Panchang Dosha and Muhurat of birth

Panchang Dosha and Muhurat of birth  

Kalpna Tiwari
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Normally an astrologer analyses natal horoscope carefully while giving predictions about a native but he ignores the Panchang of the birth of the native. If an astrologer reviews the natal chart along with the Panchang of the birth he will be able to give better predictions. Muhurata is a branch of astrology which is called election astrology is the moment of starting an activity. The longevity, success and well being of an event as well as the performance and well being of the performer is greatly affected by the muhurata or the moment of starting that activity.

Any task started in a shubh Muhurat, increases the possibilities of success Muhurata is based on Panchang. Panchang is ancient Vedic astrology which related the movement of sun and moon on a daily basis .The basic purpose of Panchang is to find out the auspicious and inauspicious times. An event which requires significant amount of time and energy, if performed and started in accordance to the Muhurata, the possibility of success of that event will be much higher. The longevity success and well being of an event as well as the performance and well being of the performer is greatly affected by the muhurata or the moment of starting that activity.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Time of birth of the individual can also be called a Muhurata. Birth time is a moment when a person’s life journey begins on this earth. The effect of this muhurata i.e. the moment of his birth remains upon the life of the person for the whole life. The future and the life events of a person depend up to a great extent on what time he is born. Normally an astrologer analyses natal horoscope carefully while giving predictions about a native but he ignores the Panchang of the birth of the native. If an astrologer reviews the natal chart along with the Panchang of the birth he will be able to give better predictions.

Pachang of the birth indicates the energies that surrounded the birth of the native. Pancha-anga of a particular day helps to understand the energy of that day. If the energies of the day of the birth of the native are in the harmony to the energies present in the form of planets and zodiac signs in the natal horoscope it will be auspicious for the native. Thus analysis of the Panchang of the day of birth of the native can give important clues and information about the emotions, temperament, health, nature and prosperity of the native. Formerly the time of human birth was not under the control of the individual. Nowadays the advancement of medical science has made it possible.

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Now parents want to get their child delivered on an auspicious day and time. Many prospective parents approach astrologers to get an auspicious time and date for the delivery of child. Astrologers give them auspicious time and date of delivery in accordance to the favorable planetary positions. If the Panchang of the birth is auspicious along with suitable planetary positions, then it can make the life of the native very successful and as preferred. If there is panchang dosha in the horoscope then benific yogas in the horoscope may not be able to give proper result.

Panchang of the day of the birth if carefully selected can strengthen benific effect and nullify the malefic effects of the natal planets. It can enhance the potential of the native by giving him additional qualities. So it is essential to analyse the Panchang of the birth of the native to understand his true potential which we may not understand purely through the natal chart. Panchang :Panchang has five basic parts. Each part of the panchang denotes different elements of the Universe. Tithi or the lunar day which denoted watery element, Vara or the solar day signifies fiery element, Nakshatra or the constellation is airy element, Yoga refers to ether, Karan denotes to Earthy element. An astrologer should select suitable tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, karan and Vara and avoid inauspicious combinations present in panchang .

It is very important that some important flaws or dosha related to panchang should be avoided while selecting date of delivery. Let us discuss in detail what dosha in panchang an astrologer should avoid while deciding the time of birth of the child to reduce the adversities and sufferings from his life. Panchang dosha Deblitation of Sun or Moon Sun is the soul of universe and whatever support we get from this world are because of Sun only. Sun is also the significator of health and vitality. The Sun gets debilitated in the sign Libra. Birth during the month when the Sun is in the sign Libra can give a fluctuating career, matrimonial disharmony and problem in the birth of the child.

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The Sun remains for one month in a sign so it is impossible to delay the date of delivery for one month. If an astrologer has to select the date of delivery during this period then he should take some precautions like Do not select the date when sun is at exact degrees of debilitation and that is 10 degrees of Libra. the lord of the sign Libra Venus should not be combust or debilitated. It will be better if Venus is in the sign Libra (not combust) with Sun giving neech bhang raj yoga to Sun. Jupiter’s aspect on this is an added advantage. Similarly do not select the time when Moon is in debilitation sign Scorpio specially at 3 degrees. Select the time when moon is paksha bali.

Also try to fix a date when Moon is transiting in the sign where Jupiter is posited or it is transiting in Kendra to jupiter. Sankranti Birth : Sankranti is the day when sun changes it sign and this whole day is considered malefic. If the birth is on sankranti the position of Sun adversely effects the significations of the house where it is posited in the horoscope. Sankranti birth also decreases the strength and harms the significations of the lord of the day of birth in the life of the native. When Sankranti falls in the signs of Aries and Libra it is called Vishuat Samkranti, When it falls in the signs Cancer, and Capricorn it is called Ayana Samkranti. During these Sankrantis the day on which Sankranti falls, its former day and next day should be avoided for any auspicious ceremony.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

For other Sankrantis The longitude of sun from 29.45 degrees in one sign to 00.15 degrees in the succeeding sign is not considered favorable. Saarpa sheesha : It is the one of the most inauspicious disposition of the sun and the Moon. It happens when Sun and the Moon together transit either in the third or fourth pada of Anuradha nakshatra. Birth during this frame of time may result in incurable disease or short life and his destiny never flourish. So be sure that there should not be Saarpa Sheesha. Chaturdashi and Amavaysa : Chaturdasi and Amavaysa are considered highly inauspicious for selecting as the time of the birth The person born during these tithes is tormented by fluctuating fortunes and very much ups and downs in life. It brings untold miseries to the native.

A lady born in this Tithi is said to become a widow early. Those who are born on Amavaysa tithi should go for suitable remedial measures Since Rahu is the lord of this tithi and it afflicts the Sun and Moon, the remedy lies in worshipping sun and Moon in the direction of Rahu (South-West). Then great wealth is obtained through foreign connections & trade, or from mines etc. from below the ground. A female born in such a combination also begets three sons after the remedial measures. Krishna-Chaturdasi : The Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi Tithi occurs when the Moon is at a distance of 336o to 348o from the Sun.

it is also called Narka (Hell) Chaturdasi. This span of 12o is divided into six parts of 2o each with the results as follows Part Extent (Mo-Su) Results Remarks 1st 336-338 Auspicious and good results 2nd 338-340 Destruction or death of Father 3rd 340-342 Death of Mother 4th 342-344 Death of maternal uncle 5th 344-346 Destruction of the lineage 6th 346-348 Death or destruction of the native Yamgantha yoga : Gulick when in close conjunction with lagna or lagna lord it gives unexpected troubles and makes the native a dull, a glutton, sick and cruel.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

If Gulick is in the close conjunction with the lagna or lagna lord then the lagna lord should be in strength and posited in the Kendra from lagna. Maha pata or kranti samya : Maha pata or Kranti Samya is the occasion when the declination of the Sun and the moon become equal. When tropical longitude of Sun and Moon equals 180 or 360 degrees the maha paata time is at its peak. The natal lagna falling at the maha paata cusp leads to numerous hurdles in the life of the native. 22nd Nakshatra : Lagna, lagna lod and key planets of the horoscope should not be in the 22nd nakshatra from the birth nakshatra as this results in sabotage, subversion or destruction.

Lagna Gandanta : Lagna Gandanta exists in the junction of water & fire signs for duration of 1 Ghatika 15 Vighatika each in the end/beginning respectively. The second half of water sign and first half of fire signs have this Gandanta (However, most authorities agree that the Gandanta is in the related constellation).The Lagna falling in any of these points causes Lagna Gandanta Lagna Gandanta results in the loss of intelligence. Rashi Gandantha : The Moon in these quarters causes Rasi Gandanta. Rasi Gandanta may results in premature death or loss of longevity. The remedy lies in worshipping the Lord of the Lagna/Moon constellation depending on the type of Gandanta.

Moola-Nivasa (Residence of Moola) In the Vedic months of Margasira, phalgun, Vaisakha and Jyestha the residence of Moola is in “Patala Loka” (the hell). In Sravana, Kartika, Chaitra and Pausa the residence of Moola is in Martya Loka (the realm of Dead). In the four Vedic months of Ashada, Aswina, Bhadra and Magha, the residence of Moola is in Swarga Loka If birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the realm of the dead (Martya Loka) then great evil is indicated.

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The evil is lesser for the other Loka. should recite the Mahamritunjaya Mantra eight thousand times within 40 days starting from the 12th day from the birth of the child. It maybe noted that remedial measures cannot be performed for 11 days following birth. Vish ghatikas : Certain ghatikas in each nakshatre are considered Vish ghatika or toxic moments. When the natal Moon of the native is posited in Vish Ghati it wipes out of good effects from the charts.

The moon in vish ghatika causes death or considerably short span of lie. The moon should not be in vish ghatika while selecting the muhurat of delivery. Tithi Gandantha : The ending one ghati of Poorna tithi and strarting one ghati of nanda tithi are called junction points or tithi gadantha and should be avoided in Muhurata. Some inauspicious combinations formed by tithi and day and tithi and Nakshatra which should be avoided are mentioned below. Mritu yoga Nanda tithi on Sunday or tuesdy Bhadra tithi on Friday or Monday, jaya tithi combining with Wednesday, rikta tithi combining with Thursday and poorna tithi combining with Saturday form an inauspicious yoga which is called mrityu yoga which should be avoided.

Similarly we have Dagdha Rashis or burnt Rashis or zero Rashis or Tithi Shoonya Rashis.The planets poisted in these Rashis become weak and will not give auspicious results if the planets are benefic one and if the planets are malefic,they give auspicious results while posited in these Dagdha Rashis. These signs should not be selected as lagna of the child. These signs should not be in Kendra or trine and should be in the 6, 8,or 12 houses and minimum planets should be in these signs. The lords of these Dagdha Rashis are called Tithi Shoonya Planets and such planets if posited in Dagdha Rashis they do bad for the native.

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These planets should be placed in the Dagdha yoga : Malefic combinations of tithi and zodiac signs . 1) PrathamaTithi -Tula and Makara 2) DwiteeyaTithi -Dhanu and Meena 3) TriteeyaTithi -Simha and Makara 4) ChaturthiTithi -Vrishabha and Kumbha 5) PanchamiTithi -Mithuna and Kanya 6) ShastiTithi -Mesha and Simha 7) SapthamiTithi -Kataka and Dhanu 8) AshtamiTithi -Mithuna and Kanya 9) NavamiTithi -Simha and Vrischika 10) DashamiTithi -Simha and Vrischika 11) EkadashiTithi -Dhanu and Meena 12) DwadahsiTithi -Tula and Makara 13) TrayodashiTithi -Vrishabha and Simha 14) ChaturdashiTithi-Meena,Mithuna,Kanya and Dhanu 15) PaurnimaTithi -None 16) AmavasyaTithi -None The lords of the sunya signs give bad effects. Planets posited in the sunya rashi give bad results.

Malefic planets in the sunya rashi normally give benific results. If it will be better sunya signs and lords of Sunya rashis should be in 6,8,12 bhavas. Dagdha yoga : Malefic combination of day and tithi which should be avoided in a muhurata. Sunday and 12th tithi, Monday and 11th tithi Tuesday and 5th tithi, Wednesday and 3rd tithi Thursday and 6th tithi, Friday and 8th tithi Saturday and 9th tithi KARANA DOSHA : Birth in Bhadra (Visti) Karana is considered to be inauspicious.

Ushna Ghatikas : Ushna means warm of hot. Moon’s passage through certain parts of a nakshatra is called as ushna. When Moon is passing through these degrees that time should be avoided. Persons born during this time, suffer from many health hazards. 01d 40m - 03d 20m: of Ashwini, Rohini, Punarvasu, Makha, Hasta 12d 13m - 13d 20m: of Bharani, Mrgashira, Pushya, Purva-phalguni, Chitra 04d 40m - 06d 40m: of Krittika, Ardra, Aslesha, Uttara-phalguni, Svati 01d 20m - 01d 47m: of Vishakha, Moola , Sravana, Purva-bhadrapada 11d 34m - 13d 20m: of Ahuradha, Purva-ashadha, Dhanishtha, Uttarabhadrapada 04d 27m - 06d 40m: of Jyestha, Uttarashadha, Shatabhisaj, Reva Ayana : Similarly an astrologer should avoid selecting the date of delivery at the end of the Ayana ( uttrayana and Dakshinayana) and the end of a Ritu. The last three solar days of an Ayan and last solar day of a Ritu should be avoided.

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Natal Moon should not be in masa sunya or tithi sunya nakshatra. Masa sunya Nakshatra and tithi are mentioned below- Masa Soonya Nakshatra : Malefic combination of lunar month and nakshatra. Chaitra Ashwini, Rohini Vaishakha Chitra and Swati Jyestha Uttarashada and Pusya Ashada Poorva Phalguni and Dhanistha Sravana Uttara Ashada and Shravana Bhadrapada Shatbhisha and Revati Ashwin Poorva Bhadrapada kartika Kritika margheersha Chitra, Vishakha Pausha Ardra and Ashwini Magha Shravana and Moola Falguna Bharani, Jyestha.

Tithi Soonya Nakshatra malefic combinations of tithi and nakshatra. Pratipada Uttarashada Dwitya Anuradha Tritiya all three Uttara Panchami Magha Shasthi Rohini Saptami Hasta and Moola Ashtami Poorva bhadrapada Navami Kritika Ekadashi Rohini Dwadashi Ashlesha Triyodashi Chitra and Swati. Masa sunya tithes and tithi sunya lagans are malefic only in all regions falling between Himalaya in the north, vindhayachal in the south, prayag in the east and saraswati river in the west. This will cover rajasthan , delhi, certain areas of UP falling west of prayag, Punjab and Himachl Pradesh and some areas of Madhya Pradesh.

Masa Soonya Rashis malific combination of lunar month and zodiac signs. Masa sunya rashis should not be lagna or Moon sign. Better if these signs are in the 6,8,12 houses while selecting the lagna of the birth in these particular months. Chaitra Aquarius Vaishakha Pisces Jyestha Taurus Ashada Gemini Shravana Aries Bhadrapada Virgo Ashwin Scorpio Kartika Libra Mrgheersha Saggitarius Pausha Cancer Magna Capricorn Falgun Leo. Eclipse Nakshatra : The Nakshatra in which full solar and lunar eclipse occurs should be avoided for all auspicious acts for a period of six months. The Nakshatra in which prtial solar or lunar eclipse occurs should be avoided for three months. Eclipse Birth in a solar eclipse causes poverty and many hardships while that in a lunar eclipse causes physical ailments and all kinds of health problems.

जानिए आपकी कुंडली पर ग्रहों के गोचर की स्तिथि और उनका प्रभाव, अभी फ्यूचर पॉइंट के प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषाचार्यो से परामर्श करें।

The solar eclipse occur whenever one of the node is placed with Sun and Moon conjunction and the lunar eclipse occur whenever one of the node conjoin the luminaries in opposition. Ek nakshatra dosha : When the immediate family member are born in the same nakshatra the younger of those born suffers. And the wealth happiness of the younger suffers.If this is the same nakshatra pada the health of the younger suffers severely. This suffering begins when the two natives are detached from each other. There are 4 important tithis which are considered auspicious and do not require any muhurta. These are : Chaitra Shukla Pratipada), Akshya Tritiya, Vijaya Dasam, KartikaShuklaPratipada However, Rahukala, Yamaganda and Gulika Kala should be avoided even on these tithis.

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