnetic Force. The magnetic needle is further more not used in Vastu Shastra to measure apparent seasons or any climatic features. Now the Magnetic North is near the Canada as shown in

Figure 1.8. Physical features like Sun’s or Topographical Structures can also be used to determine directions but in Vastu Shastra these do not determine the House Chart, which is always determined by the magnetic orientation. If in Vastu Shastra we were to measure True North we would not be measuring any source of Magnetic Energy. Also if we were to measure True North, rather than Magnetic North, we would separate the magnetic field of our human bodies from the magnetic effects of Magnetic North. In Vastu Shastra studies we do not bother about the Solar Storm, what is happening on the other planets, birth and death of the stars. The most important energies of the Earth are 1) Gravity 2) Magnetism 3) Solar Energy. Gravity is directed towards the center of the Earth. This property is the most important character of the Earth Planet. While taking directions and drawing it on a plane, we have to consider the center of the house called as Centriod. Stand on this center of this house and we will observe all directions around the house for studies.

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