Eclipses in 2011

Eclipses in 2011  

Anita Sharma
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Solar and lunar eclipses go together in pairs. A solar eclipse is always followed by a lunar eclipse with an interval of 14 days. The greatest number of solar and lunar clipses that can occur in a year is seven. Astrologically, eclipses have been viewed as wild cards in a person's horoscope. To know the effects of eclipses, find the sign in your horoscope that will be touched by the eclipse and look to issues governed by that house and which zodiac sign rules in your chart. This is the area of your life that will be influenced by this year's eclipses ... Solar and Moon eclipse in the month of June and its effects on different rashi’s. A partial solar eclipse will occur on June 1, 2011. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the center of the Moon’s shadow misses the Earth.

This eclipse is the second of four partial solar eclipses in 2011, with the others occurring on January 4, 2011, July 1, 2011, and November 25, 2011. The Eclipse’s Path : The path of the partial solar eclipse begins at sunrise in Siberia and northern China at 19:25:18 Universal Time (UT). The eclipse’s path will travel northeast and end at 23:06:56 UT, just north of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean.    Greatest Eclipse Occurrence : The greatest eclipse occurs in far northwestern Russia, near Cheshskaya Bay at 21:16:11 UT with a magnitude of 0.602. This will occur about two hours after the eclipse begins its path from Siberia. An eclipse magnitude of 0.601 will be visible from the Arctic coast of western Siberia, while Icelanders will receive a magnitude of 0.462 just before sunset. The northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland will also get a midnight sun eclipse. Eclipses in 2011 : The partial solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 is one of six eclipses that occur in 2011.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The full list of eclipses in 2011 includes: · A partial solar eclipse on January 4. · A total lunar eclipse on June 15. · A partial solar eclipse on July 1. · A partial solar eclipse on November 25. · A total lunar eclipse on December 10. This partial solar eclipse occurs in Rohini constellation of zodiac sign, Taurus. Negative effects of this eclipse will start a week before its occurrence and will continue for at least a week after it happens. Due to this eclipse China, Siberia, Canada and Atlantic islands like Iceland will face tough weather. China and Siberia will be hit by natural calamities causing loss of life in large number.

China will also face tensions at border and war scenario. If you are born with moon in rohini constellation, or in taurus sign or running moon dasa, you need to take care of your health during next 2 weeks. If you live in a country where eclipse is not visible, then it won’t affect you much. june 1st 2011 partial solar eclipse will hit severely on china. On personal level, if you have sun conjuct ketu in your horoscope, you will face either ill-health or some threatening situation in june-july. Lunar Eclipse and it mostly affects the general public. If you are running sun dasa or moon dasa, or if you are born in Taurus Lagna or moon sign, you will experience these effects if you live in china, Siberia, Canada, Iceland etc countries where eclipse is seen.  Lunar Eclipse on 15th June, 2011 and its effects on 12 Rashis  Aries : Relations will be emphasized.

It’s safe to give up control on your spouse or partner for a short while in this month. Take time to listen. Your independence will suffer a little. A change of scene may be needed in order to deal with unexpected developments around the middle of June. Taurus : Material, financial, and vocational advances are likely. This June can be memorable for a change of luck or unaccustomed successes. You may need a loan or have to deal with other’s losses around the middle of the month. Gemini : You’re on fire! You impress others. Romance can proceed to the next level. Formalize what gives you pleasure. Suddenly your enthusiasm comes up against the concerns of your significant other near the middle of June. Clarity turns into confusion. You may want to take two steps back.

Cancer : Your privacy and home life are intensified. You work behind the scenes. Intimacy is treasured. Responsibilities grow on or around the 15th. Your health or routine may be affected or disrupted. Leo : Your social life explodes. Local travel can be frustrating. Though, you appreciate what your mate or partner has to offer. Sudden changes direct your attention to creativity, children, or romance during the second half of the month. Virgo : Even though your career or profession grabs your attention, your financial situation is troubling. You find solace in your work or in taking care of others. Tension at home will need to be dealt with during the second half of June. Libra : Travel or a change of scene is favored. Expand your horizons. Take a chance even if you feel down.

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You are going through a major identity crisis, but you can focus on the positive this month. Expect frustrations and miscommunications to be disruptive on or near the 15th. Scorpio : Security needs are stressed. Unfinished business continues to hold you back. Seek comfort in the security of your home or from those you have known the longest. Financial stresses bubble up near the middle of the month. Sagittarius : Harmony rules in your relationship with your spouse, partner, or significant other. You may feel a little tied down by social commitments you made earlier. Suddenly, you come into your own on or around the 15th of June. You feel like your old self.

Try to bring balance. Capricorn : Believe it or not, you are excited about your work, career, and responsibilities during the first part of June. Money is a little better than it has been, and you like to be busy. You may be working outdoors or in the yard this month. Something comes up near the middle of the month that redirects your attention indoors. Someone needs your help. Aquarius : whether you enjoy people, ideas, or ideals, June starts out quite favorably. You excel in romance, love, and creativity this month. You continue to make progress in your long-term goals. Opportunities to meet new friends and spread your ideas will come near the 15th of June. Pisces : Things around the house or home are intensified in this month. Home entertaining can provide much needed breaks from your concerns about the welfare of others. This month is good for relaxing and reconnecting with family.

Activities at work require your attention around the 15th of June. Earthquakes: It is recorded in the history that more than 15 million people have died in earthquakes or because of earthquake after effects such as landslides, fires and tidal waves(Tsunami). The reasons for the earthquake to happen are being studied by scientists all over the world. If we see there are astrological reasons also for the earthquakes and one of them are the eclipses. 1. Earthquakes normally follow close on the heels of eclipses and especially in the countries where eclipses occur in the tenth or the fourth house. 2. Taurus and scorpio signs are notorious for earthquakes especially when Saturn, rahu, mars and Jupiter are in the signs. 3. When there are two eclipses are coming in to a fortnight then there is possibility of earthquake. When an earthquake occured in Gujarat in 2001 there were two eclipses in a fortnight.

Eclipses : Solar Eclipse, mostly affects the government people and the persons who are in authority. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948 following a solar eclipse which fell in his Natal mars on November 12, 1947. In the horoscope of Indira Gandhi who was shot dead on 31st October 1984, the solar eclipse of May 25 fell in Taurus sign opposite to her natal sun. This ecliptic point was aspected by retrograde Mars who was conjuct with retrograde Saturn in Libra Sign. This afflicted ecliptic point took place in Taurus lagna of India in Rohini nakshatra, well known for causing tragedies. According to Varahamihira if there are two eclipses, one Solar and other lunar, in one and the same month, kings would be destroyed as a result of revolt of their army, and there would be bloody battles.

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He further said that should a solar eclipse occur at the end of fortnight after a lunar eclipse, people would become unruly and unjust in behavior and couples would be at their loggerheads. It is written in Brihat Samhita that eclipses on airy and fixed sign would set forth cyclones and disputes with other states. In airy signs it may lead to disturbances in the air such as plane crashes. Eclipses occurring on human signs would adversely affect people and animals. It is also observed that effect of eclipses in movable or cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricon) would be over soon while in fixed signs they have a lasting effect. Avoidable and recommendable works during Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan: • It is advisable to avoid performing any important work or deal. • After Grahan, many Hindus perform ritual bath. Take meal only after the ritual bath.

Taking a holy dip in rivers is highly auspicious. • Many hindus observe fasting on the day of grahan. • Avoid outside food during grahan. • Avoid eating the food which is cooked before Grahan. Take the food which is cooked after Grahan. People can eat the food which is prevented from Soothak(Ashouch). To prevent food from soothak, just spill some basil leaves, til seeds or keep grass blades (Durva grass) in the food before grahan. It has scientific reason also, keeping grass blades on stored food or water cleans the water and removes the bacteria from it. • During Surya Grahan, reciting Surya Stotras such as Aditya Hridayam; Maha Mritunjaya Mantram and Vishnu Stotras is highly auspicious. The stotra given below states the above things: Sarveshameva varnaanaam soothakam Rahu darshane.

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