Astrology - An Asset for Assessing

Astrology - An Asset for Assessing  

K. Santhanam
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Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devao, Mahaeshwara I Guru Sakshath Param Brahma, thasmai Shri Guruve namah II The above so commonly used sloka, reveals that the holistic use of the inert and developed energy in one, properly converted into constructive energy through the operational tools within oneself can alone lead to steadfast Bliss or Happiness even while achieving monumentous tasks against various hurdles.

Moreover, thereafter one possesses the ability to transmit such power to the worldly beings to take them on the road to successful life journey. In order to achieve the above objective, Nature has provided multiple means.

One such tool to assist one to overcome deficiencies within oneself and thereafter enhance their inert operating strength to fulfill endeavours with satisfaction and enjoyment, is promulgated in the ‘Sanatana Dharma’, of Hinduism, which provides us with ideal Icons ( Devathas ) – each of high intrinsic Value and shape, capable of absorbing the vast cosmic energy and transmitting the same at the proper place to the individual who is sincerely engrossed in them.

Temples in India and abroad are designed in a Pyramidal mode to enable proficient absorption of this power by the Icon. The ability to beget this precious power –so dearly needed by one and all today, by skillfully utilizing the Ideal Icon, is more a matter of realization than of conjecture! Natural devices are the easiest and optimum means to rejuvenate oneself for fulfilling efficiently the duties in this journey of Life.

Astrology is an ideal means for assessing the prevalent weaknesses in the operating system of the human being. In essence Astra means the Human outfit and Logy its holistic operation. We are well aware that the cosmic energy is the primary resource for the operation of the human system.

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Astrology is a mode above normal science to modulate this system effectively to generate positive power for human growth. The prevalent weaknesses in the present human working process are as follows:-

  1. Unstable conceivement and poor progression in the Mother’s womb due to woman being burdened by stresses in offices caused by material craze.
  2. The processes of education of young kids, oriented towards more material growth rather than human development.
  3. Development of a house with a tendency to social exhibitionism of material growth rather than build a Home for optimal human growth which is the main purpose of Birth. 
  4. Quantum and not quality has become a say word in the preset run of life.
  5. Tendency to project other’s weaknesses to limelight oneself causing both mental and physical degradation of the human working system and in the process causing unwanted stresses in the aging body. Moral acquisition disappears in this mode.
  6. Realization when too late that the journey of Life has been anfractuous and unfruitful.

Though many of the above mentioned points are present in the prevailing environment itself, it tends to deplete both the mental and physical stability of the Human working system, right from the birth itself. Frustration = Expectations – Achievements is an ideal principle to be remembered. It could be observed that inert talents of young children are curbed, in an attempt by the modern world to orient it towards achieving larger materialism. The world is the greatest loser in the bargain.

Astrology serves as an effective tool to determine that talent and to reorient the life of an individual to more effective and contented output.The Human Resources department can fruitfully utilize this suggestion and endeavour to uniformly reward materially all talents equally, as every one of them are required for human welfare. It may not be possible to do in depth analysis of the innumerable combinations of planets that provide the strength or weakness of an individual in the present article, which will mainly deal with the various precious Icons / Devathas that enable easy access to constructive human growth.

However suffice it to state that all planets are ‘Param Purusha’ ie every One of the planets is totally benevolent to Human Growth! The adjectives prefixed for different planets by astrologers are purely relative in character and Superficially apply only for the relative purpose concerning the working environment. Various Spiritual doctrines, the world over strive to overcome these deficiencies in one form or the other. Hinduism adopts an easier and more adaptable mode in the prevailing environment for overcoming these deficiencies by the use of Icons, Ritualism and stringent yogas. Of the innumerable means adopted in this process , temples provide the easiest mode to a constraint and turbulent human being to overcome the stresses within and without, by just standing in front of the Idol.

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The first and foremost of the instruments within the temple which plays an important role are the ‘Deepas’ or the oil lit Lights. The yellow Radiation that emanates from these lamps fall in the positive middle half of the visible frame of light ie VIBGYOR. Radiations are energy transmitters. This radiation travels around 450-500 nanometers, and modulates the blood flow in the human system to a smooth and non –turbulent . It could be observed that when the brain or body of the human system is under strain the breathing and blood flow becomes highly turbulent in an attempt to naturally control and overcome it.

However, the mind is not so easily subject to this and continuous stress prevails thereby creating a hindrance to proper and enjoyable working of the human system. Temples are thus an automatic effortless reliever of stress within. Of course, this could be done at home; but the Icon with the various technicalities followed, modulates by reflection and refraction incident on it, to maximize the benevolent rays to the person standing in front of it. Special oil lit lamps are used for some Icons to generate energy that is required to heal an individual as we shall see below. The next is the ‘Pradhakshina’ or the circular movement clockwise around the Vigraha or Icon.

This enables uniform distribution of absorbed energy within the body received through the Icon. Blood is energy. It is well known that if blood gets clotted at one spot it leads to enormous problems. Similarly energy needs to be always uniformly distributed in the operating system. Thereafter, one should do the ‘Namaskaraka’ or prostrate in front of the Idol. While the male prostrates totally with all parts of his body touching the earth, however the genetic portions below the waist and the breasts of the woman should not touch the earth. The reason is that these portions are highly sensitive and deflate the energy to the floor. In case of a male it removes unwanted energy and stabilizes the system. ‘

NAMASKAR’,in essence means NA- MA-SU- KARA done with folded hands ( the five organs of action and the five Indrias/ senses which are the ten fingers) ,–If something is good for you I shall whole heartedly fulfill the same come what may to me. While prostrating before the Lord, the Palms under the little fingers should touch the ground and the fingers should move inwards within oneself. The reason being that the concerned Icon is a giver of energy and we are the absorbers of the same.

The acupressure on the lower half of the palm near the little fingers affects the manipura chakra which is the ideal source for absorption of energy. ‘Namaskara’ is a yoga in itself and the pressures of the two arteries below the thighs, while doing this, generate optimal impulses for the flow of energy (normally termed as ‘Kundalini Shakthi’) in the operating system. Finally we reach the process of “Prathna” or Prayer. A prayer is basically selfish. The ten fingers as mentioned above are instigators of the five organs of action and of the five sensory organs that are primarily required for constructive operation of the human system. The maximum energy absorbed through the icon reaches that portion that reacts to the prayer of the devotee.

The fulfillment ensues depending on whether the prayer is beneficial or not, to the individual. A palmist should be aware of this technique as the palm covers the complete body and mind. THITHIS and MANTHRAS : The relation between the Sun and the Moon known as “Thithis” affect the tidal waves of the enormous oceans. Our body contains 70% fluid and is consequently also affected daily by the angular relation between the Sun and Moon. Thus ‘Thithis’ constitute an essential ingredient of the Ephemeris. Manthras offer two fold benefits of sound energy vibrations and production of acupressure of the tongue and lip. Aksharas are precious acupressure tools that operate through the lip and tongue –the most sensitive acupressure organs in the human system.

Namaha frequently used in all prayers Is the reverse restructuring of Mann or the Ego /Bottlenecks within the body. In other words this akshara is an ideal mode to overcome internal deficiencies in our working System. ‘OM’ is an internal resource oriented Akshara of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or the potential power, kinetic power and constructive utilization of power. This is also termed as GOD or generation, operation and destruction of Maya. Specialties of some

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Basically, the Navgrahas are planets in the galaxy, astrologically /astronomically. However.In view of the intrinsic benefits that accrue from them for the operating system of human beings they have occupied a sanctified zone within a temple. All planets if placed with proper mode and in correct direction start possessing immense power after due abhishekas / Prana pradishta and have practically benefited innumerable persons from internal/external stresses. Being Vaasthu oriented they absorb solar radiation of a particular wave length and transmit it to the individual standing in front of it.

If you pour, pure drinking water in a dirty bucket that too will be polluted. Similarly the highly polluted and vibrant human system is unable to absorb the beneficent energy provided by the Almighty via the Icon. The Navagrahas enables cleansing every part of the body and thereby enjoy totally the Blessings of the concerned Devatha. To ensure holistic intake for the Body and the Mind and the movement of the ‘Prana’ from the mooladhara to the sahasra chakra in the individual, the order of the Parikrama should be Sun, Moon, Saturn, Kethu, Jupiter, Rahu, Mars, Venus and Mercury. As the Navagrahas are facing different directions, one must therefore do at least 14 Pradhakshinas – circular movement around the planets, and only clockwise to enable full cleansing of the system.

Mantras do improve the absorbing power of the cosmic energy through these icons although mere Parikrama also helps extensively. While Sun provides the blood to the operating system for the proper functioning of the body, the moon generates energy to stimulate the five sensory organs within the body. Saturn provides the potential power while Kethu is the path towards attainment of Wisdom generated by Jupiter.

The path towards fruitful and dynamic implementation provided by Mars is through Rahu. The planets Mercury and Venus rotating between the earth and the sun are generators’ of earthly knowledge and its positive utilization. Incidentally,”Thil Deep” is frequently used for invoking the Blessings of Saturn. The radiation emanating from this lamp and reflected through the Saturn Icon, reduces considerably the turbulence within the body paving the way for generating pure potential power within. This can be observed on the changes or disappearance of light lines (indicating turbulence) that have crept up on the palm, after parikrama of Saturn with this lamp.


Om is the resource instigator, gham the akhasa or galaxy, ghan are the various glands, veins, cells and nervous configuration of the working system, pathai –the lordship or holder. Thus we see that this Icon is capable of absorbing that cosmic power that invigorates the software within the body for more efficient output.

The benign face with large ears for absorption of high utility oriented sound vibrations, intricate and investigative eyes for intensive observation and analysis through radiations, long static cum dynamic trunk for inhalation of oxygen and subsequent constructive implementation, forms an ideal resource for useful gain of knowledge through acquirement and by experience. Chathurthi thithi which falls in the 48 to 60 degree zone between the Sun (Heart) and the Moon (Pituitary cum Pineal system) is and ideal occasion for optimum flow of energy to the brain.

Devi Saraswathi :

Sarasa in essence means juice and vath knowledge. Acquirement of vast knowledge alone does not upgrade oneself nor does it help society. The total understanding and proper utilisation of the knowledge acquired, is the secret to eminence in Life.

For this we resort to the Saraswathi Icon which is as follows:- Pashaanghusha dhara Vaani, Veena Pusthak Dharini I Mma Vakthrai Vasennithyam, Santhushta Sarvatha Shiva II The ability to relish and proper utilization of acquired knowledge brings enlightenment within oneself and to others leading to immense happiness even to the extent of attaining Supreme Bliss.

The japa mala and the veena in the hands of this Vigraha are both acupressure points of the forefinger (JUPITER finger) for instigating the multiple veins in the brain to holistic approach (both internal and external) of acquiring and utilization of intrinsic knowledge.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

This Icon is well designed for activating the pituitary system Murugan / Kathikeya :

Acquirement of knowledge - whether purified or not, alone does not suffice. Its utilization for karma is a necessity.For the skillful operation of the five senses and instigating the growth of the sixth sense together with the five organs of action, the six faced Lord Murugha is resorted to. This icon is charge / energy oriented as it has emanated from Agni / Fire. Shdananam kumkuma raktha varnam , mahamathim divya myurvahanam I Rudrasya sunum sursainiya nadham, guham sadha sharnamaham prapadhai II I bow to that sixfaced Lord who provides that calorie possessed blood to generate immense strength and wisdom, to sustain and conquer the strongest of foes and attain constructive targets.

This Icon possesses the peacock –the instigator of sustainable energy and Shkthi Vel –the ability to attain that urge oriented endeavours successfully. The radiation emanating from these two are pronounced and are capable of fulfilling these tasks. Murugha when recited in shiva-asna while lying in bed will give a pleasant sleep even to a most troubled mind; in an erect posture this mantra stimulates successful fulfillment ofthe tasks undertaken during the day.

Hanumanji : All activities –be it mental or physical have a direct impact on the breathing process of the human being. In order to obtain fruitful thought and constructive Implementation we must achieve stable breathing. The Vayu Putra – Hanuman helps attaining this. Vayu is Breath and Putra is breathing! Budhiballam Yasho Dairiyam, Nirbhaya thwam Arogatha I Ajadyam Vakpato Thwam cha, Hanumath Smarnath Bhaveth II Blessings of Hanumanji shower upon one, self –confidence, fame, strength, fearlessness, good health, clarity and dynamism together with authoritative speech.

The maximum energy begot from this icon is through its mouth and tail. The monkey oriented face develops ability to conserve valuable energy for use when necessary. If developed with faith it is seen that this can be transmitted to remote parts of the earth with ease.

Maha Laxmi : Financial Wealth, as the modern world conceives was never in the vocabulary of the Almighty! Devotees who worshipped Goddess Laxmi for acquiring this have miserably failed. Laxmi i.e. Lax – Aham –I, which means the attainment of constructive targets giving rise to supreme contentment within, or otherwise known as Manushya nama Anandam, is the sole purpose for worshiping Goddess Laxmi Padhma asnai, Padhma karai, Sarva Lokkaika pujithai I Narayana Priyee Devi, Supritha Bhava Sarvadha II Optimal utility of the kinetic energy generated {Narayanai priyee) un- affected by the surrounding , implementation without selfishness or prejudice enables me to reach the pinnacle of prosperity where the world bows before you This is what I require of You OH Goddess Laxmi! This vigraha amply supplies us that prosperity engrossed with divine powers.

The lotus which is the main ingredient in the Laxmi Vigraha, is the embodiment of attainment of big targets without being affected by the environment of dirt, filth, and corruption surrounding it.

Lord Shiva : Shiva in essence means Total Bliss and is situated in the Sahasra chakra whereto the Prana has to travel to enjoy it fully.

The purpose of the lingam is clearly projected in the following sloka:- Val ambikesa vaidyesha bhav roga harothi cha i Japan nama thriyam nithyam maha roga nivaranam ii Val-the 62 dwarf rishis indicating the essential organs of the body.Indira scoffed at them. These rishis then created the garuda (Conscious) to oversee the working of the senses (Indiras). Ambikesa is the prana’s movement to the sahasra. Vaidyesha is over coming internal disabilities and building the vigour of the operating system; Bhava Roga Harothi is not only to destroy the weakness but not allow it to reoccur. These benefits arise by reciting three times the Japa “Om Namah Shivaye” which is a yoga in itself, leads one to ultimate peace and tranquility and thereby to higher achievements in life The above Japa should not be recited by women as it emanates from the mooladhara.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Mooladhara dharana should never be done by females as it has negative impact on their highly sensitive genetic organs. However “Shivaye namah Om ‘could be used fruitfully as it emanates from the Manipura. The Lingam serves as ideal antenna for the abortion of the high wave length radiations of the setting sun during ‘Pradosha kala ‘, normally done on Thriyodashi thithi .On this day all the five sensory organs, five organs of action, the body, the mind and kudalini shakti (13 Operating Organs) gets revitalised simultaneously to enable a distressed and depressed person to confidently step into a positive path in life. This puja has borne extraordinary results.

The purpose of doing it three times at least, is to revitalize the Brahma kundam, the Vishnu kundam and the Rudhra kundam which are otherwise termed as Krishna, Rama, and Govinda—-the area below the Naval, from the naval to the pituitary system and thereon to the pineal system respectively. Durga : This Icon concerns the Shushmana Nadi and plays an important role in the maximization of oxygen input and its proper utilization.

Obviously, it helps in overcoming large hurdles in life. Durga Devi SarvaRoga Durith Nivarineem A Deep (Light) lit in the lemon is frequently offered to this Devi during Rahu kala. This has two fold benefits of radiation and colour therapy, to integrate the three nadis namely Shushmana, Ida and the Pingla thereby producing additional strength within.

Conclusion:- Though it would not be possible to cover all the Icons in this short article , the above shows the valuable treasure left behind by our ancestors, which could be profitably used the world over for better optimization of ones energy and attainment of fruitful output. Most temples posses’ lakes which develop chemicals and absorb cosmic radiation that go to remove multiple diseases created within the human system during the journey of life.

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