Mars - The Kinetic Force

Mars - The Kinetic Force  

K. Santhanam
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Mars is the nearest planet to the Earth outside its own orbit. It’s diameter is approximately half of the earth around 4215 miles Mars is about 140 million miles away from the Sun and its radiations have great influence on the dynamism of all earthly beings. Mars is similar to Earth in many respects. Its axis is approximately tilted over from the perpendicular by about 23½ degrees and the time taken to spin once on this axis is only a trifle more than that of the earth. Its distance from the earth varies vastly at different times from 230 million miles when on the other side to about 50 million miles when in opposition and therefore harvesting this source of energy requires special skill. The other side of Mars is yet to be explored. Mars itself is full of white storm clouds, though the refracted rays from this planet to earth are reddish in colour. However, its presence in the Navagrahas helps greatly in generating the kinetic force within oneself for fulfilling all endeavours successfully. Mars was deemed to be born out of coagulation between the Lord and the Prithvi when the latter regretted that her Bhoomi was dull I and lust less. With the birth of the Mars, dynamism entered the Earth. It reigns the first effective day of the working week- Tuesday-as Sunday and Monday representing the Sun and Moon are physically the body and mind of the human being. The lord of the first Rasi of Kala purusha i.e Mesha is Mars. The Tamil month also starts with Mesha.. Mars is signified by the Number 9. Any number multiplied by 9 and added will return to 9. It falls outside the scope of 1 to 8, which defines the start of life and its end, respectively. Mars is therefore the Eternal Athma embedded in the precious human structure. This has also led to its importance for the purpose of smooth progeny and thereby evolved the Mars or Mangal dosa. The rays emanating from this graha fall in the high wavelength radiations of 900 nanometers and above. Mars defines the flow of blood within the human system. It governs the throat, thyroid glands, activation of sexual organs and blood transfusion as well as that of mensus in women - so much necessary for creation of progeny. Mars stands upright facing the South i.e. the Agni Kon, in the configuration of icons in the concord of Navagrahas. This placement defines the resources for creative thinking and constructive implementation i.e. Yam and Niyama of the dynamic beings of the Mother Earth. The Mars icon absorbs the varying martian power, modulates it and transfers it to the one who stands in front of it. At least three pradhakshinas to this Graha is necessary after absorbing its power, to avoid clotting of the enormous internal energy it supplies. The following sloka adeptly describes the importance and value of the MARTIAN rays: - Dharani garbha sambhotham, Vidhyut kanthi samaprabham Kumaram shakthi hastham, Tham Mangalam pranamamyaham I bow to Lord Mars, the giver of constructive force, ability to absorb the Divine Blessings of the Mother and the sustenance of continued dynamism. The above is the inner meaning of the sloka where vidhyut kanthi is the generation of constructive powers, Kumaram i.e.Ka -UMA-Ram meaning the ability to absorb the Blessings of the ever-giving Mother and Shakthi hastham the giver of sustainable dynamism. It is advised that all adolescent women especially those prone to regular abortions should do at least eleven pradhakshinas daily of this Graha immediately after pregnancy is known and up to the end of the second month, to ensure the hardening of the embryo within and subsequent normal delivery of child. Its presiding deity is Lord Karthikeyan. The need for Mars compatibility in the male and female horoscopes becomes essential due to the following constitutional requirements: (i) The inter-sexual activation between the male and the female leads to high evolution of dynamic energy, which could cause breakdown of the participating glands if the partner is unable to sustain it, leading to unwanted abortions or to difficulties during delivery. (ii) To avoid disharmony in the ejaculation of the partners, leading to loss of satisfaction of this divine function, which in turn creates high internal stress that may not be expressed vocally or lead to seeking divorces. It may be mentioned that this is the basic cause for 90% of divorces prevalent today though other reasons are given externally. This also is one of the main causes for the various diseases leading to poor sustainability of the modem human beings. The so called Mars Dosha in a horoscope of the male or the female arises when Mars is positioned in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from mainly the Lagna as also from the Moon or Venus in the Lagna Kundali or the Navamsa. It could be seen that the effect of Mars Dosha is upon the 7th or 8th houses i.e. that of the partner or in him/her ability to create a home- 8th being the Kutumbha sthana of the partner. It would therefore be seen that non-equality in the ability of either of the partner to absorb and sustain the dynamic Martian force of the other can lead to unwanted discord in marital happiness mentioned above. It would be like synchronizing a 50c/s frequency electrical supply to a 60c/s frequency electrical line. Having said this, it may be stated that Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and the Chara Rasis have an inherent ability to cater to intense Martian forces and could therefore be safely excluded from the post effects of Mars dosha. In all other cases the strength of the mutual Mars of the couple should be always studied in depth before accepting or rejecting the alliance. It may be mentioned that only when Mars is in an unupachaya position from the lagna of a female aspects the Moon on the 5th day after the stoppage of regular mensus can there be any possibility of fertilization of her Ovum i.e. termination of mensus of a fertile woman and fructification of progeny. It would be appreciated how necessary it is to possess a congenial environment-both internal and external, between the couple for effective and healthy progeny to occur. It is seen that where there is a slight incompatibility between the two-martian forces of the couple, progeny do occur but do cause problems during delivery. In such cases the use of the radiations from a lamp lighted with ghee and projected on the naval of the female daily for the first three months of impregnation can lead to successful progeny. She should also avoid the use of any fast moving vehicle during this period. It is a known fact, that Mars is a vital tool for enunciation of passionate feelings in an individual, especially when in conjunction with Venus in a fiery sign and could lead to legal or illegal wedlock, which are invariably short lived. As this aspect is not considered in Western countries with necessary importance, it leaves nearly 50% of the children without one or the other of their parents. Clearly it goes to substantiate the fact how useful Astrology has been, to create happy and harmonious homes. Mars- Saturn combination in a mutual Kendra or if the former is in a fiery sign does give a tendency towards epileptic disorders or susceptibility towards throat cancer especially when placed in a non congenial position from the Lagna. If detected early by an efficient astrologer these deficiencies could be removed by use of proficient and disciplined breathing resources and Mantras. A weak Saturn in such cases especially in the Mesha/Thula axis indicates weak pancreas and consequent diabetic disorders. The joining of Mars with a congenial and strong Jupiter, leads one to possess high investigative and creative abilities while the combined influence of Mars and Saturn on a strong Lagna / Lagna Lord leads one to stimulate kinetic power from own resources. The power of Mars is just like a car, when driven rashly it injures oneself while if driven with discipline and proper mode it can take one pleasantly a long way in life. The modulation of Martian forces of one who possess the former deficiencies can easily be achieved by natural means that would enable him to tread the journey of life with alacrity and dynamism. It can be seen that a benign Mars influencing the 5th or 10th houses of an individual, makes him a highly proficient electrical/ electronics engineer or an expert in the traction or automobile fields. Coral is the ideal gemstone for modulating the Martian forces to enable optimal utilization of both external and internal resources. It should be worn only in silver ring with the bottom open. Its abode is the Vaithyeswarn temple in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. Mars is the essential tool for ensuring proper functioning of the Vishuddi Chakra, which enables the smooth flow of the Prana to the Ajna Chakra. The use of the 16 Beeja Aksharas for this Chakra would stimulate the Maritian forces in the appropriate direction to generate optimum energy for efficient functioning of the thought and implementation process of human beings.
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