Suitable and Favourable Match through Numerology

Suitable and Favourable Match through Numerology  

Bhagwan Sahay Shrivastav
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In Astrology, there is an elaborate system for checking the compatibility between the two persons / partners. But in numerology we analyse numbers involved in the date of Births or the names, which works as an important factor to create love between two persons. There are occasions when we are attracted towards a person for no apparent reason. On other occasions we feel a sort of repulsion to a person.

For harmonious vibrations between married couple, sex partners and friendship or companionship we need to choose persons whose dates of birth or name numbers are mutually harmonious .

Every number from one to nine vibrates. In some cases it is harmonious and in others it is gain attracting. In some cases these vibrations are passing and in others positive passive vibrations mean that people can go together and may continue the relationship for the sake of it.

Disagreeable vibrations mean that normally there will be no amount of success without a great deal of Diplomacy on the part of both the partners. Marriage is not a simple question of attraction or repulsion. We should also know the psychological make up of person's number, for example number 1 vibrates to number 9 and attracts number 4 to 8.

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Number 1 has a desire for variety and it is clinged towards the intellectual type of persons. It is on this account that he may be lacking in warmth some times and the other person may take in the other way. Number 4 the emotional warmth but are element of possessiveness too along with jealousy. Love of such person's results in unpleasantness and emotional imbalance.

The love of number 8 has some strings attached to it. Some of his ambitions of life are associated with the affection and martial side. There are found to be having some complications in such cases if the ambitious are not fulfilled. We all are interested in a harmonious or compatible life partner or romantic partner or love mate, the ancient scolars discovered a way to choose such a partner through application of numerology. Peculiarities of Each number Brief account of peculiarities or characteristics of single digit numbers from 1 to 9 is given here... Number -1 : For those born on 1,10 or 19 day of any month or whose name number in single digit comes 1 after adding the value of all the letters in the name, number 1 is applicable. The number 1 shows mental inclination.

For these people it may not be possible to bring about a lasting attachment and a happy marriage due to their desire for variety of love affairs.

Due to an intellectual bias also they lack personal warmth which is not good for lasting relationship. Females exude charm and possess magnesium. Which is irresistible. Male natives have powerful and potent sex drive and take their sexuality very serious and expect their partners to make special effort to please them. They need to be admired for their prowess and their ego not to be threatened by any one. In terms of romance and relationship, number 1 is harmonious to number 2,3,5,8 and 9.

Their relations is likely to be long lasting and happy. The number one in relationship with number 2 should remember to reciprocate the warmth and attention and not to be taken for granted. The combination with number 3 will be most likely to succeed if the both spend time in getting to understand each other's needs.

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Number 5 will be affectionate and supportive of number 1. Number 1 and 8 both are highly motivated and ambitious individuals who wish to succeed in their chosen carrier. A relationship between one and nine will be filled with passion. Both need to set time aside to spend together so that they can enjoy each other's company. The nature of number 1 and 4, 1 and 6&1 and 7 is not harmonious. Both number 1 and 4 are reluctant to be open about their emotions and so the relationship between the two may seem to lack affection. Number 1 and 6 both try to express how they feel about each other if they want the relationship to last.

Number 1 and 7 have quite different interests and ideals. The key to success for this combination is to respect each other's feelings. Number -2 : Born on 2,11 & 20 day of any month, or name number -2. The number 2 persons will use quite a deal of discrimination in matters of affection and martial sides of life. They have an attraction towards marriage, coupled with a desire for certain amenities and comforts associated with martial aspect of life. Number-2 males are sensitive, romantic, sentimental and easily hurt. They need right partner to light their fire and they also need encouragement of love making.

Females are responsive and cooperative to their partners. Two number male and female are ideally matched in terms of romance and marriage. Number two's have a need to be fully understood and no one can understand a number two better than another number two. Their relationship is likely to be happy and enduring.

Number two also develops harmonious relationship with number 1,3,4,6&7. Number 2 and 5 may run into difficulties shortly after the initial attraction. Number 2 and 8 although is not ideal match, but have potential to succeed. Number -3 : Born on 3,12 or 21 days of any month or name number 3 or date of birth total is 3. In number 3, there is an element of idealism regarding marriage and a peculiar attraction towards certain types of persons of opposite sex.

Their desire for companionship and affection is strong and hence they have natural attraction towards the marital side of life. Male natives need variety in sex life and hence may have more than one partner. They are a born first and have enough confidence to themselves. Female natives love sex as a fun and game. They enjoy funny things in lead. They have a healthy appetite and need a partner who can satisfy their hunger. Number 3 natives have strong attraction and harmony with number 3,5,6,7 and 9, Number 3 do not feel attraction for number 4 and 8. They do not make good match. Most harmonious and long lasting relationship is found between 3 and 3 or 6 or 9. Number 3 and 5 both are flirtations and instantly attracted to each other.

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Number 3 with 7 are a very fortunate match and they maintain romantic relationship for long. Number -4 : (Born on 4, 13 or 22 day of any month, or name number 4 or date of birth total is 4) Number 4 people usually have not been found to experience happy love life. Difficulties in love life are encountered through jealousy and antagonism of certain individuals. These natives need to use some discretion in making of attachments and choice of marriage partner. Their personal impulses require regulation and they should not always take the advantage of others too. Number 4 males are very complex character. Females are highly sexual and intellectual.

The combination of two fours is a romantic and successful relationship. They enjoy a happy home life together. Number 4 is attracted to number 6 because both share interest in traditional ways. Number 4 can also be involved with number 7. Number 4 and 8 are well suited to each other in terms of romance. They both have a similar approach to life. Number 4 and 9 have very different expectations different ways of expressing their emotions. Despite these differences, they are well matched in terms of romance.

Number -5 (Born) on 5,14 or 23 day of any month or name number -5 or date of birth Total is 5) In regard to romance and marriage, the factor of sincerity will count for a lot and despite a natural desire for companionship previous to marriage. They common sense view of affairs will keep this desire within bounds. Thus the marriage and love affairs will be productive and happy.

There will be love and sympathy from the partner and benefit through the help of the partner in connection with vocational and financial matters. Female natives have a healthy apetite for sex and look cool, calm and composed. Number fives are not keen to become too involved or to take on the responsibility of commitment they may remain together for whatever length of time suits them. Five is likely to find six attractive because of his or her ability to stand out from the crowd. Five and seven may well find themselves attracted to each other, though they have very different attitude towards relationship. Five and eight may not have serious affair.

A brief but passionate affair between five and nine is the most likely scenario. Number - 6 (Born on 6,15 or 24 day of any month or name number 6 or date of birth total is 6). These natives have natural attraction towards same members of the opposite sex. There is a need for discrimination between fascination and real love. They need to control sudden impulses otherwise attachments of an unsatisfactory nature will be formed and the out come would not be happy or successful as anticipated. Male six always has sex in his mind.

He attracts easily towards opposite sex and woman falls in love with him easily female six if gets security and life's luxuries from the opposite sex, will easily offer her self a willing mate. These people are totally comfortable with their sensuality. There will be an instant attraction between two sixes which will soon develop into more serious relationship.

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Number seven is an unlikely target for romance and relationship to number six. Number eight will be attracted to six, because of his or her ability to project the right image and to stand out from the crowd. Six and Nine are both very attractive to each other who will be drawn together when they meet. Number -7 (Born on 7, 16 or 25 day of any month on name number 7 or date of birth total is 7) Number 7 are extremely sensitive for any remark regarding the religion, caste, color or even their relationships.

In these cases there are more than one affection or attachment or love affair and sometimes they have more than one marriage. After Marriage any differences of race or religion should not be permitted to cause misunderstanding in these cases.

For males sex is an expression of the soul if they are attracted to wrong type partner, it causes, disappointments. In life of females, sex is something sacred which can be violent with a mate who drinks too much and abuses them. A relationship between two sevens is likely to be a blissful affair, with both persons feeling completely loved and secured. An attraction between seven and eight is more likely to develop over a period of time in which they get to know each other.

Problem may arise if eight feels too confident of seven's love and takes the relationship for granted. Seven and Nine are both very romantic individuals attract each other soon and will enjoy a passionate and intense relationship. Number -8 (Born on 8,17, or 26 day of any month or name number -8 or date of birth total is 8) Number 8 are not demonstrative of their affection. They believe in sincerity to their partners. For these people, it may not be too easy to find the right type of partner and hence delays and obstructions may arise in the commencement of marriage. One of the Partners may be older than other. They usually marry in later age.

Male are virile and excellent lovers. The older they become, the more relaxed they are. Females enjoy sex and all its pleasures. They are enthusiastic and encourage their partner to take them to higher satisfaction. Eight number couples are likely to admire each other and there is chance that romance may blossom. If two number eight make a commitment to each other, they enjoy a harmonious and pleasant relationship. Number Eight and Nine will probably find that there is an instant attraction between them when they meet. They have a harmonious relationship together.

Number eight and number nine are well suited in terms of romance. If they are committed to each other, their life will be happy one. Number - 9 (Born on 9, 18 or 27 day of any month or name number 9 or date of birth total is 9) These persons are generally known to love the persons older than them or persons younger to them. As a result of marriage they will find it easier to bring about a realization of other hopes and wishes to do with the social and public sides of life. Male are energetic lovers and demand the same from their partners. Females when discover their sexuality (Usually early in life), they can be obsessed by it. They need strong and powerful lovers.

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They need to hear from their lovers that they are loved, wanted, desired and needed. The romance and relationship between the persons both of number 9 will be developed very quickly and they will soon find themselves committed to each other. They enjoy a passionate and romantic relationship together. They will be able to understand each other completely and fulfill each other's needs. Number nine are very emotional characters and a couple of number 9 will be involved in romantic relationship. Although Blissfully happy together, they will have many dramatic arguments.

They understand each other fully and will be happy together. In real life, there are many external circumstances which modify the characteristics of every number. A person born on 1st January may be different from a person born on 1st of other month. This difference will be brought about by stellar influences. Similarly a person born on a day in India may have different nature from a person born on the same day in U.S.A or Africa.

The difference will be due to Socio-economic- geographical reasons. We should use numerology for match making or for and other partnerships keeping these variables in mind. To receive, we must attract. To attract, we must be magnetic.

To be magnetic we must have a strong hidden force at our command, which flows through us easily and smoothly and without any apparent efforts of will. These words indicate that one must acquire and possess some sort of magnetic force within him in order to attract others. One's birth and Name or date of birth total number possess this hidden force which can be made use of by the application of numerology in query aspect of one's day to day life. In fact we all possess of this hidden force but the majority of us are quite ignorant of this valuable knowledge of the numbers.

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